Life As A Working Mum Is Not Easy – Serena Williams

serena williams and child
  • Serena Williams shares her challenges as a professional tennis player and also a mom striving for the best in both career and family
  • The professional tennis player gives kudos to other moms who are also working hard while raising children and taking care of the home front
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Serena Williams, an American professional tennis player has given an insight into the challenges she copes as she journeys through the motherhood phase.  Serena Williams said that it is not easy when one is a working mum because she is most times stressed and exhausted.

The former World number 1, Serena Williams is seen as one of the pillars for women across the globe because she has enjoyed a fruitful tennis career despite being a mother.

The 39-year-old has disclosed that the journey of motherhood is not as easy as it is exhausting and stressful. She made this disclosure via her Instagram account on the 21st of February. The picture captured the moment she was cuddling her daughter, Olympia Ohanian, as she slept.

Also, the tennis star said that she is left with no choice but to keep going forward and that is proud of women are at the fore-front of raising children and at the same time working.

She said she did not know who took the picture but working and at the same time being a mom is never an easy task.

The tennis star has never shied away from sharing the challenges being faced by working mothers. She is often revealing to her fans her challenges via her social media accounts. She will share pictures ranging from glamorous photoshoots, to bedtimes, with her daughter, Olympia who was born in September 2017

While speaking with HuffPost earlier this month, Williams said working as a new mom makes her get obstacles by taking time to what is best for her family

She said;

“I am always exhausted, stressed, and then go play a professional tennis match”

However, she said she will continue to go forward as she is inspired by the women who do the same day in, and day out. “I am proud to be this baby’s mama” she declares.

Serena said that she inquire from everyone how they maintain a balance between working and taking care of their children. She said she is a perfectionist and tends to second-guess herself as she tries to beat herself up over everything being a first-time mom.

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