15 Elegant And Simple Gown Styles For Any Type Of Event

elegant gown styles

It’s easy to dress for a daytime event but evening dressing, especially for a formal event, might leave you in a bit of a fix, you wonder if it’s okay to go too much or too little but regardless you want to look elegant.

Long elegant dresses like the evening gowns by Sherri Hill are not only are beautiful but believed to boost a lady’s confidence at an event, the right outfit, in general, can make a lady feel glamorous and pass as an important guest at an event.

Do you need the best evening gown for a red carpet, gala, or evening social event? You shouldn’t fret about that, we have compiled a massive list of evening dresses to suit your preference in style. The selected styles have been designed to suit a lady’s body type and fashion sense.

Your next social event should be attended in style and what better way than with these amazing African evening gowns?

1. V-neckline Floor Length Gown

evening dress
Source: White runway

This is a style that can never go wrong, apart from being elegant and beautiful, it’s also one of the latest styles fashion enthusiasts found completely adorable.

2. Ball Gown With Lace Strap

evening gown
Source: Lulla

Sometimes all you need for that evening cocktail party is an elegant ball gown with laces trappings to give it a simple delicate look, this style is also perfect for bridesmaids at weddings, and can get you the best guest at practically any event.

3. Mermaid Formal Evening Dress

formal gown
Source: DHgate.com

One-hand sleeves coupled with ruffled sleeves are now the new height of fashion, adding some splendor and style to a gown, this is another style that can win you the best dress at an event. The style is trendy and elegant, which makes it perfect for an evening cocktail party.

4. Modern Hand Formal Style

formal evening gown
Source: Pinterest

Beautiful might be an understatement so we are going for adorable plus stunning, this can be sewn like a simple long gown but the trouser and cape style is awesome too.

5. Layers African Evening Dress

evening outfit
Source: Saddha

For a mouth gaping style that not only serves as formal evening wear but you can also incorporate to match any event basically weddings and cocktails, this is a simple but unique style.

6. Thigh High Split Evening Gown

formal outfit
Source: Dear-lover

A split gown has always been a much-loved fashion style, also an interesting choice if you plan a fun free evening, it also pairs well with a chain strap bag to add some glam and splendor to the style and design.

7. Off Shoulder Lace Evening Gown

formal evening dress
Source: tee & ing

Lace fabric can be trusted to give you amazing outcomes if you have the right designer working on it, the style is beautiful and elegant, with nothing too dramatic.

8. High Neck Backless Evening Dress

Formal evening dress
Source: DHgate

An elegant evening style definitely deserves to have some chic design added to it just like the one above, a style that can be called conservative and daring at the same time.

9. Floral Lace Ball Gown

evening gown
Source: Sunglasses

A simple yet exotic gown, elegant is just the right word for this and we think the style can be designed to accentuate any shape and figure wearing it.

10. Stylish Short Formal Gown

evening dress
Source: JoyBetty Online

If you do not mind it being short and stylish then you should not hesitate to go for this to stun guests at a formal event and it’s also passable for a cool evening dinner date.

11. Mermaid One Strap Gown

evening gown
Source: Pinterest

This is a unique and elegant style that every lady does deserve to have tucked in her evening gown wears, the style is excellent and beautifully woven to suit everyone’s tastes and style.

12. Lace And Feathers Sleek Gown

evening dress
Source: Aliexpress.com

Here is a style you can easily relate with as estimation shows lots of ladies do love the combination of feathers and lace which are unique designs.

13. Vintage Wrap Dress

evening outfit
Source: aliexpress

Nothing can go wrong with a vintage wrap dress, it’s exotic and jaw-dropping which makes it even more perfect for a formal event or cocktail party.

14. Elegant Vintage Lace Dress

evening outfit
Source: Amy prom

A dress does tend to make you feel more confident hence why the right style is important, it heightens the mood and makes the event even more fun and most talked about.

15. Open Back A-Line Satin Dress

evening gown
Source: dhgate

Nothing beats attending that evening dinner with the right outfit, looking all gorgeous and fantastic, even confident does go top-notch with a sweet satin dress like that, the style is obviously flawless and superb for practically all events.

An elegant flawless gown is just what every woman should have somewhere in her wardrobe, and that might even spark your interest in receiving more party invitations. We do hope you found these gowns as fascinating as we did. Leave us a comment on which you have chosen as a favorite.

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