24 African Blouses Styles to Wear Today

African Blouses Styles to Wear Today

Blouses have taken over as the most basic style to have in your wardrobe. Practically, they are easy to style, you can have them paired with jeans, skirts, or even gowns.

This is also why many Africans are reaching for the staple African blouse comprising Ankara, lace, kaftan, adire, and many more. There are so many ways these African blouses can be styled.

In the past few years, African blouses have become popular, and it’s also being embraced by other cultures all over the world. The versatility of the print makes it a go-to choice no matter the season or trend.

Note that Ankara is one of the most notable fabrics in Africa hence why it is also known as African fabric. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of African blouse styles yet, do not worry, we have compiled some trendy and fabulous styles to wear today.

24 African Blouse Styles to Wear Today

The fashion world is expanding its roots into other cultures, which is why it is not surprising that African blouses are fast becoming sought-after designs. Not many know how fascinating African blouses can be and how they need to be a staple in your wardrobe. So, check out these latest African blouses.

1. Classy V-Neck Ankara Rope Style

Classy V-Neck Ankara Rope Style
Image: @ohemaa_in_prints // Instagram

Classy ankara styles are fast becoming this season’s iconic and ideal fashion style. The reason is because of how simple and vibrant they can add to your fashion wardrobe. This style can be rocked by any body type, it is also fancy enough for any occasion.

2. Formal Ankara Blouse

Formal Ankara Blouse
Image: @ankaraexclusive // Instagram

Want African blouse that practically goes with any type of trousers, but is not overly dramatic, here is the perfect choice to go for. This is also a very comfortable choice, you can rock it to the office or night out with the girls.

3. Flare Off Shoulder Blouse

Flare Off Shoulder Blouse
Image: @chichi.the.ankara.chic // Instagram

Here is another African piece that works perfectly for occasions. This is quite stylish and there is also a chance for you to add your own personal flare to it.

4. Africa Blouse With Side Slits

Africa Blouse With Side Slits
Image: @ashleymoneet // Instagram

Not many of us are fans of blouses that are overly bold and dramatic, hence why this makes the perfect option. It is still fashionable and an ideal choice for those who want a simple, less dramatic style.

5. Cool Chic Ankara Blouse

 Cool Chic Ankara Blouse
Image: @thewhitemelanin // Instagram

Here is another African blouse that depicts the highlight of fashion. This has just the right amount of drama. You can style it whichever way you want.

6. Peplum Top

Peplum Top
Image: @chichi.the.ankara.chic // Instagram

Peplum tops are African styles that might have gone unnoticed for a long time, but they are making a comeback this season. It is an easy Ankara style that looks good in any shape, it is classy, and you can work any sleeve of choice into it.

7. Corset African Print Blouse

Corset African Print Blouse
Image: @maryannich_couture // Instagram

This a kind of blouse that would ensure you will not need a corset anymore or try to tuck your tummy in. The corset top is fast becoming popular and incorporating it into the African blouse styles seems to be even more perfect.

8. V-Neck Off Shoulder Blouse

V-Neck Off Shoulder Blouse
Image: @priskette_telitho // Instagram

Here is another amazing African blouse that works for every body type. It is designed to emphasize the upper parts of the body and give it a little definition like a corset, but not entirely. This can be paired with jeans or skirts.

9. Casual Ankara Wrap Blouse

Casual Ankara Wrap Blouse
Image: @ankaratops // Instagram

This can be described as the casual top-of-art Ankara style. While it is really simple, it is a classic that pairs nicely with any outfit. You can have this styled with jeans, a gown, and a skirt like the one above.

10. V-Shaped Ankara Blouse

V-Shaped Ankara Blouse
Image: @madebyluchy // Instagram

A simple long-sleeved African blouse such as this can go wrong on any occasion. This is classy and just perfect for a simple hangout with the girls or even a date night out.

11. Off-shoulder crop Top With Raglan Sleeve

Off-Shoulder Crop Top With Raglan Sleeve
Image: @teniwades // Instagram

African crop tops like this are effortlessly stylish. Also, it’s flattering to the shape and can be rocked to any occasion. This shouldn’t take your tailor that long to make however you can swap the long sleeve out for a shorter one.

12. Ankara And Silk Fabric Mix

Ankara And Silk Fabric Mix
Image: @the_silem // Instagram

African mix print is another wardrobe staple, the design lets you style in so many variations. This can seamlessly be slipped into any material, and you can also design it to show off your silhouette.

13. V Shape Blouse With Bishop Sleeve

V Shape Blouse With Bishop Sleeve
Image:: @tanaadelana // Instagram •

Every African blouse or fashion general always has a unique reason for standing out. This Ankara blouse is the V-shaped style paired with the bishop sleeve. The whole style is fascinating and perfect for any occasion.

14. Casual Wrap Ankara Print Top

Casual Wrap Ankara Print Top
Image: @ankaratopsinlagos // Instagram

If you are looking for a comfortable stylish Ankara top, here is the perfect one to go for. This blouse is very accommodating when it comes to styling and also gives room for mixing of prints.

15. Adire Danshiki Blouse

Adire Danshiki Blouse
Image: @danshikistyle // Instagram

This native blouse is fast becoming the go-to choice for this season, adire blouses are a lot easier to style than many people think. They are mostly worn for traditional occasions, special events, and festivals.

16. Cotton Adire Blouse

 Cotton Adire Blouse
Image: @thewardrobe_stylist // Instagram

Adire can combine simplicity and sophistication which is why it is an interesting African blouse to try. This adire style is also ideal for occasions and events but mainly traditional occasions.

17. Bubu Blouse With Fringe

Bubu Blouse With Fringe
Image: @popup_inmotion // Instagram

African blouses can be quite colorful, which is another reason they are quite popular. This cute blouse designed with fringe at the base end is considered to be an elegant outfit for events. Shorts look effortlessly stylishly paired with this blouse

18. Simple Flare Blouse With Over Sleeve

Simple Flare Blouse With Over Sleeve
Image: @_alypse // Instagram

This is giving the Victorian 90’s fashion blouse, it gives just the right amount of vibe. You can rock this for events and even weddings, simply pair it with palazzo trousers or even denim.

19. Peplum Flare Blouse

Peplum Flare Blouse
Image: @prestigestylefashionstore // Instagram

Peplum blouses are flattering, stylish, and the ideal modern woman’s staple blouse. Having an ankara blouse just like this in your wardrobe is going to make some fashion choices very easy. It works best for laid-back occasions.

20. Ankara Cape Blouse

Ankara Cape Blouse
Image: @fashioncole // Instagram

The full ankara or adire blouse is not the only one in trend, it’s not surprising that ankara cape blouse is all the rave right now. It is an ideal choice of style to have in your wardrobe as it is stylish although not so versatile.

21. Princess Darted Blouse

Princess Darted Blouse
Image: @suzi_kreationz // Instagram

If you are looking for a casual African blouse that gives you a composed look, here is an excellent choice. While this is simply styled with the regular sleeve and has the popular round neck, it is flattering to any shape and also looks quite comfy.

22. Modern Layered Ankara Blouse

Modern Layered Ankara Blouse
Image: @omah_boss // Instagram

The sleeve in the blouse style elevates the whole look, so it is something worth having on your list of casual African blouses. However, the layered frock also makes it perfect for high-profile events, you simply have to pair it with the right jeans and you are good.

23. African Print Mid Blouse

African Print Mid Blouse
Image: @mytribeng // Instagram

While a corset African blouse will always be loved, there are days you want to go with a stylish and comfortable blouse style. On those days, this midi blouse is an excellent choice. Not only is this easy to style, but it gives a composed look while still maintaining a fitted nature.

24. Round Neck V-shape Blouse With Bell Sleeve

 Round Neck V-Shape Blouse
Image: @demiiat_ // Instagram

The most exciting part of an African blouse is that you can experiment with designs, if you do not like the sleeve, you can change it and even go as far as recreating the whole design. This V-shaped blouse, is quite a common one however the sleeve has been changed to a bell sleeve to make it more fashionable and adorable.

Choosing an African blouse that can easily make a statement would surely be far from complicated after going through these lists. So, if you are looking for an essential fashion item that lets you explore designs and colors, an African blouse is the perfect go-to.


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