2 Simple Hacks to Get a Firm & Perky In Less Than 2 Weeks

push ups

Bye, bye saggy b**bs! ?‍♀️

When the b**bs are saggy and you desire Firm and perky b**bs?

Just do Push-ups and one other thing we’ll recommend in this post! ✅ We all desire perky firm b**bs that’d allow us to flaunt freely on a no bra day but saggy b**bs are not entirely fun, No?

Let’s get started.

1. Do Push-ups

Push up is a great exercise that affects the upper body, it also helps build up Muscles around your bre-ast making it Firm and of course, Per_ky.

The bre-ast sits atop the Pretoria muscles, and Workouts That focus on building muscles around the chest region can help your bre-asts look more firm!

Image: Athletic Lab

Push-ups also Tone your shoulders and back and your arms and Can also affect your stomach, Tightening up everything and Toning it!

Particularly if you have large bre-asts, Push-ups help minimize the strain they cause on your body giving them a nicely shaped and toned look! So throw Push up into the mix and in less than 1 week.

Tada! A firm and toned b**bs!

  • Do 3 Sets of 10 Reps of Push Ups and see magical changes over the days!

However, because bodies are different, it might not work for you immediately and you might be able to achieve it under a week!

2. Use Olive oil

Did you know that Olive oil has really cool ingredients that make your Bre-ast Soft, moisturized and more Elastic? Now you do!

Research shows that Massaging Bre-ast with Olive oil will help you increase the blood flow in your b00bs and this help the lymph do their job.

Therefore, Massaging the B**bs with Olive oil helps you get a firm, toned and bigger bre-ast! But Remember that consistency is key! Bear in mind, Olive oil has many other benefits too.

virgin olive oil

These two things are Just the simplest means to get a Firm and perky b**bs! Push-ups can be done almost anywhere and Olive oil is easy to get and very affordable too!

See you on the Perky side, Ciao!

Emmanuel is a Bio-chemist currently pursuing his masters degree in one of the most prestigious schools in Nigeria. He is passionate about health and fitness as well as creating guides to help you live a good life. Get in touch: [email protected]