35 Simple Sunday Outfit Ideas To Inspire You

sunday outfit ideas

Sunday the church day.

Whether in native or not, everyone likes to look their best on a Sunday, We looked around and compiled a few style ideas you can get inspired from either to buy or show your fashion designer to whip up something related or even better.

To cut the long story, if you’re caught in a fix on decent ideas to wear to church heck even simple gatherings then this post is for you. These ideas are so good we included aso-ebi outfit ideas and so on. Let’s dive in.

1. V-neck White Flare Dress

V-neck White Flare Dress
Image: @kylangooottt // Instagram

A white dress really can’t go wrong as a church outfit. It sure depicts the mood and it makes it easier to dance as much as you want with its flare design. This type of outfit is suitable for any shape and also one that should be in every lady’s wardrobe.

2. Wide Skirt + Long Sleeve Top

Wide Skirt + Long Sleeve Top
Image: @ church_outfit // Instagram

Your choice of outfit for the church does not have to be complicated. You can keep it simple and comfortable which is the best way to go. This outfit is quite classy and should have you swaying nicely on thanksgiving Sunday to your favorite song.

3. Corporate Pleated Skirt With Shirt

Corporate Pleated Skirt With Shirt
Image: Claraito’s Blog

A corporate skirt and top make a great combination and it looks perfect for church. This is another perfect-reserved outfit every lady ought to have.

4. Cute Jumpsuit Idea

Cute Jumpsuit Idea
Image: @Shacara.com

Jumpsuits are actually becoming popular no matter the occasion. Keep it simple and conservative like this one above and you can rock it to church.

5. Simple Plain Black Gown +Silver Belt

Image: @apostolicclothing_// Instagram

One can never go wrong in a simple black outfit it can be accessorized with whatever color of accessories, just as seen above how she combined hers with a silver belt, a silver-colored shoe, and a white bag making it all look very simple and classy.

6. Black Net Puff Sleeve Top+Brown Net Ruffled Skirt

Image: @modestgals_ // Instagram

Am I the only one falling in love with first of, the combination of the black and brown cause it looks really cool and then the fact that her shoes match her bag and her top is very unique,Also a beautiful mini hat will do no harm to it for those of us who don’t like to go to church without covering our hair.

7. Mini Pleated Black Infused White Dress

Image: @glory_trendzgh_// Instagram

I love how simple and classy this pleated white dress imprinted with black in front of it is looking and also the fact that she wore white shoes instead of black to really call out the white color because a black shoe would have calmed it down, the red bag also is not a miss it only added a pop of color to the black and white making it look all enticing.

8. Two Patterned Ankara Mini Dress+Open Toe Sandal Heels

Image: @casuals_by_kae// Instagram

This is us doing it the Ankara way, not too dramatic just the right amount of slaying we need to attend a Sunday service, We can always use a head tie or a fancy scarf to make look really churchy.

9. Belle Sleeve plain and Patterned Stylish Mini Gown

Image: @glory_trendzgh// Instagram

Walking into the church looking all stylish is not a sin actually God likes it when we give him our best. The best thing nowadays is not having to buy these dresses so expensive anymore we could just the material and get it whipped by a reliable seamstress.

10. Bell Sleeve Chiffon Blouse+Floral Print Skirt

Image: @c1n71a21_// Instagram

This a beautifully simple and classy combination even her nude shoe is a vibe, Now we don’t have to wear it just as seen in the above picture we could do the shoes and the bag differently and still get a very good result.

11. Dungarees+Black LongSleeve Top+Hat

Image: @modest_fashion_by_ana_7// Instagram

I am very sure a lot of us would think this out is for cowgirls but you got it all wrong, the long jeans dungarees match with that boot is the definition of class plus the hat on it. This is definitely a church outfit idea.

12. Jacket +Top+Floral Print Skirt+Open Toe Sandal Heels

Image: @sean_tobee_// Instagram

This combination is very common by ladies to church these days but we really need to be careful of the colors we combine together as any slight mistake will make the whole dress go way off.  But trust me it is the best combination to wear to church.

13. Floral Print Gown+Mini Bag+Sandal Heels

Image: @chicnmodest_tt_// Instagram

Floral prints have never gone out of fashion and I don’t think it is going out of it anytime soon. This above picture is a very simple and classy way to show up in church for a Sunday service but of course with a mini beautiful hat to make a statement.

14. Jacket+leopard Skin Top+Jeans Skirt+Hat

Image: @churchchicfashionista// Instagram

This is yet another beautiful and classy combination very elegant as well.

15. Simple Aline Gown+Mini Bag+PupSocks+Heels

Image: @c1n71a21_// Instagram

This combination is simple but hot like really hot, I would rock this trust me I mean the simple stylish Aline gown with a black pup sock is a whole vibe, and to switch up this look you could adorn it with a Louis Viton scarf and a shade.

16. Stylishly Wrap Mini Dress

Image: @glory_trendzgh_// Instagram

Picture yourself in this amazing stylishly wrapped gown to church on the first Sunday of the month and tell me you do not already feel like the diva that you are.

17. Simple Aline Gown + Classy Court Heels

Image: @glory_trendzgh_// Instagram

Another stylish Aline gown that is very church worthy, This should not be hard to get as we can get the material ourselves and get it to a seamstress for tailoring.

18. Black Skirt+Polka Dot Top+Belt+Scarf

Image: @apostoliccompany_// Instagram

This speaks all about class. The shades, muffler, boots, flare skirt, and polka dot top are so simple yet very fancy and these are not very difficult to put together as it is a must-have for every classy lady.

19. Plain and Patterned Shirt Dress+Yellow court Heel Shoe

Image: @glory_trendzgh_// Instagram

Simple classy and very hot outfit for Sunday service.

20. Floral Print Maxi Gown

Image: @sean_tobee_// Instagram

Floral prints gown are the best, They are beautiful very convenient, and free also not forget it will always remain a classy outfit.

21. Bell Sleeve Flare Gown

Image: @cesiah_koris// Instagram

Another simple stylish and very classy outfit.

22. Floral Top +Floral Print Skirt+Sandal Heels

Image: @beauty_by_cassie_// Instagram

Let’s break rules in prints! normally prints aren’t supposed to match with prints but these days those rules have been broken. The above picture has just proven that to us.

23. Hat+Shirt Dungaree+Short Sleeve Top

Image: @modestlyless// Instagram

Another simple and beautiful outfit for Sunday service.

24. See Through Top+Penciled Skirt

Image: @glory_trendzgh_// Instagram

This is the most classy and adorable style that even I have come across, the combination of white all through is not easily pulled off by so many but if you know what and to put together then you are good to go.

25. Hat+ Shirt dress+ Sandal heels

Sunday outfits
Image: og_styletemple//Instagram

This shirt dress is giving us styles. Such a gentle and classy outfit, simple to put together without any fashion complications is a must-get for this Sunday outing.

26. Beautiful Layered off-shoulder dress

Sunday outfits
Image: Kiitana//Instagram

Layers and layers of Sunday awesomeness, we love this dress and we think you should love it too. Not expensive to put together. We specifically love the casual look it gives.

27. Blazer+ Shirt gown + Sandal heels

Sunday outfits
Image: amagodson_a//Instagram

Amagodson isn’t chilling on this one. This is churchy, formal, and classy at the same time. We love the color-blocking effect… we love it!

28. Off-shoulder top with layered sleeves+ palazzo pants

sunday outfits
Image: justcynthia_o//Instagram

Black and yellow is back and it’s totally going to work for a Sunday outfit. These palazzo pants are rocking it crazy and we’re certainly going to fall for them and you should too. We call this a one-stop look 🙂 it’s got all the sauce you need.

29. Shirt + Jumpsuit

Sunday outfits
Image: iambubublaq//Instagram

This western-indigenous combo is nice and easy and that’s why we love it and the same reason why we think it should be your outfit choice this Sunday.

30. Blazer+ penciled pants+ Pointed transparent heels

Sunday outfits
Image: Julitha.kabete//Instagram

Formal is the new classy chic and this monochrome effect is slaying for days people. Give us one reason why you shouldn’t have this in your closet… we don’t wanna hear it.

31. Plain and Ankara midi gown+ Court shoes

sunday outfits
Image: iambubublaq//Instagram

When we say African prints never go wrong, this is what we’re talking about. This midi-gown is all shades of beautiful, formal, and classy and we love the Ankara print featured in it.

32. Red midi dress+ Red court shoes

sunday outfits
Image: Veronicaodeka//Instagram

Veronica Odeka has it all! What’s more gorgeous than a red dress on red heels? We totally love this outfit and we think you should try going out next Sunday in this. This is the epitome of a classy look.

33. The Aso-ebi way

Sunday outfits
Image: fenne_designs//Instagram

You never go wrong with the typical owambe outfit on a Sunday. This particular style is elegant. We love the colored flowers on this gorgeous black dress. Need an idea for your next Sunday outing?… Use this.

34. Floral long-sleeved top + Pleated midi skirt+ Statement heels

sunday outfits
Image: veronicaodeka//Instagram

The floral long-sleeved shirt to start with gives an automatically elevated look. This color combination has it all as the skirt gives a formal and urban look all at once, wear this on Sunday and the paparazzi party begins. What a chic Sunday outfit!

35. Patterned top+ patterned midi skirt+ matching shoes and bag

Sunday outfits
Image: tokemakinwa//Instagram

When prints clash, Aunty Toke always reminds us that rules are meant to be broken. This look is awesomely amazing as the classy set of bags and shoes complements the color of the top and skirt. This is a must-try for your next Sunday outing.

We’d like to know what you think about these outfits and feel free to drop your style inspiration in the comment section below.

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Plenty of love guys ♥️️

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