5 Simple Exercise Moves To Help You Stay Active As You Work From Home

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Are you struggling to stay motivated while you work from home? More and more employees are working from home in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and most people might find this hard to cope with as it is likely to limit how active and motivated you are. Staying active while you work from home will prevent excessive weight gain, and also going from seeing co-workers every day to social distancing or self-isolating can be difficult hence simple exercises to stay active are needed.

It is important to stay active while you are in isolation, there are health and cognitive benefits associated with working out while you are on the clock, it makes you feel well energized and perform better. Whether it’s five minutes or an hour dedicated to exercising, there are real benefits to be derived from it.

You don’t need a gym for the simple exercise moves in this post, the key is to schedule a time to have this done and these are simple moves you can have done at your desk and working from home won’t have you feeling cooped up before the day is over.

Are Home Workouts Effective?

The answer is yes provided you are willing to put a little time and effort into it, this can be just as effective as a gym workout if going to the gym is not going to be a possibility for a while and you need to stay active then a home workout is pretty much as effective.

Exercise Moves To Help You Stay Active As You Work From Home

Maintaining a level of exercise when you work from home can be daunting for some while some find it tacky but minor exercise can be done without any fuss, building a healthy daily routine pending your stay at home can help promotes your well being.

Here are 5 simple exercise moves to help you stay active as you work from home.

1. The Leaning Plank

The leaning plank is a minor exercise you can do without leaving where you work, this exercise requires you to get home from your chair, it is a variant on a plank exercise using a similar form, step back from your chair so you are at least a foot and then least forward against it using only your forearms for support.

Stay in this position as long as you can however for a variant, get into the leaning position and lower yourself until your shoulders almost touch the wall and push yourself back up.

Repeat this 15 times.

2. Chair Dips

Chair dip is another simple form of exercise you can do to keep your mind and body active while working from home.

You need a chair that won’t roll from you to achieve this efficiently, scoot up to the front edge of your chair, place your legs out in front of you while you place your hands on either side of your hips, finger-pointing front, grab the edges of the chair with both hands and use your core and arms to lift yourself up, you can repeat this as often as you can.

3. Foot Drill

Foot drill is a pretty easy exercise to do while you work, it is known to work the muscles on your leg and you can feel better while you work. Foot drill is just like tapping your foot just like footballers tap their feet in place while at practicing, while seated try tapping your feet for 30 seconds at a time or longer if you can.

4. Shoulder Raises

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Shoulder raise is a great way to relieve tension in your neck, long hours of sitting can make your neck go still which can be really uncomfortable hence why a shoulder raise has been recommended. Raise your shoulders up toward your ear, for 10 seconds and relax. For an even bigger stretch, do just one shoulder at a time them alternate five times each for more effectiveness.

5. Take Frequent Walk Breaks

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Sitting down for too long won’t just put a strain on your back but this can put a damper on your mood, taking a frequent break and walking around the building to stretch your legs will prevent you from feeling sleepy and you can feel more relaxed and active again.

Setting a schedule for 5 minutes to walk every hour can be relaxing and also know that it’s not just your back and neck that needs the frequent break but it might actually make you feel more active.

You should keep it fun while exploring different ways to move and stay active while you work from home if you are too busy to add more exercise to your schedule then you can easily pick one of this to be done while you work. It is also important to have a space created for working at home, get a comfortable chair and try setting a real work hour that prevents you from overworking or putting in fewer efforts.

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