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Okay so today we’re putting out this simple quiz to test your knowledge on the Holy Book: The Bible 🙂

These questions are so easy, we have 13 questions all in this quiz, lets see how many you can attempt and nail. We’re rooting for you.

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1. Why Not Let's Start With This One

It was never mentioned that the fruit was an apple in the book of Genesis, check well.

2. Then We Proceed

The answer is actually 18. The words are Mahershalalhashbaz and it's from Hebrew origin mentioned in Isiah 7-9 and it means " Hurry to the spoils".

3. Next?

Mathew is the first book of the new testament and the 40th in the bible after Malachi.

4. Let's Continue

Mathew 2:1-2 It was never mentioned that there are there wise men, we were only told three gifts were brought!

5. Now This One!

Check out Joshua 10:12-14

6. Going Strong?

It's Methuselah Actually!

7. Commandments time

Check Exodus 20

8. Flood Stuff

Abel was murdered first.

9. On Jacob's Family

His name was Benjamin.

10. You Know This?

He sent two. A Raven and a Dove.

11. David & Golaith

This all went down in the book of 1st Samuel.

12. Do You Know?

Zippora was moses' wife.

13. And The Last One!

There are actually 8 beatitudes in the bible. You'll find them in Mathew 5:3-12, Luke 6:20-23

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  1. Hey Abel.

    Thank you for taking us along in your spiritual journey. As an agnosticism, it would wow you that I got three wrong from the question.

    So I believe every Christian should got it all right..

    Keep ? winning..

    1. Thank you for taking the quiz man 🙂

  2. We will win

    1. Haha!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. @no 1, so what type of fruit did Eve give to Adam? fruit could be anything

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