55 Latest Ankara Skirt Styles You Should Check Out

latest ankara skirt styles

You can not argue with fashionistas when they say Ankara styles will only get better and more creative, the trendy Ankara skirt styles listed in this post are proof.

Africans have recognized Ankara as a way of making a fashion statement all over the world and very valued as one of their very best cultural ethics, if there is one way to recognize a true Africana, it is how He/She rocks Ankara.

Check out these irresistible Ankara skirts, They can be paired with the right blouse, and you are good for all occasions. Skirt Ankara has a bold appeal to it and should not be missed in your Ankara wear.

1. Mini Waist Skirt

Mini Waist Skirt
Image: @ariyikedimples // Instagram

This is a really cute Ankara skirt style, and we do have to say the whole combination is stunning, and it’s quite suitable for any size and age. You can also go with a skirt that is a bit past the knee if you like your styles more reserved, however this is a really simple cool skirt.

2. Ankara Skirt With Slit And Love Bow

Ankara Skirt
Image: Maboplus

Here is another exciting Ankara skirt idea that will have you smiling on any occasion you are rocking it for. This might look dramatic, but it is comfortable.

3. Tub Ankara Skirt Design

Ankara High Waist  Skirt
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Gorgeous does not even begin to describe this tub Ankara skirt style. You definitely can rock this like a tub gown, depending on how you get your tailor to style it. But it does make a cute tub skirt style.

4. Mini Skirt With Side Ruffle Design

Mini Skirt

We already agree Ankara mini skirts can be fascinating and adding ruffles design to it makes it even more beautiful.

5. High Waist Ankara Maxi Skirt

High Waist Ankara Maxi Skirt
Image: Afrikea

Keep it as exquisite as fashionable as you want by going for a high waist maxi skirt. This can easily be paired with any top.

6. Cute Straight Skirt

Cute Straight Skirt
Source: Zanoposh

A simple straight Ankara skirt is the first style that comes to mind when you want a simple classy Ankara style, This can be rocked with sleeveless turtle necks or with shirts for a more formal look.

7. Ankara Skirt With Bow

Ankara skirt
Source: Maboplus

A large bow is perfect for making a fashion statement with your Ankara skirt. It is quite an exciting style to combine with any kind of blouse for a casual and formal style.

8. Ankara Skirt With Pockets

Ankara Skirt With Pockets
Source: Pinterest

Here is a comfortable ankara skirt style you can rock for any kind of occasion.

9. Mini Skirt With Front Pleat

Mini Skirt With Front Pleat
Image: @stylehubdaily // Instagram

Ankara skirt style can be a combination of simple and elaborate if you want. Above is a simple elegant Ankara gown every lady ought to have.

10. Ankara Style With Frills

Ankara Style With Frills
Source: Moboplus

An Ankara skirt with frills might sound like an ancient Ankara style but it has recently been revamped and looks more stylish and interesting.

11. Large Flare Ankara Skirt

Large Flare Ankara Skirt
Image: @elbees // Instagram

This is the perfect Ankara style for church.

12. Micro Ankara Skirt With Slit

Micro Ankara Skirt
Image: @dua_africandesignskenya // Instagram

If you are into exotic Ankara skirts then here is one bold and sexy Ankara style to add to your fashion wardrobe.

13. Layered Skirt With Front Split

Layered Skirt With Front Split
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

Layered skirts are not limited to side splits alone anymore, you can have your splits styled anywhere.

14. Ankara Skirt With Layered Frock

Ankara Skirt With Layered Frock
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

This is another really fascinating skirt style we can’t help but love.

15. Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt
Image: @esperanzatabisha_ // Instagram

A circle skirt is a really convenient skirt style. It allows you to have fun and pair it with any blouse style you want.

16. A-Line Skirt With Cap Sleeve Top

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @tumiminx // Instagram

Ankara skirts can be more styling and interesting than you imagine and all you need is a designer and an idea of what you want. A-line style has been in trend for a while and becomes more fascinating when it’s sewn into a skirt.

17. Pleated Skirt With Slide Belt

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @chiomagoodhair // Instagram

This a splendid Ankara skirt that you can style with practically anything, it is gorgeous and fitting for any kind of occasion.

18. Mini Layered Skirt

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @ankarafashiongallery // Instagram

Every mini Ankara skirt is unique in its own way and all you need is to fund a style you are comfortable in just like this layered mini skirt above, pretty fancy and comfortable.

19. High Waist Pleat Skirt

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @glean_modilm // Instagram

Another interesting Ankara skirt you can rock with class and confidence is this simple style above, fitting for all kinds of shapes and figures.

20. High Waist Skirt With Front Rows

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @chicamastyle // Instagram

Chicamastyle has always been known to serve as fascinating styles and her Ankara style game is something to talk about as well, this is one of the trendiest styles you want to have in your closet.

21. Mini Skirt With Ruffles

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @ankarafashiongallery // Instagram

Mini frock skirt is another fashionable skirt you will love.

22. Double Flare Skirt

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @bisolaiyeola // Instagram

Bisola Aiyeola’s taste in Ankara styles is definitely top-notch, and you can’t help but love this gorgeous style.

23. Wrap Split Skirt

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @laviye // Instagram

This is a gorgeous wrap and split skirt for all kinds of events, it is fancy and you can also go for a long or short split depending on your choice.

24. Simple Straight Skirt

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Keep it simple and straight.

25. High Waist Boogie Skirt

Ankara skirt you will love
Image: @ankara_slay // Instagram

Here is another classic way to rock an Ankara skirt in a convenient way and hit the dance floor in a classic fashion.

26. Front V Layers

latest skirt styles
Source: the Lagos stylist

Ankara skirt style does not have to be boring regardless of the blouse you are pairing it with, this simple style only requires a few layers at the front and a straight tuck at the sides, this is a style every Ankara enthusiast are rocking, and we love the explicit look

27. Tummy Straight Skirt

latest ankara style
Source: ankara skirt

Some would refer to it as a high waist, but this is above the tummy hence the name tummy skirt, it’s gorgeous and perfect for a cool Friday at work.

28. High Waist With Short Flare

latest ankara style
Source: Tabia

Keep the flare n a minimal and you did still enjoy the glam and comfort that comes with this amazing style, it’s classy even though simple and quite trendy too.

29. Elegant Pencilled Skirt

skirt styles
Source: For the love of fashion

Here is an Ankara skirt that goes with practically all kinds of tops, you can also tuck it in with an office shirt for the office.

30. The Maagaa Ankara Skirt

ankara skirt styles
Image: @sodesignsbyso_ // Instagram

A chic design that every lady should have tucked in their wardrobe, stylish and beautiful.

31. Short Wrap Ankara Skirt

ankara skirt styles
Source: ankarafashion.com

Join the trend of jaw-dropping Ankara styles, simple and perfect for practically all kinds of an outing, you can also easily pair it with a top.

32. Short Layer Ankara Skirt

short ankara styles
Source: A Million Styles

Another style that can be termed classy and trendy, is easy to pair too and design.

33. Classy Ankara Style

skirt ankara style
Source: Fashionidolblog

Classy Ankara styles are becoming trendier and more interesting, you can simply cultivate your own design and if you are good at it, you get classy and spontaneous.

34. Half Slit Micro Skirt

trendy skirt styles
Image: @fab_ifaa // Instagram

A simple slit skirt to rock at an evening party, nothing too fancy and dramatic. This can also be worn for formal events probably with a simple chiffon blouse to bring out more of its glamorous look.

35. Short Pencilled Skirt

trendy skirt idea
Image: @ankaraexclusive // Instagram

For a nice Friday at work, the skirt above would do just fine, enough to garner all the right attention and not too exotic to make you feel uncomfortable.

36. Side Layered Skirt

trendy ankara styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Every new season requires a jaw-dropping style that is different from the normal trend.

37. Maxi Skirt With Deep Split

trendy ankara styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

This is a perfect definition of classy and adorable, a simple maxi skirt with a split should be easy enough for your tailor to make.

38. High Waist And Flare Skirt

trendy skirt styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Ankara print fabric is perfect for the style above, it’s more trendy and fascinating, and very suitable for all kinds of occasions.

39. Micro Flare Skirt

Ankara skirts
Image: @ Ankara styles // Instagram

These skirts will make sure you gather all the right attention, it says class and style, the perfect combination for someone who likes a micro skirt.

40. High Waist Pencil Skirt

Ankara Styles
Image: @ankaraskirts // Instagram

Something different from your normal office skirt is a simple high waist skirt, with the right confidence to make it more stunning.

41. Fringe Skirt (Ankara Skirt Styles)

Ankara skirts
image: @kokoculture // Instagram

This is definitely worth rocking. Just get a strapless top with a suitable color and you are good to go.

42. Office Ankara Skirt

Ankara skirt
image: @wenny fabrics // Instagram

This could be worn on all occasions so you might want to spice things up at work this Friday with this outfit.

43. V-Shaped Ankara Skirt

ankara skirt
image: @ankaradigest // Instagram

This Ankara skirt is fantastic, with the blacktop on it, definitely trendy.

44. Long Fring Skirt

ankara skirt
image: @doopie // Instagram

In case you are a lover of fringes but prefer long skirts, then this will do the trick.

45. Kente Mini Skirt

Ankara skirts
image: @borah_george_ // Instagram

It’s a wrap skirt and that makes it even more appealing and trendy. It’s one of the ones we love most out of these Ankara skirt ideas.

46. Short Ankara Wrap Skirt

ankara skirts
image: @escapeheiresses // Instagram

This is a wrap skirt worth loving, it can be worn with any top of your choice, just make sure it’s fitted.

47. Maxi Ankara Skirt

Ankara skirts
image: @kay_maure_ // Instagram

This is a maxi Ankara skirt with a split, can also be in the form of a wrap skirt.

48. Ankara Pencil Skirt

Ankara skirts
image: @stylewithdetola // Instagram

An Ankara pencil skirts can be rocked with either long sleeves or short sleeves depending on your taste.

49. Ankara Skirt With Steps

ankara skirt
image: @ufuoma_ // Instagram

If you are a lover of chic designs and sexy outfits then this might be for you. It has boldness with class.

50. Flay Skirt With Pockets

Ankara skirt
image: @ankarasignatures_ // Instagram

This is a design that breathes comfort, it is easy to wear and obviously can be worn with body hug tops.

51. Net Infused Mini Skirt

Ankara Skirts
image: @beenas_labels // Instagram

With or without the net attached to it surely looks splendid.

52. Micro Ankara Skirt

Ankara Styles
image: @ankarasignatures // Instagram

Do you love bold? Love it sexy? This micro Ankara skirt just needs any hot t-shirts and you are good to go.

53. Tier Gathered Skirt

Ankara Skirts
image: @barooliv_designs // Instagram

This is simple yet gives a glamorous look.

54. Robe Flay Skirt

Ankara Skirt
image: @zahzahs_accessories// Instagram

This design comes in flay, a high waist, and the robe too, splendid.

55. Ankara Infinity Skirt

Ankara styles
image: @ankarastyles// Instagram

Get your designer on board to help you craft this as soon as possible. It is trendy and comfy.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at these fabulous Ankara skirt styles that have been compiled just for you.

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