7 Ways To Keep Your Mind And Body Active During Pregnancy

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It is normal for changes to occur in your body during pregnancy especially within the first stages although bodies work differently, there might be a comparison in how it reacts when there is another human for it to accommodate.

There is a general change and it is not a bad thing but might take a while to get used to it, this only happens in the first trimester but as time goes on, your body slowly understands but before the understanding takes place.

You will be adviced to stay away from some foods and that can be nerve-wracking and can take a toll on your mood as well.

The early stage of your pregnancy does not have to be stressful if the right preventives are taking, it does require efforts and hence why some methods have been discovered by health practitioners, and mother’s claimed it works like magic.

The body needs proper attention during this period and even the mind is no exception as you will find yourself forgetting things more often, which can be annoying but there might be ways to avoid that.

Ways To Keep Your Body And Mind Active During Pregnancy

The doctor will definitely advise you to stay away from exercise for now so that being out of the equation, there are other things you should do.

1. Maintain a Balanced Diet

balanced diet food

If you are too sick to exercise and you are adding weight due to some certain food, or you become too sick to eat some foods, which means some foods can make you nauseous, you should stick to nutrient based foods that won’t turn your stomach like crackers and ginger which are necessary especially when exercise is not an option.

You need foods that are filled with calcium and iron to increase your energy and give your baby nutrient.

Foods that are highly processed in fats will only make you weak (1)so to keep the body energized, eat more of leafy greens, lean protein and plenty of fiber.

2. Keep Your Sugar Levels In Check

Your sugar cravings might have been topped a bit higher and while it would not be a bad thing to indulge those cravings once in a while, you should put a limit to it. Excess sugar intake can put a dent on your mood and even cause you to gain weight which could put the baby at risk of developing a heart attack (2).

Sweet foods can be really tempting during pregnancy but to stay on the safe sides of things, do not consume an excess of it and if there are substitutes for that food with less sugar then go for it instead.

3. Meditate

Pregnant woman doing light exercise

Meditating will go a long way in calming your nerves and you can also do some yoga but nothing extreme, just enough to keep your mind active and energize your body.

A lot of mothers claim meditation helps them deal with unhealthy cravings as well, you can also listen to music while doing house chores too, it will keep the mind calm and less frazzled. Check out these 12 yoga moves to help you calm down.

4. Always Stay Hydrated

It is easy for the body to get dehydrated easily during this period, you need lots of water. Staying hydrated at all times will not only keep your body active but also help get rid of unhealthy bacteria in the system.

Water is a very good way to keep the body nourished. you might experience frequent urination which is normal, try to make sure the water you drink are well purified and clean so as to avoid the risk of typhoid.

Pregnant women are advised to drink 12-13 cups of water in a day and you do not have to wait to be thirsty before reaching for a cup of water.

5. Get Plenty Of Rest

happy pregnant woman resting

To keep your face from looking worn out and tired, you need lots of rest. not just for you but for the baby as well. Resting will also help your skin to relax and not become easily open to pores.

It is very normal for the mind to become clogged with worries but you need to take a break during this period and rest both your body and mind.

6. Take A Walk Every day

This is also another method to get the body to be agile and active since you cannot perform rigorous activities (3). Walking will help not just your body but keep your baby stay healthy as well.

The early stages usually come with lots of restlessness so this evening walks might be able to reduce them and also help you sleep better at night.

7. Get A Prenatal Massage

keep your body and mind active during pregnancy

Before seeking the services of a massage therapist or chiropractor,  ask your doctor so as to ensure it’s safe for you. Taking your time to feel good though this measure is not a bad thing and your body might be in need of it to prevent back pain (4).

Massage during this period should not be in excess though and you should avoid and warn against any deep rubbing on your back.

The early stage is the most fragile stage but there are no reasons to worry if you take all the preventive measures your doctor has stated, the body will relax and become more accommodating as the stages progress easily.

Food is vital so try not to skip any meals rather you should eat in small quantities but enough to satisfy your hunger at the moment. If you’re having frequent back pain, here’s how to get rid of sciatica pain during pregnancy.


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