13 Fashion & Styling Tips to Look Expensive on A Low Budget

fashion styling tips

8. Wear pointy toe shoes

Pointys hoes/Styling tips
Image: jadorefashion//Instagram

Pointy toe shoes are a classic fashion statement and they’ve been in and out of style for centuries.

Whether flat or heeled pointy shoes, it’ll definitely make you look expensive. The good thing about this fashion piece is that it goes with almost anything from short dresses to A-line skirts, skinny jeans, boot-cut jeans, a tuxedo, it goes with virtually anything.

9. Add Sunglasses

Sunglasses/Styling tips
Image: sai_sanko // Instagram

Yes, Sunglasses! Whether tinted, oversized, cat-eyed, Flattop, retro, 90’s inspired or anyone that suits your taste they all pop when well combined. This fashion statement never goes out of place if you can find a perfect type for your facial structure.

10. Keep jewelry simple and delicate

Bracelet/Styling tips
Image: mikimoto

‘A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.’ – Oscar De La Renta

There you have it. Most times a look without any accessory is not even a look at all. You know how meticulous you are with that pearl cuff bracelet you were gifted and how you wear it on your wrist with no other accessory because you think it’s delicate and special?

Buy simple and cheap but good looking accessories and treat them the same way, they’ll look expensive.


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