14 Best Waffle Toppings That Goes Well With Your Waffles

Best waffle toppings

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you are looking for the best waffle toppings options for your dessert, if so then you’ve come to the right place.

Waffles are absolutely delicious, then it’s time to do something fun and interesting with those waffles, and if you are not afraid to go a little wild and pile those waffles with some extraordinary waffle toppings, this is the post for you.

Well, we also think waffles should not be complete without some toppings especially if you are making them for guests or maybe just want to have a family dinner.

You are allowed to have a preference of any of these toppings below and you know what, you can also mix toppings up, there are no rules to how these toppings have to be made, and in case you are making a Belgium waffle, then you should get creative with as well.

What Are The Best Waffle Toppings?

We’ve made a 13 strong list of the best toppings for waffles we can think of and they are not just yummy but easy to make and tastes delicious so what are we waiting for.

1. Pumpkin Snap

To have a delicious pumpkin spice waffle topped with crushed ginger snaps, maple cream sauce maple syrup, and fresh whipped cream.

This topping will not only give you a waffle taste but also a combination of ginger and maple syrup and this does not even have to be too sweet so you like it a little sweet and sharp then this is the topping you should go for.

2. Belgian Chocolate-Fudge Sauce

Belgian Chocolate-Fudge Sauce

If you can make a mean Belgium waffle then we think you should enjoy it with some Belgian chocolate-fudge, you can have that bittersweet chocolate and the taste is even more fabulous, it can be used to firm up your waffles in case you want those crunchy and crispy waffles.

3. Baked Potatoe

Gather all the fixings for a delicious baked potato and top your waffle with some hashbrowns, cheddar, crispy bacon, sour cream, and some scallions, What are you thinking? Let’s guess you are in love with this topping already, there are just too much sweet in it that you can not refuse.

The sour cream in might give your waffle a little of that sweet-sour taste but not bad right?

4. Apple Crisp

Top your waffle with homemade apple crisp fresh whipped cream and some salted caramel sauce drizzled on top.

You can add oats to your topping depending on if you like oats and might like the end result and also as we said, it all depends on your taste and preference and these are all healthy ingredients but the main point is to get a delicious waffle.

5. Wild Berries

waffle toppings
Image: Envato Elements

Any time of berries will make nice toppings on your waffles but do you know wild berries, blueberries, and raspberries, in particular, are more unique and yummy on waffles? They give a different flavor entirely and what can wrong with berries on your treasured waffle.

6. Kiddie Sundae

Kids absolutely love this and parents eventually have to call in kiddie sundae, you can get the whipped one with less sugar in it and that makes it perfect. You can also add any vanilla flavor you like to make it tastier and creamier.

11. Bourbon Whipped Cream

One of the best-sophisticated toppings is bourbon whipped cream, this should get an award for how delicious it is.

If you are making the bourbon whipped cream yourself then you should ensure the cream is well whipped to make it really soft, after that, you can fold the bourbon inside and freeze before dressing your waffle with it.

8. Stone Fruit Butter

waffle toppings with berries, waffle recipes

Here is one topping you should give a try and if you are no fan of sugar or has no sweet tooth to hold your sugar in, we are sure you would love fruit butter, it requires very little sugar, you need a juicy fruit, butter, the butter has to be thickened and no room for water to evaporate.

9. Banana Split

This is simple but doesn’t the simplest turn out to be the most delicious?  You need your banana sliced and for added effect and sweetness, you can as well add cream, cherries, sprinkles and some chocolates!

10. Berries with Lemon Mint Syrup

Okay, now you get to spice things up, imagine having your favorite waffle with berries and lemon mint toppings, the added lemon-mint syrup gives it a different taste entirely but we can assure you it is still very delicious, and remember berries makes one of the best waffle toppings.

11. Maple Cream

best waffle toppings
Image: Pexels

You can’t help but love maple syrup so imagine having that with your delicious waffles, yummy right? Can imagine you salivating already, all you need to make this work are maple cream syrup.

12. Brandied Apricot Butter

Try Copped apricot mashed in unsalted butter with your waffle and you will be amazed at how fantastic and simple the taste is. Brandied apricot works well if you do not like messy topping, just make them thick and freeze to merge with your firm waffle.

13. Perfect Blueberry Syrup

This is called perfect because of its unique difference and taste, an exact Belgian kind of topping, no stress in making and has some other unique ingredients which are lemon, corn flour, sugar or coconut, and blueberries. Ensure you get fresh blueberries so it does not alter the taste.

Best waffle toppings Best waffle toppings 2019

14. Mint Leaves

This isn’t the first time you’re hearing the fact that you can drop a few mint leaves on top of your waffles either for the spicy minty feel or just to take pictures for the gram. Either way, mint leaves make a good addition and should be considered when making a list of the best waffle toppings everyone should try.

From all the options listed in this e can guess you are confused about the topping you do prefer, but who says you can’t try in all, different topping for different waffles and you can as well just get your favorites and make your own topping.


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