What Should I Eat After Sex? (These 11 Foods, Based On Research)

What to eat after sex
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What should I eat after sex? If that’s the question that actually led you to this post then you’ve come to the right place. It is absolutely normal for the body to need nourishment after sex and not just that but in order to recuperate your energy, stay healthy and replenish blood circulation.

It’s vital to do some things and what you eat is one of those, healthy food after sex will help give you some important nutrients like protein, minerals, iron, and zinc.

The average woman burns 70 calories during sex but this sure depends on the athleticism of your partner and regardless you want to get your energy back hence the best food to get that done. Do you also know eating the right food after sex gives you some sensual pleasure? It does offer sensuality and vitamin, and sex definitely can work up your desire for food.

According to studies, we have compiled a massive list of the best food options you should eat after sex and some other possible questions you might need an answer to.

Can Food Increase Your Desire For Sex?

Surprisingly there are some certain foods that can help you find sex more enjoyable and these foods are referred to aphrodisiac foods for women, some of these foods are going to be mentioned in these post, it keeps your appetite for sex stronger and your body well energized, it is very essential to include some of these foods in your diet before sex and after sex.

Healthy food did indeed contribute to having a healthy sex lifestyle and according to research food does play a role in a woman’s sexual health. So to finalize that, the answer is yes, check out these libido-boosting foods for a detailed list,

Why Should I Eat After Sex?

eating healthy

Average of 60-100 calories are burnt during and this depends solely on how active your partner is, you might be burning more than that or less but honestly eating after sex have more to do with recuperating lost energy and nutrient than gaining your lost calorie back.

Eating after sex is important to help elevate your mood even more and keep you more relaxed and strengthened (2).

Food after sex, however, should not be limited to junk or unhealthy foods, sex can leave you feeling exhausted or extremely satisfied but if you want a repeat performance then healthy energy-giving food is highly necessary.

11 Foods You Should Eat After Sex

After sex food is not just practical because you are hungry, it’s essential to get nutrient and the best source is food. Here are 9 foods that keep you energized after sex.

1. Spinach

spinach leaves

These might not come to your mind after sex but have been found to be very beneficial not just in providing nutrients to the body but also in enhancing proper blood circulation and keeping you even more active and relaxed, spinach also increase stimulation making it even a fabulous food to eat before sex (5).

2. Cheese

Another food worth eating after sex is cheese most especially cottage cheese, it is highly nutritious and aids blood circulation, it is also believed to arouse sensation after sex and make you feel more excited and satisfied (7).

The French also believe that cheese could do wonders for your sex life but excess eating of cheese should be avoided as it might not digest on time and might make you uncomfortable.

3. Apples


Apple is preferably the best fruit you should think of after sex, it contains some essential nutrients that release some sensation into your body and more you even more relaxed than you already are, it is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor and now the fruit has been found that one per day improves the sex life of women, makes the body more active and relaxed during and after sex (6).

4. Potatoes

A full stomach after sex might not be vital but it’s neede hence a meal as a potato would do just fine, it’s light enough to keep you satisfied but not too full, potatoes can be made into all kinds of dish depending on how it suits your preference.

5. Banana

banana yogurt

Banana is a very good option to consider after sex, it contains iron, potassium, and calcium which in turn restores lost nutrient to the body after a rigorous activity like sex, it’s also essential in the circulation of blood in the brain and the potassium in it helps prevent infection (8).

Banana is a light meal therefore perfect if you do not want to be too full.

6. Watermelon

The body needs to be hydrated after sex, watermelon sounds like a very good option as it’s not only a substitute for water but contains antioxidants that flush out bacteria and keeps the good bacteria in your system well functioned also another reason to eat watermelon is the belief that the seeds help a woman have a more full and enjoyable sexual life.

7. Strawberries

Mouthwatering strawberries

Strawberries are not just delicious but you might find them really worth it after sex, it really helps the body hydrated too. Other benefits of strawberry include keeping you revigorated, exited, locks in moisture and gets rid of harmful bacteria in the body system.

Strawberries are also one of the foods that can make sex exciting and fun especially for a woman (9). Strawberries also do boost libido.

8. Tomatoes

Another food you might want to eat to replenish the H20 in your body is tomatoes, you can add it to your meal or eat it raw whichever way you decide to consume tomatoes would serve its purpose in your system, tomatoes absorb well in the body and would keep you hydrated before and after sex (10).

It is often referred to as the apple of love perhaps because it stimulates muscle control and enhances blood flow to the lips and mouth.

9. Cucumber

what to eat after sex

Cucumber is really high in water, it helps the body overcome fatigue and stress keeping you hydrated before or after sex, cucumber is also used to remove toxins from the body which can be good for sexual health and low blood pressure.

10. Oysters

The wonderful aphrodisiac properties of oysters can help reset estrogen level thereby making you feel more energized and there are claims it helps testosterone level. If you are not a fan of oysters due to their slimy texture, you might be impressed with their benefits though.

11. Ginseng Tea

It’s time to switch from coffee to more of ginseng tea. Studies have shown it can help boost your sexula stamina and you can go ahead and have this taken after a nice healthy food.

Eating after sex is mainly to keep you nourished and strengthened as calories are being lost but there are other vital things a woman is advised to do after sex.

Things To Do After Sex

Food might be on your mind after sex and that brochures no argument, however, gynecologists did state it’s necessary to keep your hygiene in check too after sex. Here are some simple but essential things you should do after sex.

  • Urinating after sex is the first on this list, it helps to get rid of bacteria’s from reaching the bladder and also the urinary tract of bacteria which would help prevent UTI (11).
  • Gently check for any signs of pain or bleeding as that could be showing signs of infection or lesion of your reproductive tract, speak with your doctor if such is noticed.
  • Another hygienic way to clean up after sex is to gently wipe down the outside of your virginal with water or paraben, avoid fragrance soap and perfume as that could only irritate the virginal and cause infection.
  • Soak in a bathtub like a pampered queen, consider adding some essential oil to hydrate your skin and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Drink some water, it helps flush out the wrong bacteria and keeps your body hydrated, it would also decrease the risk of infection.
  • Eating rich probiotics foods also contributes to helping you stay healthy after sex, it also protects your body against yeast infection, foods like yogurts, nuts, and kimchi are fermented with the same good bacteria that are found in the virginal.

Does Sex Make You Gain Weight?

Contrary to a lot’s of peoples belief that regular sex can make you fat, studies have shown that might have been a myth as body growths have more to do with puberty and food than with sex, you are burning calories during sex so you might lose weight but not as much as hitting the gym would have done. Sex does not make you gain weight and neither will you be losing excess calorie from sex.

Why Sex Puts You In A Good Mood?

Sex reduces your stress and anxiety level and in turn releases dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin which can boost mood and help you feel relaxed and research has shown a lot of people are in a good mood after having good sex, the primary stress hormones also reduce during making you feel light and all smiles, however, this reaction might not be for everyone.

The brain might react according to the information passed to it, but sex does put you in a good mood with most people.

Snacking on any of the foods listed above after sex also help keep the good bacteria in the system and gets rid of the bad bacteria in the gut. The body mostly needs to stay hydrated after sex hence water would not be a bad idea.

We hope you found this post enlightening and did find it enjoyable? We would love a reply on how enlightened you find this post.


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