CelebsThatRock E56: 15 Outstanding Outfits From Last Week

CelebsThatRock E56

It’s a brand new week and yes we are excited about it, some of this excitement comes from having some fancy outfits to experiment with. However, we are not surprised that combining outfits is going to have some people on edge in the new week. Having the consciousness of what to wear at times can be challenging.

Not to worry that’s why we are here to help you out, just so you can have that broad smile, the bold and courageous look you want to showcase to people around. We trust these varieties of outfits will help you this week and beyond as they are trendy styles and can’t just be kept away after a week. They are styles that can’t be ignored but rather get creative about.

You don’t necessarily need to make your style the exact way, you can decide to be a bit creative with yours which can speak more volume and keep you looking like the real boss lady. We have compiled 15 outstanding wears from last week for you to pick out from, we hope this helps you and keep you looking stunning and amazing.

1. Chioma Goodhair: Blue Kaftan Dress

Chioma Goodhair: Blue Kaftan Dress
Image: Chiomagoodhair // Instagram
  • Dress: @tubortw
  • Hair: @goodhairltd
  • Heels: @alexanderwangny
  • Bag: @dior

Gorgeous kaftan looks are super classy and perfect.

2. Olar Folami: Blazer With Pant

Olar Folami: Blazer With Pant
Image: olarslim // Instagram
  • Outfit: @olarsgrace

Well, detailed blazer with colorful pants.

3. Nancy.E.Isime: Green With Envy

Nancy.E.Isime: Green With Envy
Image: nancyisimeofficial // Instagram
  • Outfit: @julyetpeters
  • Styled By: @medlinboss
  • Makeup: @tmtbylayinka
  • Lipstick & Eyeshadow: @secretsofaprilofficial
  • Photographed By: @officialphotofreak

Green with envy with a big bow speaks a louder volume. We love Nancy, her choice of outfits is always amazing.

4. Lilian Afegbai: Beautiful Two In One Dress

Lilian Afegbai: Beautiful Two In One Dress
Image: lillyafe // Instagram
  • Dress: @lilianandr3w
  • Mua: @maq_jose
  • Photographer: @sabiegal

These two in one dress look amazing, you can release the rope to make it long or leave it this simple short style. This is classy.

5. CTM: Gorgeous Fit

CTM: Gorgeous Fit
Image: chantellem // Instagram

It’s the color combination for us. This slitted skirt and the stunning top look classy and beautiful.

6. Yamiko: Beautiful Oversized Blazer

Yamiko: Beautiful Oversized Blazer
Image: yamiko // Instagram
  • Shorts- @gap
  • Blazer – @hm menswear
  • Roll neck – @zara
  • Glasses – @tribal.eyes

These are the Mr’s shorts, worn as high-waisted/ paper bag shorts. It all about creativity.

7. Nimi Nwofor: The Land Is Green

Nimi Nwofor: The Land Is Green
Image: nimsdefabulouss // Instagram
  • Outfit: @zohi_taglit 

Smile in the new week, knowing you have a well-deserving outfit in your wardrobe to rock to the office the next day.

8. Marii Pazz: Gorgeous Dress

Marii Pazz: Gorgeous Dress
Image: mariipvzz // Instagram
  • Outfit: @catwalk_connection

This dress is indeed breathtaking. This is super gorgeous and we can’t help but notice it.

9. Powede Eniola Awujo: Beautiful Two Pieces

Powede Eniola Awujo: Beautiful Two Pieces
Image: powedeawujo // Instagram
  • Two-piece: @olarsgrace

Two pieces, looking calm and eye-catching.

10. Diane Russet: Beautiful Boss Lady Dress

Diane Russet: Beautiful Boss Lady Dress
Image: diane.russet // Instagram
  • Mua: @karenonyou
  • Photographer: @yomi.visuals
  • Accessories: @kenom__signatures

Here we have the boos look. It a new week and this will be a perfect outfit to rock on a Monday or Tuesday.

11. Kim Opara: Stunning Outfit

Kim Opara: Stunning Outfit
Image: kimoprah // Instagram
  • Outfit- @2207bytbally.
  • Hair- @thehairfuseluxury

Creative two pieces. Who says you have to look boring with your choice of outfit? A little creativity will give it some volume.

12. Esther Agunbiade: Beautiful Goddess

Esther Agunbiade: Beautiful Goddess
Image: esther_biade // Instagram
  • Photographer: @timma_s.o.s

Beautiful goddess on the black mini-slitted gown. This will be perfect for a date.

13. Priscillia: Green With Volume

Priscillia: Green With Volume
Image: prissysavvy // Instagram

Green with volume. Green is one color that can’t be ignored, it’s indeed fascinating.

14. Omowunmi Dada: Cute And Trendy Outfit

Omowunmi Dada: Cute And Trendy Outfit
Image: omowunmi_dada // Instagram
  • Top: @theglammaniac_style
  • Bag: @lolaadeoti

The top and jeans look stunning.

15. Tbally: Cute Barbie Doll

Tbally: Cute Barbie Doll
Image: tolubally // Instagram
  • Makeup Artist: @glowbydemz
  • Hairstylist: @daves_classik

Body hug jumpsuit gives a perfect look. This will look perfect for hangout with loved ones or a casual occasion.

In Conclusion:

Looking your best is one of the things that give us joy and that’s why we have selected a few from the best for you to make do of. We know that majority of celebrities and fashion influencers’ outfits are sure to appear classic and at the same time can be a bit of a challenge going for the best. However, you can easily have your piece added to what we have listed out to create your style and ensure to go bold and daring with it.

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