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60 Beautiful Ankara Long Gown Styles Design 2020

Updated latest long ankara gown styles thrivenaija

Do you want to craft a long gown from your Ankara fabric and don’t have an idea of where to start or what to make? Then this post is for you.

For some, long gowns might be a little unusual while for some it is permissible. Allow us at thrivenaija to inspire you with our unique roundup of the most adorable long gown styles we’ve found on Instagram.

We hope you like these Ankara long gown styles as much as we do.

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Table Of Contents

1. No Sleeve Alter Neck Ankara Long Gown Styles

Ankara long gown style 2020
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Long Ankara gown has been designed for convenience and it could also be practical and stylish depending on the style you are going for and above is a suitable style if you love your gown sexy and comfortable at the same time.

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2. Stylish Short Sleeve Ankara Gown With Belt

Ankara long gown styles
Image: @aukatrendz // Instagram

Another simple but exotic Ankara gown style you can’t help but love is this style above, this is easy to sew and would take your designer less time on it especially if you have less time to prepare.

3. Cross Neck Sleeve With Step Frock

Ankara long gown styles
Image: @angel_ineh // Instagram

We love this exotic style, it is fashionable and perfect for all kinds of occasions, the step frock has been added to give it a more classy and it is sure going to be the talk of a party.

4. Short Cap Sleeve Gown

Ankara long gown styles
Image: @sewaamihere // Instagram

Sewa Amihere has always been one AOP we trust to give us the best in fashionable wears and her Ankara style game is no exception, this is splendid and fitting for a simple wedding.

5. Ankara Gown With A Formal Design

Ankara long gown styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

2020 continues to showcase more fancy Ankara styles regardless of the less outing to attend, here is one Ankara style that you can incorporate into your Friday office wear with ease.

6. Off Shoulder Gown With Long Cap Sleeves

Latest long ankara style
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

A long Ankara style can be as dramatic or less dramatic as you want it but the important thing is to have a style that makes you comfortable as the one above, this is quite a trendy style we can’t help but love.

7. One Hand Balloon Sleeve With Sleek Gown

Latest long ankara gown
Image: @ritadominic // Instagram

A balloon sleeve makes all the difference in a style, it makes it look more classic and elegant just the way a fantastic 2020 Ankara long gown should be.

8. Full Empire Gown With Waist Robe

Latest long ankara gown
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Empire gowns are becoming quite the trendy outfit it should be and this time with Ankara you can enjoy it even more.

9. Cross Neck Sleeve On Flowy GownLatest long ankara gown

Image: @ankarastyles // I am-bisola

Bisola Aiyeola is keeping it simple with this gorgeous and elegant style which is suitable for all kinds of shape and figure.

10. Ruffled Sleeves With Deep Split

Latest long ankara gown
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Another exotic style you can wear and look graceful and glamorous, this style, in particular, is quite a in trend and makes you the center of attention.

11. Tiny Strap Mermaid  Ankara Gown

Long gown styles
Image: @Nancyisime // Instagram

Nancy Isime has always had a stylish way with styles and Ankara fabrics are not an exception, this carefully creative style says it all about her fashion taste, simple but exquisite.

12. Medium Sleeve With Layered Frock

Long gown styles
Image: @longankara // Instagram

Keep it on the moderate side with this fascinating Ankara style, perfect for all kinds of occasions.

13. Conservative Sleeves With Raglan Frock

Long gown styles
Source: Ankara Styles

Raglan Frock is usually preferred for an elaborate occasion but with the added sleeve, you can make it look casual and elaborate at the same time.

14. Round Neck Sleeve With Straight Gown

Long gown styles
Image: @longgown // Instagram

Keep it simple and elegant with this style.

15. Dramatic V-neck Off Shoulder On Long Flare Gown

Long gown styles
Source: Ankara Bella

A large event and an expensive Ankara requires a stylish outfit to complete it and this is one of the most trending styles on and off Instagram and also suitable for all kinds of events.

16. Stylish Two Layers Ankara Long Gown

Image: @ceolumineeofficial// Instagram

Wow, what a magnificent way to make a statement, for those who know ceolumineeofficial we know her to be a badass fashion designer if not the one and only, This Ankara style is everything and more.

17. Cross Strap One-Sided Lace Embedded Ankara Gown

Image: @sharonooja// Instagram

Our ever beautiful and jovial Sharon Ooja, I like the fact that she knows what fits her and she goes for it that is very important when it comes to our choices of clothes knowing exactly what and what not to wear.

18. Tiny Strap Bubu Ankara Gown

Image: @sharonooja// Instagram

Ankara Bubu gowns are now very common but this Bisola style is one of its own kind I like the plain material that is used as a flare design in front of it making the gown look not so simple anymore.

19. Strapless Two Layers Long Ankara Gown

Image: @ceolumineeofficial// Instagram

Another mouthwatering beautiful masterpiece from ceolumineeofficial, very bold beautiful and classy Ankara style.

20. Long Sleeve Bubu Ankara Gown

Image: @iambisola// Instagram

A classy Bubu Ankara long gown suitable for kinds of occasions.

21. Tub Gown With Layers

Long gown styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Looking elegant requires an exotic African style like the one above, you can easily add sleeves to the hand if you would feel more comfortable but with a style like that, you can get jaws dropping at any event.

22. One Hand Sleeve With Slit

long gown styles
Image: @ankarastylesblog // Instagram

Perfect style for you if you do not mind adding some bold daring look to your style, it’s simple and fitting for all kinds of parties, from casual to elaborate.

23. Off Shoulder Gown With Bell Sleeves

Long gown styles
Image: @ankarastylesblog // Instagram

A simple style you can easily have your tailor make for you with no stress, this is one style that would continue to be in trend.

24. Low Neckline Ball Gown

Long gown styles
Image: @weddingdigestnaija // Instagram

A ball gown makes all the difference at an event and just like the elegant style above, you can get to look astonishing.

25. Office Collar Gown With Raglan Sleeve

Long gown styles
Image: @phosua_detailed // Instagram

For formal outings, a style like the one above is all you need, nothing too dramatic and you would be standing out with a style like that.

26. Loose Neck Sleeveless Gown With Pockets

long ankara gown
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

One of the long gowns that have been in trend for a while now and would continue to be is the gown above, very casual and right for simple outings, the style can also be made more elaborate by adding more designs to it.

27. Tub Gown With Attached Bow

long ankara styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Lot’s of female-like tub gowns that are comfortable and not overly revealing, this is a style you can easily sew for weddings that are in a hurry, another design can also be incorporated into it to make a different style.

28. Off Shoulder Net Sleeve Mermaid Gown

Long ankara styles
Image: @ankaracollections // Instagram

Time to add some glamour to your long gowns, turn those boring gowns around a little and do something different and beautiful like the style above, it’s classy and splendid for all elaborate occasions.

29. One Hand Sleeve With Off Shoulder And Material Wrap

Long ankara styles

Image: @irene_amara1 // Instagram

Another trending long gown to add to your wardrobe is this style above, it’s gorgeous, more interestingly, you can wear it for casual and elaborate outings.

30. Two Strap Sleeve With Split

Long ankara gown
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Stunning is the right word for this style, it is also comfortable and you can easily hit the dance floor at an occasion without further ado.

31. Off Shoulder Maxi Ankara With Pockets

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @slayinankara // Instagram

Maxi gowns are very interesting styles to use for all occasions and that’s not all, there different ways you can even make your maxi gown look, all you need to add to this maxi Ankara style us some confidence.

32. Round Neck Ankara Style With Puff Sleeves

Latest Styles
Image: @ fashion_gallery // Instagram

Another style that won’t take your tailor forever to sew is the style above, a simple but stunning style you can pull off with confidence.

33. Ankara Fashion Tub Style

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @ankarazone// Instagram

If you like a little bold and daring in your style then you might want to take a second look at this. We must admit this style is fabulous and obviously trendy.

34. Maxi Ankara Gown

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @lillyafe // Instagram

We just can’t stop admiring maxi gowns and here is another one that should spark some interest. A nice style for Sunday service.

35. Waist belt Plus One Hand Gown

Ankara long gown
Image: @ ankarastyles // Instagram

Everyone should get a chance to rock what is in trend and this Ankara gown is one way to start.

36. Omotola Sexy Split Gown

long ankara gown
Image: @ realomosexy // Instagram

This is a series of wow rolled in sexy, as a real Omotola sass added to it.

37. Net Shoulder Gown

Ankara long gown
Image: @ ankaracollections // Instagram

This gown has a sweet appeal to it.  A soft and interesting combination to wear to any occasion of your choice.

38. Split Gown With Steps

Long ankara gown
Image: @ ankarastyles // Instagram

Love sassy with attitude? This definitely compliments it.

39. Strapless Tub Gown With Or Without Net

Long ankara styles
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

Are you bold and have some spark to rock this gown? This fabulous tub gown is exactly what you need to get your designer to make for you.

40. Straight Side Split

long hand
Image:@asoebi-bella// Instagram

There are just many amazing ways to put split in a gown and this is just one of those. it’s simple yet elegant and if I must say this is rocking my fashion boat soon.

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