Why Are My Nipples Itching So Bad? Causes And How to Get Rid of It

what causes itching nipples?

Does your nipple itch so bad? Most people might experience this on a normal range and consider it okay, but for some, it is inconvenient and annoying. Often times that can be a real cause for concern due to how sensitive your breast is.

It’s good to know itchy nipples might not be a reaction to some deadly infections but can be irritating and annoying as well. This post gives you the causes and ways you can effectively get rid of it. Nipples are very sensitive to things that can cause irritation to them.

Nipple itching can be a normal process sometimes but the cause to worry might arrive as a result of its frequency or worse if it secretes some substances and you are not breastfeeding.

The nipples, however, might just be reacting to some unhealthy stuff, If you know the causes, it might help you determine how serious it is and what you need to do right.

What Causes Itchy Nipples?

Here are some important causes of itchy nipples you should take note of.

1. When Last Did You Wash Your Bra?

Every integral part of a woman is sensitive and fragile and easily irritated by some bacterias.

There is a big probability you have a particular bra you prefer and wear regularly and you end up sliding the wash date further away and unfortunately, this can lead to itchy nipples.

Try to wash your bra as often as you can, it will go a long way in minimizing the attacks of bacteria’s on your nipple. It’s advisable to wash your bra at least ones a week.

2. You Sweat In Your Booobs Area Often

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This tends to happen a lot and sweat can trigger bacteria fast and before you know it, your nipples are getting irritated.

Impossible to avoid sweating underneath the booobs especially for the plus-sized and big booobs but you can wash it often as you can with cold water to cool the bacteria effects, clean it with a clean towel put it back in your bra.

You should try wearing lightweight and not too foamy bra to help reduce the pressure on the booobs.

3. Probably Sunburned?

Topless swimming in a pool outside or going on that beach trip might sound exciting but you should take extra caution in covering up the chest and using non-irritating sunscreens as you might get booobs sunburned if proper care is not taken.

What affects the booobs ultimately transfers the reaction to your nipples.

4. Bathing Soap Or Your Washing Detergent

The bathing soap or detergent used in laundering your bra might not agree with you due to the fact that skin type varies and some chemicals using in these products might be a cause of irritation to the booobs. The skin layer covering the booobs is fragile and very sensitive to overhyped chemicals products.

5. You Have Booobs Eczema

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A lot of ladies might not take note of these and that is why it’s a good idea to check your booobs for any sign and massage often. Booobs eczema might not be noticed but it does happen and tend to cause very irrational booobs itching thereby endeavor to notice signs of it.

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that can cause dryness and inflammation to the skin so if you are experiencing a rash itching and can’t explain why you might want to see your doctor test for eczema.

6. Your Booobs Just Do Not Like Your Bra

Bras are made for different sizes and different cups. In a situation where you are wearing a size smaller or a cup smaller or maybe you are trying out a new bra from what you usually wear might cause a big irritation to your nipple as booobs like to sit comfortably in bras.

You might want to use a cotton bra as this is more lenient on the nipples or natural fabrics.

7. Extreme Rare Cases; Cancer

When you can’t pinpoint any of those reasons listed above as reasons for your itchy nipples and there are some other symptoms like substance secretion from the booobs, lumps in the booobs, and other cancer-related symptoms then you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of Itching Nipples

There are various reasons why your nipples itch so bad and after getting to the root of the causes, there are some ways you might be able to get rid of it.

1. Use Chemical Free Lotion

You should use chemical free lotion on the nipples after your bath to help lock in moisture and patch the dryness in the skin. You can use lotions like petroleum jelly, cocoa butter, and lanolin. Might want to apply this morning and night.

2. Change Soaps And Skin Care Products

If by chance you noticed the causes of these are your soaps and skin care products, you might want to change to natural ones that are not so irritating to your nipples.

3. Massage And Stimulate Your Booobs Often

This process will help with the gentle and easy circulation of blood, as well as help the breast respond evenly and reduce inflammation on the booobs.

itching nipples causes and how to get rid of itching niples

4. Wash And Dry Your Booobs Regularly

Using gentle mild soap on your booobs will go a long way in combating itchy nipples but you should make sure it’s a regular wash and thorough ones and try to dry to avoid leaving it wet under your clothing as that will irritate the nipples after a long while.

5. Moisturize

Use a fragrance-free moisturizer to moisturize the skin around the booobs area and nothing too strong or irritating, preferably natural moisturizers will do the trick.

Has this article been helpful? Itchy nipples might really be nothing to worry about and it happens in a large percentage of the female population and if the causes are known and you apply the right technique, you will be saying goodbye to it in a matter of time.

Bottom line? Wear comfortable and clean bra always.

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