45 Ankara Short Gown Styles Designs 2019 (Updated Weekly)

A massive list of ankara short gown styles you can steal inspiration from for your next outing!

Quick note: This huge list of Ankara short gown styles is updated weekly.

Here in Africa especially Nigeria, Ankara dresses are always a way to make a statement with your fashion choices. They are so cherished and loved and affordable.

Ankara fabrics are one of the easiest materials to manipulate in other to make a masterpiece. Every now and then people, experts, and even newbies experiment with different Ankara fabrics in other to create something that may not have been created before or make modifications to existing designs.

Whatever reason you are here for either you are a dressmaker looking for inspiration or you have an owambe to attend and need to show your designer something nice, this post is for you.

We’ve gathered the most beautiful short Ankara gown style pictures from Instagram, Pinterest so you can look at them and figured out what you want to make for yourself.

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1. Short Ankara Gown With Skirt Wrap

Image: @beautifulankarastyles // Instagram

Very casual and sexy at the same time, the wrap skirt can be added to it differently or sew together, depending on the way you want it to look. Can also be a long wrap gown but short gowns are more interesting and simple to rock.

2. Micro Gown With Dashiki Hand

short ankara styles
Image: @deedee_garshh // Instagram

The dashiki hand makes it look different and adds more class to it, it gown itself might have looked ordinary and also the v-neck looks fabulous with it. What we love most is how radiant and flamboyant it makes the person wearing it look.

3. Mini Short V-necked Gown

45 ankara styles
Image: @ankarastylesblog // Instagram

Off shoulders are becoming more common and interesting, the Ankara style above can be worn for any occasion, very smart and as for the v-neck you can always swap it for a less revealing neck and the style will still be fashionable.

4. One Off Shoulder Ankara Gown

ankara styles
Image: @jessicawilliamsgh // Instagram

Very simple but different and who does not like simple and comfortable. Nothing too dramatic but if you get the right tailor to sew this style, you can add something different to it.

5. Ankara Dress With Front Split

short ankara styles
Image: @calla_lilies_emporium // Instagram

If you like some drama in your dress and you do not mind the split coming up a little, this style is for you, very classy and trendy. This is one of the most beautiful short ankara gown styles you’ll find in this list.

6. Short Ankara Shift Dress

Image: @erilynbytemitope // Instagram

The uniqueness is said to be in the sleeves and also the curve hem looks gorgeous for both casual and glamorous occasion. Another thing is the fact that you can pair it with any footwear of your choice, not so picky, comfortable and simple as well.

7. Off Shoulder With Body Wrap Dress

Image: @nefpatra// Instagram

East to become the focus of attention with this sexy gown, really immaculate and with those frillies added to the edge, makes it look even more classy.

8. Ankara Sun Dress

Image: @erilynbytemitope // Instagram

Fashionable and simple for all outing you have in mind, even serves as a nice style to dorn to the beach this weekend.

9. Short Kente Ankara Gown

Image: @ceec_official// Instagram

Ankara styles do not have to be dramatic before they can be beautiful, you just need something simple yet fabulous and that will be the design above.

10. Ankara Special Dress With Butterfly Frontline

Image: @latest_ankara // Instagram

For a fashion icon and lover of Ankara styles, you will find this style very easy to pull off and who doesn’t like a nice front-line style.

11. Straps With Flay Short Gown

Image: @weddingsandalotmore // Instagram

Classic and unique and with the head wrap, it just gives fashion another meaning and style. Really perfect for all occasion.

12. Stylish Short Gown With Neck Tie

short ankara style
Image: @ mochis_place_ // Instagram

We can’t help but admire of the simple necktie made the style looks so artistic and beautiful, has a tube top as well but the more interesting one is the necktie down to the waistline.

13. Ankara Short Gown With Short And Long Sleeves

short ankara gown
Image: @weddingsandalotmore // Instagram

Frankly, we think the strap hands even adds a sense of appeal to it, looks simple but absolutely fabulous.

14. Freehand Mini Ankara Gown

short ankara gown
Image: @spotlite_outfits// Instagram

If you like it skimpy but amazingly cute, this design is the perfect outfit for you.

15. Off Shoulder Short Gown

short ankara styles
Image: @mobettostyles// Instagram

This style will not be going out of trend anytime soon, not because it’s simple and beautiful but you can actually create a different pattern with it but still the same style.

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