Chelsea Ladies To Enjoy Training According To Players’ Menstrual Cycle

chelsea female players
  • Chelsea ladies can now enjoy training schedule according to their menstrual cycle which will help to optimize their performance
  • “The starting point is that we are women and, ultimately, we go through something very different to men monthly”
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The Chelsea ladies have become the first female club in the world to adjust their training meetings according to the players’ monthly menstrual cycle. This decision was taken to improve performance and cut down the rate of injuries.

The driver behind this initiative has been the coach of the team, Emma Hayes. He said he noticed that players’ energy and mood has been greatly impacted but the monthly cycle.

Ms. Hayes, while speaking to The Telegraph said for too long the female teams had followed the same training pattern as their male counterparts making their performance not optimized.

The coach said women are most times treated like small men. She said the application of anything from rehab to strength and conditioning to tactical are all based on what men do.

She further stated;

“The starting point is that we are women and, ultimately, we go through something very different to men on a monthly.”

However, the new schedule will see training and nutrition adequately planned to help energy fluctuations all through the month, weight control, and reduce the susceptibility to soft tissue injuries directly linked to hormonal alterations.

So, the Chelsea ladies have been told to download the FitrWoman app which will assist them to monitor the four phases of their cycles, i.e. premenstrual, menstruation, pre-ovulation, and ovulation. The app was developed by Dr. Georgie Bruinvels, an international cross-country runner.

The information generated through this app is then shared with the club which now informs their training, and this is based on the players’ consent. The coach noticed that in phase one and four, their coordination is impaired while in phase three and four they are likely to add weight because of their longing for junk foods.

Dr. Bruinvels added by saying that the ladies are at a higher risk of inflammatory injury in phases one and two.

He said;

“The menstrual cycle is an inflammatory process and excess inflammation can lead to an injury,” “It’s not solely down to high levels of oestrogen, but tracking the cycle is also very important in terms of bone-injury risk.”

Recall that Ms. Hayes also suffered endometriosis (Described as a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb also grows in other places like the fallopian tubes and the ovaries) at the finals of 2016 FA Cup Final match against the Arsenal ladies.

With this, the Chelsea ladies have become the first football club to track their cycles before fixing training schedules.

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