How To Lighten Dark Underarm Using Rice Water

how to lighten dark underams

Are you worried about how dark your underarm looks? Scorching with a sponge every day and no result? We may have the answers to solving your dark armpits issues in this post on dark underarms home remedies.

Dark armpit can be really embarrassing, raising your arm in public might have to be cautioned because of that annoying clause.

Women who are lovers of short sleeves will definitely find dark armpit a source of concern, this can occur regardless of skin type, dark-skinned might not notice or just decide to ignore since it blends with the skin but might be a good idea for you to remedy it.

Due to the varied concern’s on dark armpits, researchers have discovered the use of Rice water to lighten dark armpit, Japanese has however been using this technique for years, however, these are some noted reasons that might have caused dark armpit.

  • Shaving of hair from your armpit can easily cause a dark armpit, you might want to start waxing instead, waxing will not only remove the hair but also remove dead skin cells.
  • The use of some certain deodorants and antiperspirants also leads to a dark armpit due to the reaction of the skin cells to the ingredients contained in these products.
  • Sun as well, some women are prone to sunburns and this can take place in your armpit.

Trying to avoid these causes might be a little bit difficult, therefore you can try rice water to naturally lighten your armpit.

Benefits Of Rice Water

Rice is rich in vitamin B complex called inositol that stimulates growth and cell renewal, slows down aging, tightens the pores and improves the blood supply to the skin which will enable the skin to become flawless and glowing. It contains a sun-protecting agent that helps in brightening and lightening up the skin.

Rice water is an excellent remedy for absorbing excess oil from the skin thereby leaving your skin fairer and smooth.

How To Use Rice Water to Lighten Dark Armpit

It should be noted that you can make use of boiled rice or uncooked one, the main thing is the water gotten from it.

Uncooked Rice Water

Rinse the rice to get rid of dirt and any impurities then afterward, soak the rice in 2 cups of water for 15-30 minutes, drain the water out into a clean container then should be stored in a tight container for a week, after a week you can then apply to your armpit.

How To Apply

  • Take a teaspoon of rice water, you can mix with raw milk or natural prior to how you want it
  • Dip a cotton bud in it and clean your armpit gently with it.
  • Repeat the process twice in a week for results.

how to lighten dark armpit using rice water

Boiled Rice

Boiled rice water is more concentrated compared to the uncooked rice water, Boil half a cup of rice in 2 cups of water and leave it till the water gets all foamy and cloudy, drain the water into a clean container, leave it to cool, and store up to 4 days in a refrigerator. Afterward, apply to your armpit.

How To Apply

  • Take a teaspoon of rice water
  • Dip a cotton bud in it and clean your armpit gently with it.
  • Repeat the process twice a week until you achieve your desired results.


Why are my armpits so dark?

Dark armpits may be found embarrassing but there is not a result of something serious. It is often caused by acanthosis nigrican (AC) which causes the skin to mold and darken. It can also be caused by skin irritation from deodorants and antiperspirants.

Is Aloe Vera good for underarm?

Alor Vera gel can help keep your underarm free from germs. Massage aloe vera gel on your underarms for 10 to 15 minutes for gentle exfoliation of dry skin. It also helps moisturize and might help treat skin pigmentation.

How do you use rice to lighten your armpits?

To lighten your armpit with rice, you will have to make it into a paste and add apple cider vinegar to it, Apply the paste on your underarms and scrub gently for 15 minutes before washing off.

Why are my armpits itchy?

Itchy armpits are often a result of a non-cancerous condition such as an allergic reaction, poor hygiene, and dermatitis. Wen your body also sweats a lot, it can accumulate through the day and cause your armpits to itch.

Can I leave lemon juice on my underarm overnight?

You can definitely leave lemon juice on your underarm overnight, it will help dead skin cells and lighten your skin after a period of time.

Other better ideas to lighten dark underarms too would be to bath regularly without missing that region and to also use deodorants and avoid stress as it is the foundational cause of skin problems like these.

We hope this has been interesting enlightenment so you might want to think twice before throwing that rice water away because it’s definitely one of the cheapest remedies to lighten your armpit.

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