10 Subtle Tips to Help Relieve Your Back Pain

Get rid of Lower Back Pain

7. Practice–and maintain–good posture

One of the most important things you can do to manage your back pain is to maintain good posture. Slumping in a chair at work, or even sleeping out of alignment, can cause aches and pains. Sit or stand tall, with your stomach pulled in to support your back.

If you find you have a tendency to slouch while sitting, use a small pillow to adjust your posture, or find a new way to reorient yourself to your desk or table.

If you’re having more trouble after you wake up in the morning, try adjusting your sleep position.

Those with lower back pain especially may find it useful to adjust their sleep position to better align their spine. Place a pillow between your knees, or use a supportive pillow under both knees to take the stress off your back.

8. Change up your normal routine

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Upper back pain, in particular, can be caused by repetitive motions or actions.

Take a break every once and a while—stretch or take walks more frequently, or try a standing desk, if your particular issue seems to be work-related.

Remember that even a little activity can help stimulate blood flow to your aching muscles and aid in healing.

9. Try acupuncture or other remedies

Acupuncture (the practice of sticking extremely thin needles into “energy points” within the skin to reduce inflammation), acupressure (a non-invasive form of this practice using pressure points) and other alternative remedies are often used to aid back pain.

Other home remedies, such as Epsom salt baths, can also help both lower and upper back pain sufferers.

10. See a chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist

Consult with your doctor to develop more general strategies to tackle your back pain, such as nutrition and exercise, and you may also be referred out to a physical therapist.

Massage therapists and chiropractors, in particular, can aid you in more immediately relaxing your muscles and realigning your spine, while a physical therapist can plan out a more comprehensive healing roadmap over several sessions.

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