10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her (Under 10k)

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for her

Bro, wanna show her how much she means to you? We’ve got you.

Valentine’s day is almost upon us and we can guess what’s going through your mind cause we both know that whatever you do (get for her) could possibly make or break the relationship, in a way.

This can be a stressful task to decide what to give her for this Valentine, Worry not, we exist just to save the day. We’ve looked around for the best valentine’s day gift ideas you can buy for or possibly inspire your own custom gesture of love.

Albeit, these are hand-picked items and have proven to work over and over again. Before we go ahead, you should know.. We’ll label each gift ideas into three categories:

  • Just Crushing
  • He’s My Boyfriend
  • We’re Married

Each gift ideas will carry one or two of the labels above, so you know what exactly to go for, the best part? They’re under 10k. Let’s get started.

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1. Valentine Mini Valentine Bundle

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

Get her this combo of Dairy Milk 110g, Baron de Valls and Galaxy Body Spray. This one is suitable for all the three categories listed above 🙂

2. Fashion Ladies Sandal

Fashion Ladies Sandal

Make her slay through the day in this classic slip that will give you a smarter look and adds a touch of class to her carriage. The background and sole come in different colors. She’ll love will love it. This one is good for a babe you’re just crushing on or dating even married if simplicity is always the watchword between the both of you.

3. 21 Attire Monochrome Short Sleeve Top

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

With a belt and a black trouser. This is a perfect gift to get for your wife. Can be worn on both Formal and casual events. Looks fantastic.

4. Focallure 3Pcs Long-lasting Lip Colourful Lipstick

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

This 3-set lipstick bundle will brighten up for the face of that babe you have a crush on, Trust us.

5. Valentine Box of 12 Themed Cup Cakes

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

Bae will totally sing praises of you if you send this her way, especially when she’s in the office and gets to share them with her co-workers. It has 3 Vanilla, 4 Chocolate, 5 Red Velvet flavours embedded in one box, Hotttttt!

6. DMG Abril High Waist Palazzo Pant

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

This sweet palazzo is the perfect choice bae can pull on for a quick, chic style. With the stylish pants and fun pattern, she just slips on some sandals and has the perfect outfit ever, especially for date nights.

7. Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her


This portable plaid leather handbag signifies comfort in every word. Bae or the wife could use one of these in their day to day outings. Pretty small and breeds class.

8. VALENTINE Large Cake on Sticks

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

This is a bit unique and bae probably wouldn’t be expecting this one even if she expects to get something edible. Send her this sweet treat of cake-on-sticks topped with creamy frostings from Dainty Affairs.

9. Hair Dryer & Mini Hair Straightener

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

This item is for your crush. If this doesn’t pull her towards you, nothing else may. This dryer is easy to use and provides safe operation. Designed for daily use, this dryer will give her the best of styling.

10. A Pair of Red Pants + A Rose Flower + Chocolate Bars

A Pair of Red Pants + A Rose Flower + Chocolate Bars

This is definitely not for just a crush. It’s the best choice for Bae or wifey. We all know how it’s going down that night 🙂

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