5 Olive Oil Uses And Beauty Benefits You May Not Know

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Everyone has been harping about olive oil but do you really know its uses?

Do you know olive doesn’t have to be used externally alone? There have been many oil’s scattered all around the world with awesome benefits but olive oil still remains the easiest to find.

Olive oil just doesn’t have nutritional benefits alone, but could also work its wonders in relieving the human body of many skin irritations. Olive oil has many benefits if applied and used efficiently. Most women consider olive oil as the best skin remedy but olive oil does beyond that.

This oil is considered one of the best oils because of its many uses.

What Are The Health And Beauty Uses Of Olive Oil?

Want to broaden your knowledge on olive oil? Read some of its vital usefulness below. Check out 5 of those uses of olive oil and also why you should have olive oil stock in your home.

1. For Cooking

Olive oil is loaded with powerful antioxidant that the body surely needs to function more effectively. This is a natural that has very minimal fats in it.

Tired of using groundnut oil? You should give olive oil a chance instead, groundnut oil can be unhealthy and consists of too many fats which are unhealthy to the body. Cooking with olive oil is full of vitamin E which protects the skin again free radicals and also protects against oxidation damage

2. Enhance Rapid Hair Growth

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Are you losing your hair at a rapid rate or waiting for your hair to grow long? You should use olive oil, Olive oil has some essential ingredients that enhance rapid hair growth and also help stimulate your hair texture.

The use of olive oil on hair will not only grow it but give it a strong scalp, prevents against breakage and will nourish and detangle your hair as well

3. Use to firm Saggy Breast

Olive oil can help tighten those stretched muscles around the boobs, these oils definitely come in handy for ladies who have worried over the years about saggy breast, it will not just firm it but it also gives a smooth and keep it moisturized.

You should read how to use; Olive Oil On Breast: Does it Work? Here’s Everything You Need.

4. Repair Cracked Heel

Time to take note of your cracked heel, you want a smooth heel? olive oil offers the perfect solution to that, you might want to scrub your heels before applying or steam to enable the effectiveness on time.

In just a matter of time and constant application, olive oil will have those cracked heels soft again.

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5. Soothe Stretch Marks

olive oil uses and beauty benefits

If there is one thing every woman can’t wait to get rid of, its stretch mark. You might want to apply olive oil to the affected area every morning and nights if you want to and stretch mark might be no more soon, remember consistency is the key.

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Olive oil is a trademark that is well recognized by women of all age, Its benefit and usefulness are important to every woman’s lifestyle.

There are many other olive oil uses and a couple of other types of olives like the Kalamata olive oil and its benefits. We also have quite the library in case you’re hoping to learn more on olive oil, beauty, and skincare, Read these:

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