CelebsThatRock 107: 10 Must-See Beautiful In-Season Outfits

CelebsThatRock 107

Being a top-notch fashion icon has a lot more involved than simply combining colors. You never know what the season has in stock for you in terms of styling, spring, summer, and autumn have their mode of dressing.

How you choose to rock an outfit is also going to determine how you can rock it all season.

Fashion should be fun and not boring which is also why you have to keep your fashion wardrobe updated. To get your fashion calendar and wardrobe in order, you need to know what celebrities are working with.

The ultimate guide to choosing the right outfit no matter the occasion is to know what the latest combinations are. Scrolling through Instagram to find your go-to style can be quite stressful, hence we have 10 awesome outfits from last week for you.

1. Toke Makinwa- Going For Cool And Gorgeous

Toke Makinwa- Going For Cool And Classy
Image: @tokemakinwa // Instagram
  • Dress: @sevondejana
  • Stylist: @dahmola
  • Makeup: @anitabrows
  • Hair stylist: @theroycesamuel

Toke Makinwa is one of the exquisite fashionable celebrities and her styles are always something you can’t help but love. This outfit is simply stunning and ideal for fancy occasions, it helps one stand out as well.

2. Ceec- Classy, And Lit In Shirt Dress

Ceec- Classy, And Lit In Shirt Dress
Image: @ceec_official // Instagram
  • Shirt dress: @3ambyalex
  • Makeup: @bare2beauty

Fashion really should let you have fun and Ceec did not hesitate to do that. Shirt dresses have a certain way about them and not everyone can pull it off but this is not the case with Ceec, she bodies the look and looks gorgeous.

3. Zynnell Zuh- Red And Sassy

Zynnell zuh
Image: @zynnellzuh // Instagram

Red is one of the notable fashion colors and Zynnell Zuh pulls off the color and the dress last week. She is known to be highly fashionable and her combination game is also on point.

4. Osas Ighodaro- Rocking Green And Owning The Look

Osas Ighodaro- Rocking Green And Owning Th
Image: @officialosas // Instagram
  • Makeup: @adella_makeup
  • Hair: @bernardsmiless
  • Dress: @africcana

Osas Ighodaro is another fashion diva to add to your favorite best-dressed celebrity list. This awesome look was rocked for a wedding and we must say, she effortlessly looks lovely.

5. Bisola Aiyeola- Keeping It Sparkling And Cute

Bisola Aiyeola- Keeping It Spark
Image: @iambisola // Instagram
  • Dress: @somobysomo
  • Makeup: @beautyandthebeholdermakeovers
  • Hair: @adefunkeee

There is no weekend without owambe happening somewhere and you will need as the also ebi styles you can get to inspire you. Here is another stunning style you surely want in your wardrobe. Bisola is not one to leave any stone unturned.

6. Ini Dima Okojie- Giving Sweet Wedding Vibe

Ini Dima Okojie- Giving Sweet Wedding V
Image: @inidimaokojie // Instagram
  • Dress by: @derinfabikunco
  • Fabric: @glitz_allure_fabrics
  • Makeup: @anitabrows
  • Hair: @adefunkeee
  • Planners: @zapphaire_events

Ini si your classic definition of always looking great. She looks really beautiful and does pull off white effortlessly as it should. This happens to be rocked for her wedding reception party so while we gush at the beauty, we also say a big Congratulations!

7. Tolu Bally- Chocolate And Stunning

Tolu Bally
Image: @tolubally // Instagram
  • Tailored by: @2207bytbally
  • Makeup: @glowbydemz
  • Gele: @glowbydemz

Tolu Bally understood the assignment when they made chocolate the theme. This is beautiful and her skin does complement the whole look effortlessly.

8. Sharon Ooja- Fancy And Adorable

Sharon Ooja- Fancy And Adorable
Image: @sharonoja // Instagram
  • Dress by: @oobiuku
  • Styled by: @dahmola
  • Makeup: @anitabrows

Sharon Ooja’s outfit should have you changing your mind about not attending that event. This is adorable and she does make the look even more astonishing.

9. Tomike Adeoye- Pink And Stunning

Tomike Adeoye- Pink And Stunning
Image: @tomike_a // Instagram
  • Dress: @houseofnini1
  • Makeup: @tmtbylayinka
  • Hair: @adefunkeee

Tomike is another gorgeous celebrity who leaves no stone unturned. This style is simply ideal for wedding guests and it does look comfortable which is rare with many owambe outfits.

10. Symply Tacha- Unforgettable Outfit And Vibe

Symply Tacha- Unforgettable Outfit And Vibe
Image: @symply_tacha // Instagram
  • Styled: @medlinboss

You can always be rest assured that Tacha gives amazing outfits and the vibe is often unmatched as well. This is a cool jumpsuit and the styling makes it stand out even more.

In Conclusion

Personal style is something everyone must have however it doesn’t stop you from having a collective list of fashion enthusiasts to inspire you then and now.

You have to think of the styles that make you happy when creating a personal style. However, hope you had fun going through this week’s best-dressed celebrities with us.

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