9 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Onions Every Day

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Wondering what eating raw onions every day can do for and to you? This post might just be the answer you need.

Onion is commonly used to prepare all kinds of meals as it contains lots of fiber and folic which aids the body hence why we bring you some other incredible benefits you will be getting if onions are eaten raw every day, onions are an excellent source of calcium, iron and high-quality protein.

Eating onions raw can be an issue since it leaves an unpleasant smell in the mouth and has no sweet taste like when cooked but the health benefit might convince you.

Onions are pretty high in antioxidants, it’s a vegetable that most widely cultivated and belongs to the species of the genus Allium, the Chinese do believe in its beauty and health benefit, research also has shown that they are more beneficial when eaten raw.

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What Are The Benefits Of Eating Raw Onions Every Day?

Getting used to the taste might take time but keeping your health at bay might be worth it after all.

Below is a massive list of what eating raw onions every day can do to your body and we are sure some of these benefits will have you eating raw onions every day.

1. Reduction Of Blood Sugar

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Onion is an excellent source of antioxidants which help to regulate your sugar level, onions have a high effect of diabetics (1), eaten onions raw might cause tears and bad breath but chewing almond nut or mint can resolve that, eaten raw onions every day is one of the best ways you can keep your sugar rate low and prevent it from leading to excess weight gain.

Red onions are the best to be eaten raw to maintain a healthy sugar level.

2.  For Stronger Bones

This might sound surprising but onions play a large raw in keeping strong and healthy bones, onions are said to be a good source of bone-healthy polyphenols (2), onions keep the muscles tight and if you exercise regularly and want to prevent muscle ache, eaten raw onions can help offer some relief.

White onions are especially rich in calcium and reduce the possibility of bone fractures.

3. Improves Sleep, Memory, And Mood

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Eaten raw onions encourage the production of lipids (3), this is useful in keeping a healthy and active mind and body, research has shown that consuming onions before bedtime will help you get a night of more fitful and relaxed sleep (4).

For memory and relaxed mood, all you need is to cut a part of the onion and inhale deeply before eaten it as the aroma also can be helpful too.

4. Reduce Risk Of Gastric Cancer

Raw onions do not cure cancer but it has been discovered to reduce the risk of gastric cancer just as the moderate use of garlic can minimize the risk of colorectal and renal cell (a type of kidney cancer) cancers (7). A patient of gastric cancer should seek permission from his/her doctor before taking raw onions.

5. For Healthier Skin And Hair

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A natural cure for dry skin and hair is onions, it’s the perfect way to get healthy and bright skin and less of expensive products as onions come cheap and easy.

Cooked onion plays a good role too but the fastest remedy is eating it raw. Raw onions can rejuvenate your dull skin and compare to ginger they are pretty effective. It provides blood circulation on hair scalp and keeping you wrinkle-free as well (5).

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6. Stronger Immune System

Raw onions are recommended in boosting the immune system due to their antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it keeps the body functions under control and the risk of heart failure is minimal, this is a big advantage from eaten raw onions, the body might become more responsive (8).

7. Improves Digestion

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Just like it helps the immune system, it also helps to improve your digestive system, the fiber in onions is soluble and insoluble which makes it an excellent cure for constipation and other digestive issues. It also promotes good bacteria growth in your intestine cooked or raw (9).

In the process of improving your digestive system, it also helps in weight loss goals as no excess fats are stored.

8. For Easier Breathing

Folate in onion has been discovered to aid easy breathing and in the case of asthma (10), it makes breathing easy but adviced to talk to your doctor before eating it.

What Are The Best Onions For Eating?

Practically when onions are cooked, they are good for eating but when eating them raw, you need to know the one that should are more beneficial in eating.

1. Red Onions

Red onions are simply delicious when cooked and it makes eating them more tolerable, red onions are mainly eaten raw and very beneficial. Red onions contain antioxidants that are more effective when eaten raw.

2. Spring Onions

benefits of eating raw onions every day

Spring onions are perfect if you want your onions diced like vegetable, it’s delicious when spiced and raw or cooked is really beneficial. They are also served on vegetables and burgers which would make them easier to chew.

3. Vidalia Onions

Vidalia onions are very versatile onion which is even more delicious when served raw, their benefits are numerous and it’s smell is not that strong, Vidalia onion is really perfect for eating raw and the smell is not that potent.

4. White Onions

Apart from white onions being tasty when cooked, they are also not bad when eaten raw, they are very powerful in providing nourishment to the body. White onions are also an excellent source of antioxidant which is good in maintaining smooth and healthy skin.

Eaten raw onions every day can keep the doctor away from a very long time, Vidalia and spring onion are tasty and can also be added to your burger and sandwich for easy consumption.

The nutritional benefits of onions should make you consider adding more of it to your cooking as well, it contains 43 calories and also 20% of daily vitamin c especially when eaten raw.

Ready to start adding raw onions to your daily diet? We think you’ll find this guide on How to Store Onions Properly very helpful in your journey.


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