Naomi Campbell And Burna Boy In An Alleged Romance Rumble

naomi campbell
  • Naomi Campbell is loving up again as she is allegedly getting involved with the Nigerian music giant, Burna Boy.
  • Reports have it that Naomi Campbell has been involved with many other artists among them is Liam Payne who denied the story.
  • Naomi, in the company of Burna Boy, 28, was captured in a position suggesting the duo might not just be ordinary friends.
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Naomi Campbell is enjoying all the fun and affection from a younger African music icon after the model was seen getting close Burna Boy during the after party of the Brit Awards.

Naomi Campbell, 49, the catwalk super-model was a guest at a post-award show at a London Chiltern Firehouse on Tuesday after the event at the O2 earlier the same day.

An eyewitness said, they sat very intimately to each other, they were both together near the Firehouse bar and were quite touchy-feely. Information gathered suggests both have struck up a flirty friendship lately. However, it is believed that Naomi and Burna left the party separately.

Recall that Naomi Campbell has been romantically connected to several music artists over the years. Among them is British rap star Skepta, Liam Payne, 26, the One Direction heartthrob, American rapper Sean “Puff Daddy”, and chart-topping RnB hunk Usher.

Liam had gone on a TV show with SAS expert Ant Middleton in November 2019 to downplay rumors that he was in any serious relationship. The moderator, Ant had wanted to find out the singer’s rumored romance with the catwalk queen, Naomi Campbell.

Both Liam and Naomi reportedly engaged in a romance earlier in 2019, however, Liam denied it. When asked about the romance, Liam smiled and said;

“No. She was just a friend,”

Ant went further to ask if Naomi was a ‘friend friend’

Liam quickly responded that;

“She was just a buddy, old buddy, and old pal.”

Ant quickly countered;

“Come on Liam, you know she wasn’t an old buddy old pal. I think the whole world knows that.”

“You believe whatever you want to believe,” the former One Direction star chuckled, “I am not saying anything! When I like someone, I like the person.”

However, Liam gave an insight into the life of his ex, Cheryl, the mother of his child. Liam has always talked about his respect for Cheryl, he said they genuinely get on and that there are several parallels from the life they both draw from each other.

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