10 Subtle Tips to Help Relieve Your Back Pain

Get rid of Lower Back Pain

4. Exercise

Both upper and lower back pain sufferers will likely find exercise relieving.

Certain stretches can help back pain sufferers align their spine and relax  tension, while other exercises can aid in strengthening backs to prevent further injury.

You’ll want to make sure you avoid certain exercises or positions while you recover, but forms of exercise such as yoga can help back pain sufferers find relief, provided it’s a daily practice.

Daily stretching or exercise will especially be helpful to lower back pain sufferers, especially those with sciatica.

5. Use an ice pack or heating pad

For more immediate injuries or aches, an ice pack or heating pack can keep you from wincing and help you keep moving.

Cold packs will be most effective with acute injuries (strains or sprains that have occurred within the past two days), while heat packs can help reduce pain and stiffness from more long-term injuries.

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Depending on the nature of your pain, you may find a combination of both useful.

6. Start a diary

For chronic problems, you may find it most useful to start a diary or journal detailing when exactly you feel the most back pain.

You can write down your moods, thoughts, behaviors, eating and sleep patterns to get a grasp on what might cause you the most pain.

You may find that much of your back pain is stress induced, or that it’s associated with certain habits, sleep patterns or work. Consult with your doctor for strategies on pain management, and bring your journal with you as a resource to aid your consultation.

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