10 Cheapest African Countries To Travel to After Lockdown

cheapest african countries to travel to

7. Ghana

ghana trip
Image: Thawards
  • Country capital: Accra.
  • Population: The population of Ghana was estimated to be about 29.77 million people as of 2018 according to the World Bank.
  • Currency: Ghanaian Cedi.
  • Main Attractions: Labadi Beach, Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park
  • An interesting fact: First country in Sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence.

Ghana is another good African country that you can go to after the lockdown. You can visit the capital city of Ghana called Accra. Accra is a modern city and most of the hustle and bustle of entertainment happens in the city.

You can visit the National Museum in Accra, the Coco beach, and more, just in Accra city. Outside Accra, there are more beautiful sites like the Kakum National Park, Mole national park, Kumasi which is another vibrant city in Ghana, the St George’s castle, and more.

Ghana is very cheap to explore.

If you’re in Nigeria, its also the closest place you can travel right now and you can even go by bus. There are many parks that offer bus services to Ghana right now.

6. Ethiopia

Gondar, Ethiopia
Gondar, the Camelot of Africa / Image: Timbuktu Travel
  • Country capital: Addis Ababa
  • Population: 109.2 million people (World Bank, 2018)
  • Currency: Ethiopian Birr
  • Main Attractions: Simien Mountains National Park, Blue Nile Falls.
  • An interesting fact: The country where the Rastafarian movement originated.

Ethiopia is a country in Eastern Africa that is a wonder on its own. There are so many ancient structures to see.

You can visit the city of Addis Ababa which is the Ethiopian capital, you can visit Lalibela which has churches that were cut out of the rock, you can visit Gondar which has the Kuskuam Palace and Fasil Ghebbi castle, you can visit Aksum which has several obelisks and more.

Ethiopia has many interesting things about it. For starters, it is very rich in history and has the largest numbers of fossils found, many refer to the country as the cradle of mankind. It is also one of the African nations that were never colonized.

Consider Ethiopia, it’s so worth it.

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