What Are The Causes Of Dark Spot On Face? And How to Get Rid of It

What are the causes of dark spot on the face? How do I get rid of it? This post is for you.

A dark spot on the face is caused as a result of the spread of bacterias on that locked out moisture and not enough melanin is being passed around, melanin is what gives color to the skin and when a reaction occurs and cease this process that particular area darkens.

Dark spot can also be as a result of your skin reaction to inflammation.

The dark spot has no limit to age or gender and can spread across the face if left unattended to, this can be really uncomfortable and also lead to having to use makeup to hide them when you need to go out.

There are some certain reasons that might have triggered a dark spot on your face perhaps knowing their cause will help prevent as well.

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What Are The Causes Of Dark Spot On The Face?

Are you confused and wondering why you have these dark spots? Here are some causes you can analyze to help identify the root of your dark spots.

1. Harsh Sunny Condition

sun bathing

Sun can do a lot of damage to the skin when it’s too harsh, the sun is one basic thing you should avoid if you do not want a dark spot, the sun locks out the face moisture and when the skin is dehydrated and no melanin to help retain color, it starts to darken.

You should use sunscreen on your face when going out and the use of face caps would also protect the face from the sun’s unfavorable burn.

2. Pimples

You might want to think twice before plucking those perky pimples from your face, the end result of that is a black spot.

This is because those pimples have stressed your melanin and it could not lighten it up as it should. Often times you do not even need to touch those pimples to turn them into a black spot as your skin is naturally irritated by it.

3. Hormonal Condition

Having your hormones in overdrive either as a result of pregnancy or monthly cycle can cause a dark spot on your face, this is a result of your body reacting to your hormones.

4. Stress

stress sick tired

This is one valid reason why you might have a dark spot on your face, the strain on the body system can not support the flow of melanin and thereby leading to the discoloration of the face.

The fastest body parts to react to stress is your face, stress can trigger premature aging and lock out the nutrient your face needs to glow.

5. Dirt In The Blood

This is also one common cause of dark spot a lot of people do not take note of, these are just surface bacteria’s in the system and might not be related to a chronic infection.

Sometimes your system might just need antibiotics to help get rid of these germs, hence the appearance of the dark spot on your face telling you the body needs some cleansing.

6. Bleaching

Bleaching might just be something you want to stay clear of this will not only lead to dark spot but also leave the skin texture drained of moisture and lacked balance, this can leave the skin exposed to other chronic skin conditions.

If you want to lighten your skin, then you should use some natural toning cream for that Want to know more about the side effects of bleaching? Read this The Harmful Side Effects Of Skin Bleaching.

7. Birth Stains, Freckles?

dark spot on face

One usually not mentioned in a post like this while we roast acne as the main cause of dark spot on the face is Birth stains. Otherwise known as freckles, port stains e.t.c.

These are usually just some dark spots that accompany your skin when you’re born. Hint? You should be proud of it however there are many removal solutions for this one on the market.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Spot On The Face

You do not have to through any tough and expensive ways to get rid of those dark spots, there are some natural homemade products you can use to easily rid your face of dark spots and also help your skin retain its natural color. Here are some of those.

1. Use Honey to Get Rid of Dark Spot On Face


Honey is one of the best natural products that practically works for almost any skin discoloration therefore if you do not have a jar of honey tucked somewhere in the house yet, you should not hesitate to do that now as it will not only get rid of those dark spots but also the best natural product to even the skin tone and naturally retains the skin moisture.

Make sure you buy the original honey.

How To Apply

  • Steam your face with warm water before you begin to open up the pores
  • Dip cotton into the jar of honey to soak it up
  • Use the cotton to dab at your face firmly
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes to ensure your skin absorbs it
  • You can wash it off afterward with clean soap and water.

2. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Any natural remedy you can get in the neighborhood or even have it grown and nurtured yourself as it has numerous benefits as well.

Aloe vera is all natural and it contains some viable ingredients that will not just retain lost moisture but have melanin restored to the skin. You should get rid of those annoying dark spots with the best and well-grown aloe vera.

How To Apply

  • Gently clean your face with soap and water
  • Swip the gel from the aloe vera and apply to your face
  • Leave to dry and wash off gently to avoid itching
  • You can apply little olive oil to your face to avoid leaving your skin dry and patched.

3. Use Of Tooth Paste (Preferably Colgate)

toothpaste hacks

Do you know that toothpaste can have your face brightened and spot free in days?

One of the home remedies to get rid of dark sports is toothpaste, you should use Colgate though as that contains triclosan which removes and clears dark spots and naturally lightens the face. Also, you could check out these other toothpaste hacks.

How To Apply

  • Wash your face with warm water
  • Use your fingertip to get a little past from its container
  • Apply directly to your face and rub gently till your skin absorbed it
  • Leave for 4 to 5 minutes and wash with soap and water.

The use of these remedies must be backed up with you knowing the causing and avoiding it, these simple remedies can be used twice in a week so as not to stretch the skin texture.

Any of these remedies can be selected and used as your natural face exfoliation for fast results.

dark spot on face causes

Speaking of taking care of your skin, you could try this 10-step Korean skincare routine or straight up go for these rarely talked about six skin care hacks for better skin health, you’ll find them really helpful.


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