7 Things You Should Watch Out For In A Man Before Falling For Him

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Does he like me? Am I being too forward? These are some of the questions that go through your minds when that new guy starts to give some attention and you do not want to be a pawn in his games.

Meeting a new guy and going on dates can be really tacky especially when you do not know his intentions towards you. Does he just want to be a friend or he wants more? You love the romance, the unexpected flowers, the impromptu dates, but babes not the time to get carried away.

Yes, every lady is different but if there is one thing that strikes the common ground is knowing what the guy is up to. Guys are cunning creatures but what better way to beat them at their own game is to know what they are up to.

It always looks like ladies has this unattainable list that no guy can fill but the honest truth is they just want a guy that makes them laugh, happy and special.

Relationships should be enjoyed and to avoid falling into the wrong one, check out these 7 things you should look out for before falling head over hills for him.

1. His Calling Skill Is Zero

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Ladies if he isn’t calling like his heart is on fire, then he might not be so into you. Calling goes a long way and the most likely way to express your emotions best is to call. What if he likes to chat?

Chatting is good but calling is best, a guy can chat with 10 girls at the same time but when he picks that phone up to call then it means you are on his list of importance.

Calling is a vital aspect of communication and if he is not doing that then you might want to rethink that date. If he really wants to take that date to the next level, he will call every day and never gets tired.

2. Checking Out Another Chick While He is With You

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That is definitely a total turn off, don’t you just want to scream guy am still here! When a guy is into you then no other lady matters. Respecting you should be the top on his list, he should have his eyes all on you.

You do not want to have to worry if his heart is with you at all times, Do you? Guys tend to get wrapped up easily in a girl if they are not playing games but if they are then their attention can get diverted asap.

Checking out another chick while he is with you might be the sign you need to get out before you fall for him.

3. Check His Manner Of Approach

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Ladies if there is one thing you should always take note of is how a man approaches you. If he is the guy who respects ladies then he won’t have his eyes racing all over your body while he talks.

Does he look you straight in the eye when he approached? Was he polite when he asked for your contact? If yes to these then he is on the right track but if no he might just be a player.

Politeness should be ascertained in his manners of approach. ”Hello beautiful” might actually be more pleasant than” You look hot”

4. He Cancels Dates Without Tangible Reasons

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Does he always bail out at the last minutes of your date?  Then he might be up to something.

If there is one thing you can be sure of is how much a guys ego means to him and he would not cancel a date because he might lose his respect if he does that often, especially if he likes the girl in question, but if a guy cancels dates frequently with no tangible reasons then he might have other fishes in his pot to fry.

If he wants a relationship to blossom he will keep to dates.

5. He Has A Female Bestie

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Ladies take note; the issue is not having a female bestie but the issue is how close they are.

Do they hang out very often? Does he like to talk about her? Does he make excuses for her? If he does then these are all red flags telling you he might be in love with his bestie. Guys tend to keep girls they are in love with but can not have due to some reasons, as friends.

Have you heard the saying that goes; ”If she can not be a lover, let her be my friend”. This might be applicable here. Girl and Guy bestie just don’t mix well.

6. He Talks A lot About Himself


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Does he like the sound of his own voice than yours? Doesn’t he want to hear all about you too?

You are supposed to listen to each other babes, but if he keeps going on and on about himself then he might be into himself.

7. He Gets Jealous Quickly

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Jealousy is not criteria for affection, might just be a way of staking a claim. A jealous guy might be trouble. He does not need to be jealous to show he cares he just has to treat you special. Jealousy can get ugly if it gets too much.

Often times a guy gets jealous because he wants to show his power and how he should be the only one in your life and that might be laying it too thick.

There is no mister right but there is definitely a mister perfect for each lady. Go on dates, have fun and enjoy but do not forget to be on the lookout and be sure to follow us on instagram @thrivenaija for more awesome tips like these.

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