18 Belgian Waffle Recipes Everyone, Including You Must Try

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Belgian waffles are identified as the tastiest and healthiest waffles, The Belgian have a way of making their waffles such that it’s a popular choice in many waffle restaurants for every lover of waffles.

These recipes also ensure you know what you want in your waffles, practically we think recipes are best if you want to serve guests or have a family and friends breakfast gathering, you can as well stick to a particular recipe.

These recipes ensure you make a unique waffle as each of the recipes comes with some ingredients to make it stand out, they are easy to make like every other waffle but you can be sure these recipes will have friends and family talking about your waffle and wondering what your secret ingredient is.

Some of these recipes are used by many soul restaurants around the world and you too can join them in enjoying these amazing Belgian waffles right from your house.

18 Belgian Waffle Recipe You Must Try

If you do not know any Belgian recipe for your waffles, not to worry, we’ve curated 18 of the best Belgian waffle recipes on the internet you can try.

1. Homemade Belgian Waffle Recipe

Homemade belgian
Image: thesaltymashmallow

Wonder why it is named homemade Belgian waffle recipe? Many who have tried it and loved it said, it deserves to be called homemade as it is original and simple.  Also serves as the best family breakfast, and also if the families are having a weekend gathering, it is the best to serve as dessert. Can be served with wild berry topping or any other topping of your choice.

Get the recipe: TheSaltyMarshmallow.com

2. Classic Belgian Waffle Recipe

Classic Belgian Waffle Recipe
Image: Bless This Mess

As the name implies, the classic Belgian waffle recipe is classic and nutritious as well, and let’s not forget yummy, you can’t help but salivate at the sight of these delicious classic Belgian waffle, one of the best recipes for you if you are serving waffles as dessert if you have friends or work associates over for dinner.

Get the full recipe: Foodnetwork.com

3. Cinnamon Belgian Waffle Recipe

cinnamon belgian
Image: Kyleecooks

This recipe has been made especially for those who love cinnamon, it is simple but the cinnamon flavor makes it different, Cinnamon Belgian waffle comes out crispy and crunchy but you can also decide to cook it more light and soft depending on how you like your waffles, we are guessing the secret ingredient is cinnamon but you might be shocked to find out there is more to it, check out the recipe to know if it is cinnamon alone.

Get the full recipe: AllRecipes.com

4. Vegan Belgian Waffle Recipe

Image: Foodal

Vegan Belgian waffle recipe is made for the vegetarian lovers, and not for vegetarians alone but also for those who love it plain, the deep taste of egg and dairy milk adds to the wonderful taste and aroma of it. The recipe is easy to follow in order to make vegan free waffle.

Get the full recipe: Foodal.com

5. Gluten Free Waffle Recipe

gluten waffle
Image: Cookie kate

This is just another healthy waffle recipe that you should give a try, it is gluten-free, healthy for the heart, so if you are making this recipe, there are no worries of making this particular recipe and it sticks together, it helps the waffle come out firm but soft and fluffy.

Get the full recipe: Cookieandkate.com

6. Chocolate Belgian Waffle Recipe

Chocolate Belgian Waffle Recipe
Image: Isabel Eats

Chocolate Belgian waffle will have you salivating at just the mention and sight of it, the recipe for prepping this waffle is simple and also the making does not require much effort and even if it does require effort, am sure after tasting it you might just conclude it’s worth the effort.

Get the full recipe: FoodNetwork.com

7. Belgian Liege Recipe

Belgian liege waffle
Image: Baker Betty

If you are still skeptical about your love for Belgian waffles, then you have not given Belgian liege a trial, delicious, fluffy, chewy and puffy at the same time. Yeast is added to the recipe as well to have it swell and puffy, simple but yet delicious and when made carefully and cautiously can make a nice restaurant waffle.

Get the full recipe: Bakerbettie.com

8. Peanut Butter Belgian Waffle Recipe

Peanut belgian waffle
Image: Life Love Liz

Peanut butter actually makes a very enjoyable meal and baking spread so you can imagine them being added to your Belgian waffle, can also be used as the topping even after it is added to the recipe, you can add jelly to make it sweeter.

Get the full recipe: Lifeloveliz.com

9. Buttermilk Belgian Waffle

Image: Sprinkle some sugar

Buttermilk also makes nice toppings and that is why there is the creation of this wonderful buttermilk Belgian waffle, the taste is amazing and even if it comes out crunchy, it is still tasty and has a fantastic aroma.

Get the full recipe: Sprinklesomesugar.com

10. Red Velvet Belgian Waffle Recipe

Red Velvet Belgian Waffle Recipe
Image: go eat and repeat

Here is a complete red waffle, yummy and the color serves as a perfect valentine day’s brunch between family and loved one as well.

Get the full recipe: Goeatandrepeat.com

11. Churro Belgian Waffle Recipe

Churro Belgian Waffle Recipe
Image: Unicorns in the kitchen

Churro waffles might sound simple but it is a very classy waffle and the best ingredients make up the recipe, a good bunch or a breakfast meal. You can just sprinkle it with sugar after cooking to give it a look of appeal or a nice syrup on it is not bad either.

Get the full recipe: Unicornsinthekitchen.com

12. Whole Wheat Belgian Waffle Recipe

Whole Wheat Belgian Waffle Recipe
Image: Kristine, AllRecipes.com

This recipe starts with you substituting your all-purpose flour for wheat flour, very healthy and good for those who have been asked to stay away from sugar also recommended for people who have diabetics. still very tasty though, just ensure you get the recipe right and you still get to drool over it.

Get the full recipe: Allrecipes.com

13. Keto Almond Belgian Waffle Recipe

belgian waffles
Image: Belgian waffles

Not only is keto healthy and beneficial to the body but almond is as well and the combination has been used to make a successful Belgian waffle recipe, it is smooth and easy to make. Keto almond Belgian waffle has low cholesterol and also good for the heart. Simple and can be coated in honey If you like it sweet.

Get the full recipe: Drdavinahseats.com

14. Neapolitan Belgian Waffle Recipe

belgian waffle
Image: Dinner at the zoo

Probably called Neapolitan because of the unique recipe in it, well you can’t know why till you try it. Seriously though we think you should give this Neapolitan waffle a try as it looks slightly different from normal waffles and includes more work but really delicious and worth it.

Get the full recipe: Dinneratthezoo.com

15. Pumpkin Pie Belgian Waffle Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Belgian Waffle Recipe
Image: Olivia’s cuisine

Here we have a Belgian recipe for pumpkin, ever heard of it? No, then you should try it, no harm in trying and you are goin=g to love, just like an apple pie but this time it’s a pumpkin pie and makes an interesting choice of waffle during Christmas and it is an old recipe but loved by a lot of waffle lovers.

Get the full recipe: Oliviascuisine.com

16. Savory Veggie Waffle Recipe

Savory Veggie Waffle Recipe
Image: Healthy nibbles

This is a vegetable recipe but in a more lovable way, savory and fluffy. Interesting choice of breakfast and used a lot at some vegetarian restaurant but can be eaten by none veggies too, healthy and you can easily adapt to the taste and with the right texture can be saved with any nourishing topping.

Get the full recipe: Healthynibblesandbits.com

17. Carrot Cake Waffle Recipe

Carrot Cake Waffle Recipe
Image: Willow bird baking

This should be a stand out recipe, well made and we think you should give it a try to understand what we are talking about, exactly like a cake but you will also be aware it is waffle so let’s just say waffle with cake, we can guarantee you are going to love and also can become family recipe as well.

Get the full recipe: Willowbirdbaking.com

18. Crispy Yeast Belgian Waffle Recipe

Crispy Yeast Belgian Waffle Recipe
Image: Oilypus

Crispy like the name said, very crispy but puffy as well as it is incurred with yeast, soft, and has a nice aroma as well. This can be served with a cream topping of if you have a fondness for chocolates, then you should have it served with chocolate fudge.

Get the full recipe: AllRecipes.com

You do not have to make up your mind on which you are sticking too until you have tried it all as we can be very sure you will love every one of those waffles, any of these recipes can be matched with the topping of your choice.

Belgians alone do not own waffles though, there are so many waffles, we do not think you can have enough of them and you can be rest assured we will bring you other delicious waffles all over the world you should try.

We would love to know the recipe you find more delicious and easy to make so do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Check out this list of ingredients you need to make your own waffles and these are the best waffle toppings.


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