8 Ways to Effectively Prepare For Your Monthly Flow

8 Ways to Effectively Prepare For Your Monthly Flow
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As women, our monthly flow is an integral part of us. Undoubtedly, it can be a love-hate relationship as we get a scare when it’s late, but secretly wish it could disappear for a LONG time so we can breathe sighs of relief. Well, there’s no escaping or ignoring it (there are actually ways to delay your period, but that’s not the focus for today).

The best you can do is to effectively prepare for it and get it over with till the next time it comes visiting. Here are 8 ways you can do just that.

1. Track your monthly cycle

8 Ways to Effectively Prepare for Your Monthly Flow

You don’t want to feel that familiar trickling sensation down your legs or get soiled say while having fun on the beach do you? That will be so embarrassing! I understand that sometimes life gets the better of us, and we have little time to keep track of these sorts of things, but it’s important. There are a couple of apps you can use to track your monthly cycle to avoid being taken by surprise. You could also get yourself cycle beads. Cyclebeads is a string of beads which is colour coded with varying colours of red, brown and dark. These colours can be used to track your menstrual cycle.

Keeping track also helps you spot any irregularities you might otherwise not take notice of.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

It goes without saying that you are what you eat. As cliché as that sounds, it’s undoubtedly true. Fruits and vegetables should be incorporated into your diet for a healthier you.

Some women even claim that eating enough fruits and vegetables long before their period arrives helps reduce the chances of experiencing a painful flow. Well, each individual is unique, and one thing is for sure: healthy eating never killed anybody. That fresh, radiant skin you want will not supernaturally manifest, you have to be intentional about what you take into your body for optimum results.

3. Take pain relievers ahead of time

There’s really no evidence to back this up, but some women can swear to the effectiveness of this approach. If your menstruation is akin to a nightmare, then this is a suggestion you can try out. By taking pain relievers ahead of time, when your period eventually arrives, it will be less painful and easier to bear. If you’re lucky, the issue of pain might not come up at all. However, you need to be careful when taking pain relievers because chronic use of these pain relievers could predispose you to peptic ulcer disease.

Please note: if you suspect that there might be more to the maddening pain you feel during your period, please see a doctor.

4. Avoid stress like a plague

8 Ways to Effectively Prepare for Your Monthly Flow

This can be hard to achieve in today’s fast-paced work environment, but it’s necessary. A lot of women do not understand that so much take place in their bodies at that time of the month and adding stress to the mix can make things more complicated. Try to rest, get some uninterrupted sleep, relax, and take things easy on yourself – this is also part of self-care.

Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone can affect your reproductive system including leading to decreased sex drive and causing irregular menstrual cycles.

There’s a whole biological process going on within you, don’t add stress to the equation! If you have wickedly painful cramps, then maybe you might want to call in sick at work to get some rest. You need it, sis.

5. Pay attention to your body

Did you know that if you pay close attention to your body, you will notice things it’s trying to tell you? You can’t afford to be clueless like the male folks about your own body. Before or during your period, your breasts will be tender or enlarged, the likelihood of having mood swings will be high, you might get irritated at the slightest things, experience nausea amongst others. Know your body and be in tune with it.

6. Reduce junk food intake

8 Ways to Effectively Prepare For Your Monthly Flow

In as much as you might have little appetite for your regular food and begin to crave other edibles at that time of the month, it is still important to watch what you eat. Do everything with some moderation. Eating junk food can seriously mess with your system in the long-run.

7. Stock up on a period care package

Pain reliever, chocolate, hot water bottle, your favorite snack, a book, chewing gum (for when you feel nauseous), sanitary pads/towels, and anything that makes dealing with your flow a bit less traumatizing (this might sound extreme, but you’d be surprised at the painful experiences women have to go through monthly). One of the worst feelings ever is running out of pads while experiencing a heavy menstrual flow in an awkward situation or place.

8. Engage in some exercises

8 Ways to Effectively Prepare for Your Monthly Flow

It’s only natural that we tend to feel heavy, bloated, and sometimes easily fatigued during our period. Still, you can try to cultivate the habit of carrying out some form of exercise daily so that when your period arrives, it won’t be so difficult because you are accustomed to it. Exercises can help loosen your joints and reduce the lower back pain. Nothing too rigorous that’s not your thing; some light yoga exercises should do.


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