26 Long Ankara Gown Styles Design To Inspire You

Do you want to craft a long gown from your Ankara fabric and don’t have an idea of where to start or what to make? Then this post is for you.

For some, long gowns might be a little unusual while for some it is permissible. Allow us at thrivenaija to inspire you with our unique roundup of the most adorable long gown styles we’ve found on Instagram.

We hope you like these styles as much as we do.

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1.Waist Belt Plus One Hand Gown

Ankara long gown
Image: @ ankarastyles // Instagram

Everyone should get a chance to rock what is in trend and this Ankara gown is one way to start.

2. Omotola Sexy Spilt Gown

long ankara gown
Image: @ realomosexy // Instagram

This is a series of wow rolled in sexy, as a real omotola sass added to it.

3. Net Shoulder Gown

Ankara long gown
Image: @ ankaracollections // Instagram

This gown has a sweet appeal to it.  A soft and interesting combination to wear to any occasion of your choice.

4. Split Gown With Steps

Long ankara gown
Image: @ ankarastyles // Instagram

Love sassy with attitude? This definitely compliments it.

5. Strapless Tub Gown With Or Without Net

Long ankara styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Are you bold and have some spark to rock this gown? This fabulous tub gown is exactly what you need to get your designer to make for you.

6. Straight Side Split

long hand
Image:@asoebi-bella// Instagram

There are just many amazing ways to put split in a gown and this is just one of those. it’s simple yet elegant and if I must say this is rocking my fashion boat soon.

7. Elegant Turtle Neck Gown

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This is what should be termed simple but flawless, inspired yet? its a gown worth having for all occasions, no stress and no drama.

8. Off Shoulder Gown

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The interesting thing about this should be how it can be incorporated to suit anyone’s fashion sense.  A design has been embroidered to make it suitable and more comfy for those who are no fans of no shoulder cloths.

9. Simple Tiny Hand With Material Infused


The beauty of this gown is definitely everything about it. classy and in trend, nothing should stop you from rocking this if this does not inspire you yet then let’s keep the ball rolling.

10. Strapless Tub Gown

check out these trendy ankara styles for a great fabulous look
Image: Instagram // @Maripvzz

Looks chic right? its bold and definitely eye-popping and should not be ignored.

11. Dansiki Long Gown

Image: @ace_ankara_online // Instagram

This time has been in vogue for a while but basically just used for tops and short gowns but its surely rocking it in long gowns too.

12. Ankara Gown With Ruffle On One Sleeve

ruffle sleeve
Image:@frockavenueine// Instagram

Fashion lovers check this out it has its ruffle details embroidered on one sleeve, and also has its tulle detail in front, this piece gives a perfectly chic look.

13. Flay Gown Infused With Chiffon

chiffon gown
Image:@kie_kie_// Instagram

This gown has a sleek appeal to it. It has a double one hand and also has chiffon net added to advance the style.

14. Egyptian Queen Design

ankara gown
Image:@mimmyyeboah// Instagram

You are queen so dress like a queen. This ankara has been crafted to look like an egyptian queen attire and its refreshing and absolutely fabulous.

15. Simple Cut Body Ankara

shaped design
Image:@laurenhautecouture //Instagram

This is beautiful and easy to rock. The trend in this amazing design this lovely month.

16. Maxi Infinity Dress

maxi infinioty
Image:@ofuure// Instagram_

This is simple, comfortable and worth having for lovers of bold and bad.

17. Simple Maxi Gown With Neck Tie

Image:@Becca Apparel// Instagram_

This is what I termed Formal but stunning. It has a unique appeal to it and can not be ignored.

18. Formal Off Shoulder Gown

african off shoulder gown
Image:@diyanu// Instagram_

This unique gown can be formal wear to a cocktail party or an official evening outing. Bet you are getting inspired already or not? Do not worry we still have more long Ankara gown pictures to showcase.

19. Tiny Straps With Fan Hand

Image:@ishaa-lov// Instagram

This is interesting combination ladies, it is simple, fashion oriented and absolutely lovely.

20. Alter Neck Gown With Backless Straps

Image:@empress-jamila// Instagram

Did i hear you say lovely? Exactly the word to qualify this gown. Ankara just keeps getting more captivating.

21. Bulb Ankara Gown

bulb hands ankara
Image:@ankarastyles// Instagram

The bulb added to the hands of this ankara is making it look chic and even without those bulbs we still have ourselves looking at the tube dress and still saying nice design.

22. Maxi Ankara With Long Sleeves

Long V-neckline dress

This will be a cap[tivating design for lovers of long sleeves. It is super Trendy and classy.

23. Unique Hand Ankara Design

cutting hand
Image:@ankarastyles// Instagram

Most Ankara fashion lovers don’t want a plain hand or just normal long sleeves so this style might be just for you.

24. Ankara Style With Side Bulb

side bulb ankara
Image:@ankarawoman// Instagram

There is one thing that captivates Ladies about fashion and that is how creative designers can get. Move the bulb where ever you want ladies.

25. Ankara Layers With Step Cuts

Creative and Stylish Ankara Styles for Weddings - {Od9ja Styles} - Creative and Stylish Ankara Styles for Weddings

This is a well-designed gown that would inspire you. It could be rocked at a wedding or at any special occasion as well.

26. Crossed-Neck Infinity Wear

cross neck
Image:@richfactory// Instagram

Spark more attention with this cross-neck infinity Ankara. It sure has spirit and will look dashing on anyone irrespective of the figure.

Hope you liked these styles, If you’re looking for short gown ideas, Please click here for the hottest styles that will inspire you.

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