Giorgio Armani Under Fire For Saying This About Women

  • Giorgio Armani, the 85-year-old designer said women should be respected and put into consideration as they make the wares for them.
  • His statement has drawn criticism from different quarters with some saying his statement is ‘dangerous and nonsensical’
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Giorgio Armani has been condemned for making a comparison between the manners women are treated by fashion designers to rape.

Giorgio Armani made this disclosure on Friday while speaking to reporters as he presents his Emporio Armani line at the just concluded Milan Fashion Week.

According to a report by Women’s Wear Daily, the 85-year-old fashion designer said that he is presently at a stage in his life where he can say what he thinks. He made this statement shortly before painting his controversial analogy concerning sexual violence.

Giorgio Armani said;

“There is so much talk about women being raped, but women today are regularly ‘raped’ by fashion designers,”

He referred to certain advertorials where women are displayed provocatively, half-naked, and many of these women are under pressure to look like that. He said that in itself is rape and it’s not befitting.

Another report from The Associated Press also captured Armani saying that it is believed women are raped in a corner but the reverse is the case as most of these women are raped by designers

However, he was asked to clarify his remarks, the designer said that there are several ways by which a woman can be raped which include throwing her under a stairwell or putting her under pressure to dress in a certain way, he said that is rape for him.

The 85-year-old designer has been under criticism from different quarters and on social media. One person has described this comparison between rape and fashion advertorial as “dangerous and nonsensical”. Booth Moore, Executive Editor, Women’s Wear Daily, said the exploitation of these women in fashion imagery is not a new one and that Armani has tried to be respectful of women in all his work.

Another comment said, the word rape is very charged in any language while another said it is vile and pretty insulting to just throw it around.

While speaking to The Independent, Armani said he can understand how his comments may seem like a strong statement and that if he could turn back and have used other words to show that every designer has to show respect to women the clothes are designed for.

He said he used the term provocatively to cause a paradigm shift in the way things are done as they are dear to his heart.

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