17 Pomegranate Seed Oil Health And Beauty Benefits You Should Know

pomegranate seed oil health benefits

Heard of pomegranate fruits and pomegranate juice? If you do, then you probably know about pomegranate seed oil then, and it’s many health and beauty benefits.

Pomegranate seed oil is an extract from the pomegranate seed and the oil is just as healthy as the seed itself, it provides many uses and also has many health benefits as well.

Pomegranate seed oil is highly rich in vitamin E and one of the best seed oil in the world but many do not take notice of how efficient and potent this seed oil is. Just like the fruit, the oil is very rich and nutritious as well.

Can be used for both internal and external uses and also used by women as their beauty treatment, used for exfoliation, moisturizing and also shower gel.

Pomegranate seed oil is all natural and contains no toxic ingredient that can be harmful to the skin or to the internal organs.

In case you are still wondering how pomegranate seed oil can be beneficial to you, here are some important benefits of pomegranate seed oil.

The Benefits of Pomegranate Seed Oil

These are the health and beauty benefits of pomegranate seed oil for both internal and external usage.

1. Treats Acne

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This is one reason every woman should want to have a bottle of pomegranate seed oil at home as this seed oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that rid your skin of bacteria’s that can cause acne, pimples and other free skin radicals as well. Taking a teaspoon of this pomegranate seed oil will also act anti bacteria against these free skin radicals and give you a smooth glowing skin.

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2. Acts As Antioxidant To The Body

Just as the pomegranate seed is a source of antioxidant to the body then the oil is not an exception, it will have your skin and body cleared of toxins in no time and also rid the skin of excess oil’s, it firms the skin and it the process acts as anti-aging property to the skin as well.

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3. Boosts Immune System

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Pomegranate seed oil is very rich in vitamin E and thereby boots the functions of the immune system, enhances your physical performance and makes you more active and in a situation where you exercise often, it will also ensure your body system can go through the stress.

The risk of your body getting attack by bacteria’s are minimal and getting easily exposed to flu and cold will be reduced drastically.

4. Stimulates Blood Circulation In Scalp

Pomegranate seed oil, when used on the hair scalp ensures blood circulation, thereby loosing up the hair scalp, in case of tight hairdo, it strengthens the blood vessel of the hair scalp and your hair can grow easily. You can make pomegranate your constant oil to use for your hair as it will not only stimulate the blood circulation of your scalp but also prevent head lice.

5. Promotes Digestive System

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There are some foods that you consume but contained high amounts of fiber, pomegranate seed oil helps to nurture the good bacteria’s and the bacteria in the gut. Pomegranate seed oil helps to combat the harmful bacteria’s and in the process ensures the good bacteria has a chance to participate and enhance the digestive system.

6. Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Researchers claim pomegranate seed oil is one of the best remedies to blood pressure, Pomegranate seed oil is also included in the ingredients of some of the noted effective natural drugs for blood pressure as it is very effective and also aids blood circulation.

7. Nourishes Hair And Treats Hair Loss

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Nourishing hair is also one of the attributes associated with pomegranate seed oil, apart from stimulating your hair scalp, it gives the hair the nourishment it needs to thrive, protects the hair from hair conditions that can lead to hair loss and if your hair is already suffering from hair loss, you can use pomegranate seed oil to put a stop to it and give you a smooth, soft hair texture.

8. Improves The Skin Texture

Suffering from an uneven skin tone or a dry and parched skin? Pomegranate seed oil will have those skins retaining its smooth and soft texture in no time, it will not only clear the skin texture but keep it moisturized and glowing at all times. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun, pomegranate seed oil can act as sunscreen protection against the harsh sunny condition.

9. Can Be Use To Treat Wounds

With all the exciting benefits listed above, then it should not be shocking to know you can use pomegranate seed oil to treat wounds, protects and prevents it from getting infected and heals the wound very fast and also leaves no mark. You can also use it to clean the face of an already infected wound

10. Used For Dental Health

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In case you are not aware of this and has been battling tooth infection, you can use pomegranate seed oil to treat it, either internally uses or externally, pomegranate seed oil forms a protective coat around your teeth and makes sure it is not affected with bacteria and helps develop very strong cavities. Recommended as the best mouth wash.

11. Use Pomegranate Seed Oil As A Massage Oil

The use of pomegranate seed oil as oil massage is not just popular but highly favored as many claims it gives wonderful body relives and makes you feel relaxed in no time and you also do not need to visit a massage parlor to get it done, you can take a relaxing bubble bath with pomegranate as one of your bathing essential oils and you will be feeling superb in no time.

12. Anti Aging Remedy

Signs of premature aging or still normal old age wrinkles, you can definitely have those wrinkles smoothen out with the use of pomegranate seed oil, It ensures the radiation of melanin that your skin needs for nourishment and thereby locks in moisture in the process.

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13. Helps With Weight Loss

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Having struggled with getting that body to ton down, pomegranate seed oil helps the body burn fats fast, it has the natural body fitness properties that help reduce inflammation associated with rapid oxidation of fat, keeping the circulatory system healthy at the same time. You can substitute your cooking oil for pomegranate seed oil ones in a while to help speed up weight loss.

14. Reduce Risk Of Cancer

Research has shown that pomegranate seed oil might slow the spread of postulate cancer it has been said the properties contained in them has strong resistance against the postulate cancer and provides the body the antibiotics to prevent the future possibility of it as well. The pomegranate seed oil will not only reduce the risk of cancer but also other immune damaging diseases.

15. Strengthens Memory And Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Pomegranate seed oil helps strengthen memory and in case of a person suffering from Alzheimer disease, the use of pomegranate oil in a very little quantity can help get those memories back, also it might be interesting to know Chinese uses it to strengthen their memory at old age.

16. Fights Bacteria Infection

pomegranate seed oil beauty benefitsOne other benefits of pomegranate that is widely recognized it’s efficiency in fighting and treating infections caused by harmful bacteria’s. Some of these infections include virginal yeast infection, syphilis, whooping cough, and even asthma as well, it will also protect the body from further contacts with harmful bacteria’s.

17. Acts As Anti Diabetes

You should not be surprised to know that pomegranate seed oil can lower your sugar level and improve your lipid profile as well, it boosts your insulin level and helps maintain a balance within the body system and you might not need those doctors visits anymore. The important thing to remember is to consult your doctor before using to ensure pomegranate seed oil is safe for you.

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You do not even have to dabble in excess of pomegranate oil to get any of the listed benefits above, a very small quantity of it will do the trick.

Knowing just how potent and effective this pomegranate seed oil is, then it is advisable to have a bottle as part of your essential oils. You never know till you try right? So we suggest you get a bottle and if you have used it, then we would like to know what you think and if it works for you.


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