3 Printable List of High Fiber Foods (FREE Download)

High fiber foods are basically foods that help you make smart diet decisions, they are an excellent source of protein, vitamin, mineral, and other nutrients to keep the body healthy and fit, high fiber foods are vital if you want to increase fiber in your body and maintain a decrease in the risk of heart disease.

High fiber foods should be part of your everyday meal plan as they act as inflammatory properties for the body.

A list of high fiber foods will come in handy in helping you choose the right high fiber food and recognize each calorie per serving, hence why we made a list of printable high fiber foods to help make decisions while dining out too.

Benefits Of High Fiber Foods

High fiber foods are highly nutritious and beneficial to the body, high fiber foods are very potent in keeping the body safe from diseases like

1. Prevents digestive system Problem

Problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis can be avoided as high fiber foods helps by keeping stool soft and easy to expel and in this process makes it easy to maintain a healthy bowel movement.,

2. Help Lose Weight

High fiber foods are one of the fastest ways to shred those weight, they keep you full longer and faster, fiber also prevents your body from absorbing excess calories. Researchers have shown that as high fiber feel you up faster, stopping you from overfeeding and it digests easily which can really aid weight goal.

3. Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease

Due to the ability of fiber to soak up excess cholesterol in your system and pass it out before it clogs your system help to low the risk of heart disease, most fiber foods also consists of antioxidants that protect the heart and improves blood circulation.

4. Helps You Feel More Active And Relaxed

For a more relaxed mind and body, you need the adequate amount of fiber for that, it boosts your metabolism and a healthy bowel movement will make your body lighter and free. Soluble and insoluble fiber plays an important role in your system, breaks down heavy meal faster thereby reducing chances of becoming bloated.

5. Gives A Natural Detox

Most fibers are soluble fiber and they naturally promote the elimination of toxin, they soak up potentially harmful compounds before they can absorb the body and the insoluble fibers go through your system fast to prevent unhealthy bacteria in your system. Fibers are natural system cleanser when consumed the right way.

6. Reduce The Risk Of Some Certain Cancer

Fiber do contain some powerful antioxidants that reduces the effects of some cancer cells, not exactly a cure for cancer but a good way to prevent some cancer, high fiber foods like veggies and fruits are an excellent source phytochemicals which reduces the risk of cancer.

High fiber foods have other numerous benefits ensuring healthier gut bacteria,  healthy bones and also believed to help you live longer, in order to make sure you are eating the right high fiber foods and how much gram you get per servings, below is a printable list of high fiber foods.

List Of High Fiber Foods

These lists can be printed out conveniently to take along on your next grocery shopping or glue to the wall in the kitchen. Checking the nutritional value for each fiber is also very important.

Fruits             Servings      Grams

Apricots.               3medium.              2.5

Raspberries.          1 cup                     8.0

Pear.                         1 medium            5.5

Apple                      1 medium.             4.5

Banana.                  1 medium             3.0

Orange.                   1 medium.             3.0

Strawberries           1 cup.                    3.0

Pineapple.                 1 cup.                   2.0

Honeydew melon  1 cup (pieces).   1.0

Mandarin oranges.   ½ cup.               1.0

Nectarine.              1 medium              2.2

Orange.                 1 medium.                3.0

Peach.                    1 medium                 1.7

Pear                        1 medium.                4.0

Pineapple.            1 cup (pieces).        2.0

Plum.                        1 medium.              1.0

Prunes (dried).         10 prunes.           6.0

Raisins (seedless)        2/3 cup.         4.0

Raspberries.                    1 cup               8.4

Strawberries                     1 cup             3.4

Tangerine.                1 medium             2.0

Watermelon     1 cup (pieces)            0.8

Kiwi.                    1 each.                         2.5

Vegetable      Servings         Grams

Brussels sprouts  ½ cup.                     2.0

Carrot.                     1 medium.               2.0

Cauliflower, boiled ½ cup.                   1.0

Corn.                        1 cob                        2.0
Cucumber.    ½ slice.  (7 inches).          0.7

Eggplant, boiled       ½ cup.                  1.0

Green beans, boiled.   ½ cup.              2.0

Potato, boiled.          1 medium.          2.0

Cereal/Grains   Serving  Grams

Split peas, cooked     1 cup               16.2

Bagel.                         1 bagel                 1.5

French bread            1 slice                 0.5

Pancakes          1 medium-large.       1.0

Seven grain, Bran’ola  1 slice              3.0

Wheat bread.       1 slice                        2.5

Wheat bran            1 cup.                    25.0

Rice, brown, uncooked 1 cup.          7.9

Wheat germ, raw   1 cup.                  15.6

Yam cooked cubes.  1 cup.             5.3

Pasta whole wheat.    1 cup.            6.3

Bread 100% grain.       1 slice.          3.0

Cereal whole grain.   1 cup.             10.0

Celery.                          1 stalk.             1.0

Oats, dry                     1 cup                   12.0

Oat bran, raw.             1 cup                  14.0

Oat bran, raw             ½ cup                  0.9

Pasta           Servings        Grams

Macaroni, Golden Grain ½ cup          2.0

Macaroni        1 cup                                1.8

Macaroni, whole wheat 1 cup             4.0

Spaghetti, whole wheat 1 cup.            6.3

Brown rice, long grain 1 cup                3.5

White rice                    1 cup                    1.0

High Fiber Foods List Printables

We’ve made these three printable graphics you can download and pin on your fridge, you can also save them on Pinterest so you can help others discover them and look at it any time.

The purpose of each gram and servings per size is to guide you on how much high fiber is okay in a day and also help to take care of your calorie count for each day. High fiber foods are not just easy to find and important to diet but there are some other health reasons why you need high fiber foods.

These foods can also be of help if and when you’re feeling constipation, check out this list of high fiber foods for constipation.


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