7 Simple Hacks to Stay Sane As You Work From Home

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It is no longer news that the world is currently battling a pandemic, the coronavirus disease, while it is paramount to practice personal hygiene, social distancing, and self-isolation to curb the disease, this has led to various people working from home and we urge you to stay positive as working from home for most people might be tiring and it’s a constant battle to stay highly productive and sane especially if you are used to the freedom and flexibility of having your own space, working from home means dealing with the constant interruptions and not leaving the house for days.

Working from home might be fun at first but the novelty might wear off quickly and it can get really lonely in no time but remote working also has its perks,  you can work in sweatpants if you want but it can be more productive if you approach the day with more intentions.

How do you stay sane when you work from home? Whether you telecommute, are a freelancer or mompreneur, working from home can be isolating and lonely hence we have compiled some of the best tips you can apply to stay sane while you work from home.

How To Stay Sane When You Work From Home

Remote work is not for everybody, while some can easily adapt to this lifestyle and even find it more fun, there are few simple keys that can help you cope with working from home and also get more work done.

1. Define Your Spaces, Separate Work From Home

The first rule that comes with working from home is to have a place created at home specifically for working, this would allow you to be dedicated without being disturbed. Carve out a dedicated workspace however small it can be, having space away from the family will help limit distraction and might impact your mind and body more.

2. Start The Day Properly

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Working at home does not mean you can’t get up early and go about your day just as you would if you are going to the office, the key to successful work remotely is establishing a clear schedule, if the office work starts at 9 am then it’s best to start your day at 9 am too. There will always be exceptions to the rule of working from home and being at the office but it’s best always start your day properly.

3. Make Yourself Laugh

It is always fun to talk to somebody and you might miss small talks from colleagues and feel lonely, to avoid depression and stay sane while working from home, make yourself laugh and goof off with colleagues from time to time through chats, listening to classical music can also help if you are into sophisticated sounds.

Don’t consume too much news content, bad news especially, if you’re keen on knowing more about the ongoing pandemic, stick with the info on the WHO website or the CDC, they’re good enough and basically all you need to stay updated.

Play with your pets, watch some comedy 🙂

4. Schedule Breaks And Have A Good Lunch

You can get so engrossed in a project and forget to take breaks if you are working from home, you can forget to take lunch or even a stretch which would only lead to you feeling tired and less active before the day is over. If necessary set an alarm to remind you when it’s time to take a break as there are no cues from coworkers heading out for breaks, It is important to schedule breaks for stepping away from the computer now and then to recharge, refuel and refocus.

5. Designate Certain Days For Certain Work

How to stay sane working from home

This simply means filing everything on Friday afternoon and no later than Sunday morning, setting your weekend aside to relax and less stressed. Working according to your office schedule does not have to change due to working from home, this can help you stay sane and productive at all times.

6. Do Something Physical

Incorporating some exercise or physical activity into your day is good for both your mind and body, this does not necessarily mean you have to do a workout, it could be a small walk around the house, this is very important for physical and mental alertness when you work from home.

7. Know When To Stop

Set a defined time when you are going to work and do not work late into the night, which means working when you set a time to stop, you stop, this will help stay focus and have other basic things to do for the day. Make sure you don’t let work run your life.

Following the right tips can help you stay sane and productive while you work from home, working from your home with no one to grab lunch with can quickly become exhausting and demotivating and this might be due to not setting a defined time and limit to work, working from home often means spending more than 8 hours working and even on weekends which can make you feel less motivated and sane. The tips above will keep you from going bonkers while working from home.


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