17 Different Types Of Skirt Every Woman Should Know

types of skirt

Did you know there are many types of skirts? A skirt is one piece of garment that can transform your look instantly and do you know with skirts, you can pull any look you want?

Skirts are not just one piece of cloth but also considered as part of a woman’s essentials as they not only give complete look transformation and also considered as more of a woman’s wear, unlike trousers which are said to be for men.

Skirts come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns and there just has to be a type of skirt you like and prefer and also another fascinating thing about skirt is how they can fit any figure or shape perfectly as well especially if you like them hugging and fitted.

Types Of Skirts

You will be amazed to discover there are some unique types of skirt you probably have not heard before. Here’s a list of skirts and their names.

1. Long Flare Skirt

long flay skirt
Long Flare skirt

Many are addict lovers of anything swinging and if that is the case then you know long flay skirts are no exception as they can be really fancy, chic and classy. Flay skirts can also blend into all occasion and very comfortable to wear, lovers of long flay skirts know this and in case you want to be a fan ensure to wear with a fitted top.

2. Mini Skirt

Image: Desiree Nude Mini Skirt

These are skirts that are just literally short but sexy and very perfect especially tall ladies as it shows off the legs and you can pair it with any kind of tops you desire although it will be advisable to pair it with fitted tops and sleeveless if you want as that will enhance the effect of the skirt more.

3. Wrap Skirt

Image: @ deunicomboba// Instagram

Wrap skirts are very interesting to look at right? Very fetching and easy to wear, comes in the form of a wrap and all you need is to use the wrap to form a skirt around your waist and some come with a belt to make it look more classy and fashionable. For all shapes.

4. Penciled Skirt

Image: Fashion Nova

Penciled skirts are not just classy but you can not help but love them, This can be in micro, mini but the important part of it is how straight and fitted it is, can be rocked with any top actually and for all shape and figure especially if you are wearing the shape hugging pencil skirt.

5. Micro Skirt

Image: Lyst

Micro skirts are exactly what the daring and bold ladies will call top notch and on point, these are similar to mini skirts but way shorter, and very sexy and gives the perfect chic look you can imagine. Micro skirts are becoming more trendy and when you talk about the best night outfit then these skirts are your go for.

6. Broomstick Skirt

Image: Picsbud

This used to be called Carribean skirts because of their popularity among the Caribbean women, if you have a salsa dance date set then you might need these wonderful broomstick skirts as they not only sway to music but have your hips swaying as well.

7. Tutu Skirt

Image: Adorn Boutique

These skirts are not called tutu skirt for no reason, they have a lot of layers and also bear some resemblance to broomstick skirts but they are more layered and swings more, very perfect for an hourglass shape and can be found in micro skirts.

8. A-line Skirt


A line skirts are those skirts that come with a front that has an A-line, very smart and perky and also easy to combine as it is not choosy of the blouse but you might want to tuck in big tops to give a more unique appeal.

9. Pleated Skirt

Image: Boden

Pleated skirts are those skirts that are designed with there waist high but end the down as flare, very pretty and suits shirts well. Pleated skirts have layers but not laid as thick as a Tutu skirt, not as heavy as the material as well

10. Ballet Skirt

Image: Emtutu

This is one skirt that is almost never worn unless you are attending a ballet class, very fragile skirt as it has net infused on it, can be pretty short as well and also leggings can be attached to it for flexibility and also enable ballet dancers to feel comfortable.

11. High Waisted Skirts

Image: the tall muse

As a lady who love fashion and anything skirts then you must definitely love high waist skirts as they are not just pretty but really classy as well, gives a chic and classy look and any can be sown with any material and it will still turn out beautiful.

12. Tulip Skirts

Image: Tulip skirt

Tulip skirts just as the name implies has a tulip shape, there are lots of flowery patterns of tulip skirts and those are the most beautiful, their materials are always very soft and tulip skirts can be easy and sexy for evening dates.

13. Maxi Skirts

Image: Pretty little thing

Maxi skirts are just too beautiful, usually very long and some has layers and like the picture above, some has splits and those are the perfect beach outfit as they are done with soft materials and really easy to enjoy on a sunny beach day.

14. Yoke Skirts

Image: blue Acid Yoke Skirt

Yoke skirts come in a very unique and simple pattern, their frontal is usually straight, no wrappings or layers but it has its button and zip at the front and sometimes the bottom is not straight has a round yoke like bottom but beautiful.

15. Asymmetrical Hem Skirt

Image: Babez- London

This are skirts that are lined asymmetrically, from any sides and most times it is the sides that get lined but whichever part is lined, it is a really fantastic design and comes out having one of its side long and taped round in layers.

16. Godet Skirts

Image: Nelou

If you have not tried to rock a godet skirt then you should, might be a little old fashion but still has some class and vibe. A godet is s an extra piece of fabric in the shape of a circular sector which is set into a garment, usually a dress or skirt. You should give it a try.

17. Gored Skirt

Image: aliexpress.com

Gored skirts are a lot like A-line skirts but have many different triangle panels sewn together and unlike the traditional way A-line are sewn to have just front and back panel, the gored skirt is softer around the hips loosed as well.

We are hoping you had as much fun as we did to know the names of all these beautiful skirts and you might just want to give the ones you have not tried but you like a chance as they always say ”What can go wrong with the right skirt?.

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