13 Fashion & Styling Tips to Look Expensive on A Low Budget

fashion styling tips

11. Create a smooth silhouette under your clothes

Smooth silhouette/Styling tips
Image: African dresses

Visible panty lines and bra straps diminish your look, invest on your undergarments.

Since we’re working on a low budget and more cheap clothes might be purchased, it is important to pay attention to how transparent they are, their sleeves and so on.

You could try out this transparency test, put your palm inside the piece of cloth against a source of light if you can see your palms visibly, that means the cloth would be too transparent and never wear a white bra under a white chiffon top, wear black instead.

12. Do more thrifting

Thrifting/Styling tips
Image: Picture alliance

Thrift stores a great stop to find undervalued items that can give you some value.

Thrift store flipping could be daunting at times as you may not find pieces that you like at times but most often than not, here in Nigeria, you’ll see something you like. We call it Okrika. this helps to save a lot of money compared to buying from fashion stores.

13. Tuck It In

Tuck it in/Styling tips
Image: Instagram

Ever tried tucking in that floral shirt on that pencil skirt?

You should! Tucking in tops and shirts gives you a more finished and elevated expensive look. It makes you look nicer and all put together.


We hope you enjoyed the styling session.

These styling tips will help you to stay classy in different trends and seasons from pointy toe shoes to sunglasses to thrifting and going brandless all these tips would make you slay on a LOW budget.

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