8 Most Thoughtful Gifts Under 5K For Your Colleagues

best gifts for co-workers
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Yes, we’re thinking what you’re thinking!

As the end of the year approaches, you want to gift something to most of the people you’ve worked with all year, and that’s a fantastic idea, especially if you’re looking to even have a better work experience next year.

And Seriously what’s the holidays without sharing gifts, whether it’s a single or married person you have in mind to get something for, considering the state of the economy, we’ve collected eight simple but thoughtful gift ideas that cut across every personality and gender.

The best part? They’re all under or around 5000 NGN and can be purchased online from stores like Jumia and Konga.

1. Elegant Designer Athletic Ankle Sneakers For That Colleague Who Is A Hypebeast

Elegant Designer Athletic Ankle Sneakers

This is a classy sneaker for your colleague who is a Hypebeast, this is very easy to pair sneakers and the heels are designed to be comfortable, you can’t have enough sneakers hence sneakers are considered a thoughtful gift. It comes in a sleek black color that is easy to maintain and keep clean.

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2. Darling Super Star Braids Hair Extensions For Your Co-worker Who Is In Love With African Braids

Darling Super Star Braids Hair Extensions
Image: Jumia

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Braid is one fascinating hairstyle no lady can ignore and if you have co-workers who can’t seem to maintain their natural hair, they might appreciate a simple darling super start braid, they are convenient and easy on the skin, and there is always a darling hair to suit an African lady hair choice.

3. Sonik Rechargeable Blender For The Lady Who Doesn’t Mind Sharing Her Lunch

Sonik Portable Rechargeable USB Juice Blender
image: Konga

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Sonic rechargeable blender who be a suitable gift for that lady at your office who usually brings lunch, it’s the holiday season and a gift like this will ensure food is ready on time for guests, it is portable and can be easily packed for travel, it also comes with a very accessible way to charge and even more interestingly it works well for vegetables and baby food.

4. Danami Long Sleeve T-Shirt For That Colleague Who Likes Keeping It Casual

Danami Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Image: Jumia

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A t-shirt would always be a thoughtful gift for both male and female co-workers, Danami long-sleeve t-shirt is a simple cotton t-shirt with nice colors to choose from, this is perfect for that colleague of yours who likes keeping it casual with a t-shirt. Danami long-sleeved t-shirt is gently crafted with premium cotton and features intricate details for anyone to find lovable.

5. The School Mart Easygrip Waterbottle For That Co-worker Who Works Out Every Morning

The School Mart Easygrip Waterbottle
Image: Jumia

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Everyone probably has that co-worker who works out every morning or makes alkaline water to encourage 8 times a day healthy water drinking, this is very easy to clean and refill, it helps to keep the preferred temperature for quite a while, comes with a lid that makes drinking easy. This is a viable gift for a male and a female colleague.

6. Queen Letter Bracelet Necklace For That Colleague Who Is Fashion Enthusiast

Women Bead Chain Sequins Strip
Image: Jumia

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A gift for a colleague who happens to be close and loves fashion jewelry, this has become quite trendy and a co-worker would appreciate a simple thoughtful gift like this. Queen letter bracelet necklace does come in silver or gold so you might want to be sure what color your colleague fancies before purchasing.

7. Portable Plaid Leather Handbag For That Co-worker Who Likes Keeping It Simple

Portable Plaid Leather Handbag
Image: Jumia

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A portable plaid leather handbag for your co-worker who likes to keep it simple, it’s suitable for someone who doesn’t carry much and can easily sling it over their shoulder, it’s pretty comfortable and comes in a color that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

8. Rfid Blocking And Phone Charging Wallet For That Colleague Who Loath Carrying Around A Chunky Charger

Rfid Blocking And Phone Charging Wallet
Image: Konga

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This is a multipurpose wallet, designed to keep your cards and as well charge your phone, the RFID e-charge is for men and women alike, and for the price it’s charging, we think it’s a very interesting choice of gift for that colleague who has become quite a close friend. The charging wallet fits perfectly into pockets.

Being friends with your co-worker can be great and becomes even more interesting during the season of love and sharing, a genuine gift also goes a long way in creating friendship among colleagues at work, we have curated gifts that are budget-friendly, and you also get to decide on time before the Christmas shopping rush.

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