9 Instagram Style Icons We’re Following And So Should You

Instagram style icons

Instagram is a place to do many things. Catch up, meet new people, follow your favorite celebs, be inspired and so on. If you’re into fashion and style as much as we are then its no problem decoding the fact that you spend 60% or more of your social media time on the app looking to get inspired via following hashtags or your favorite Instagram style icons.

Fashion trends come and go but regardless, some fashion icon has managed to put every fashion enthusiast on their toes with their unique design and ways of combining it, Instagram is where you find all the glamour and classic styles, popularly referred to as the VIP pass to the best fashion parties, and also used by style influencers to create fashion blogs and even market the latest outfit and these fashion icons are worth coping a style or two from.

Fashion icon believes creativity is the height of fashion and we are not disputing that fact due to the mouth gaping designs that these fashionistas introduce to the world each day if you need the right styles for a casual outing, party or cocktail, we have compiled 9 list of fashion icons you can trust to deliver.

9  Trendiest Fashion Icon To Follow On Instagram

Their taste in styles will definitely leave you wowing and interested. There are styles are also simple and easy you recreate.

1. Danielle Bernstein

fashion icon
Image: @weworewhat // Instagram

Follow on Instagram: @weworewhat

Danielle Bernstein has a unique taste in styles and has a superb way of showing her designs. She has over 2,1m followers and they are finding her styles really inspiring and she definitely teaches a thing or two concerning styles.

2. Chrissy Rutherford

fashion influencers
Image: @chrissyford // Instagram

Follow on Instagram @chrissyford

Chrissy Rutherford is a special project director and therefore has a keen eye for fashion, she has lots of interesting style combinations that her followers of 131k can’t get enough of.

3. Mary A

fashion icon we see everyday
Image: @the_cocopolitan // Instagram

Mary A who usually goes by the name the cocopolitan is another influencer who inspires us with her styles, her daily designs are something that gives us something to talk about. You can always trust her combination of sundresses.

4. Hafymo

fashion icon
Image: @hafymo // Instagram

5. Folake Kuye Huntoon

fashion icon
Image: @stylepantry // Instagram

Follow on Instagram @stylepantry

Folake Kuye but popularly referred to as style pantry can be found on Instagram with a most unique taste in style, casual enough for daily outing and oftentimes, fashionable enough for events.


fashion bloggers
Image: @iesha // Instagram

Follow on Instagram @ieshahodgesofficial

For styles that are casual and are suiting for every season then Iesha is your designer, her styles are fascinating and are never found boring.

7. Tiffany Hsu

fashion icon
Image: @handinfire // Instagram

Follow on Instagram: @handinfire

A work outfit that would leave you feeling yourself and others won’t help to wonder where your style inspiration comes from. The styles are classic and daring which is a great combination.

8. Marii Pazzng

fashion icon on instagram
Image: @mariipvzz // Instagram

Follow on Instagram: @mariipvzz

Marii Pazz is a well-known fashion influencer that you can get a lots of bold daring styles from, her styles are stunning and can be worn to all kinds of events. This won’t be a complete fashion list without mentioning this beautiful fashion blogger.

9. Maryam Salam

fashion blogger on instagram
Image: @itsmaryamsalam // Instagram

Follow on Instagram @itsmaryamsalam

The beautiful Maryam Salam has a way with her designs that screams conservative and elegant, her styles are also easy to recreate and add to your collection of styles.

Fashion shouldn’t be found boring hence why we carefully selected this fashion influencers who add drama to their styles, they do have impeccable taste in fashion that we can’t dispute. Did we miss any fashion icon that should be on this list? Leave us a message in the comment section and ensure to follow us on Instagram as there are more fashion bloggers to get updated on.

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