Our Top 10 Favorite Celeb Styles At The AMVCA 2020

our favorite celeb styles at the amvca

AMVCA generally is an annual award organized by Multichoice to present accolades to African Movie artist, not only are they celebrated, but it is also known as the biggest showcase of fashion and this 7th edition did show that in full swing.

We are excited about how much these celebrities have increased the tempo of their glitz and glamour, and we couldn’t help but find a favorite, and it is very evident these celebrities have come to slay, which makes selecting a favorite quite tacky.

Africa’s magic viewer’s award can be described as the most glamorous red carpet event in 2020, not only for its celebration of outstanding performance in film and television.

We shouldn’t forget to give kudos to their designer for creating the explicit design

AMVCA award night did showcase fashion, glitz, and glam in a new trendy way, and we are sure of these styles are going to be setting a new trend. Below are 10 of our top favorite celeb styles.

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1. Mercy Eke Got The Best Dressed Award And Her Outfit Is Definitely Fashionable

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @official_mercyeke // Instagram

Mercy Eke has proven time and time again that she really could set a new fashion trend, she keeps it with the drama in but you can’t help but find it fascinating and we say big congratulations to Mercy Eke as she bagged the best-dressed female at the AMVCA awards. Her Glittering Ballgown is definitely a fashion masterpiece.

2. Mike Edwards Look Impeccavly Dashing And Did Deserve The Best Male Dressed Award

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @aireyys // Instagram

Mike Edwards won the best male dressed and this is a well-deserving award, his taste in styles has always been an interesting one and that was pretty obvious when he showed up in a dashing outfit that we find really cool and suiting for a red carpet event.

3. Denola Grey Couldn’t Have Looked More Handsome In His Chosen Outfit

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @denolagrey // Instagram

Denola Grey’s choice of outfit might look a bit dramatic but fashionable and could be setting an interesting fashion trend, he was nominated for the best-dressed male and we must admit his styles leaves more to be imagined.

4. Mercy Aigbe Plain Nude Makeup Keeps It Less Dramatic And Her Dress Is Simply Stunning

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @realmercyaigbe // Instagram

Mercy Aigbe outfit has stood out just as it is expected, she has always been referred to as the queen of fashion and we think she did some justice to this elegant gown style.

5. Lota Chukwu Keeps It Simple And Elegant

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @thelotachukwu // Instagram

Lota Chukwu look all glittering and glamorous which compliments the red carpet event just fine and makeup is just fitting for her her skin.

6. Beverly Osu Barbie Look Makes A Fashion Statement

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @beverlyosu // Instagram

Beverly Osu look is going to be making an interesting fashion statement for a very long time and not only is her outfit lovely but her hair does compliment the color of her outfit which is pretty hard to miss.

7. Banky Wellington Keeps It Tidy And We Love It

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @bankywellington // Instagram

Bankole Wellington is famously known as banky w didn’t disappoint us with his outfit, he kept it practical and simply fitting for a red carpet.

8. Nancy Isime Look Absolutely Gorgeous In A Fringe Design

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @nancyisimeofficial // Instagram

Ever wonder how a fringe could beautify a dress well you have it in this beautiful outfit worn by Nancy Isime.

9. Cynthia Nwadiora Green Outfit Did Look Amazing

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @ceec_official // Instagram

Cynthia Nwadiora style was anticipated, and she did impress, green does look good on her, and she has definitely slain in an interesting fashion at the red carpet.

10. Toyin Abraham Impeccable Ball Gown Will Be Talked About For A Long Time

Best dressed at the AMCA Award
Image: @toyin_abraham // Instagram

This list won’t be complete without having the award-winner of the best-supporting actress in a drama Toyin Abraham on it as her ball gown is not just intriguing, but we find it fitting for a red carpet event.

The AMVCA award is surely going to be a special night to be remembered for lots of celebrities and the award alone wasn’t what made it special but the impeccable styles they got a chance to showcase, Instagram hasn’t stopped commenting on their favorite styles and most interestingly there seem to have been a significant difference in styles compared to the 6th edition of the AMVCA award.

Did you find a favorite among our top 10? We would definitely love to know and follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija for more celebrity info.

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