CelebsThatRock E01: 15 Stylish Looks From Last Week

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So we’re renaming ThriveNaija celebs, our weekly roundup of the hottest clothing your favorite celebs wore through the previous week, see our most recent post in this series, to #CelebsThatRock.

It’s basically the same thing, we’re just changing the names and uping our style picks game to only go for the best possible styles from your favorite celebrities and style icons, Enjoy this edition and every upcoming one. Follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija to stay updated.

African female celebrities has the right styles for inspiration, their unique taste in fashion did set them apart, ranging from English wears to traditional attire and not to forget their matching accessories and makeups hence we couldn’t help but bring you fascinating celebrities that rock the fashion world, these celebrities did take fashion to a whole new level, their style game can be called trendsetting and never boring.

Fans can’t stop but marvel at the glamour represented in their look, we are also sending kudos to their designer, makeup artist and stylist, they did a very good job bringing such creativity to life.

African female celebrities from musicians, models, public personalities, actresses and style bloggers did bring the fashion game to whole new apparel.

15 Celebrity Looks From Last Week That Rocks

Selecting the best had been a tough decision as we can’t help but love them all but we managed to narrow down 15 of the best look celebrities rocked last week. The most interesting part is the fact that the selected look can be favored for all occasions and are absolutely pleasing to look at.

1. Nana Akua Addo

Celebrities that rock
Image: @nanaakuaaddo // Instagram

Gorgeous is an understatement for Nana Akua Addo styles, it’s usually different and trend setting which makes it the perfect go for if you love unique and different. She is also good at making casual outfits look extraordinary, her look is termed the angelic lady.

2. Toke Makinwa

celebrities that rock
Image: @tokemakinwa // Instagram

Toke Makinwa definitely has to be on this list, she is not just beautiful but has a unique way with styles, topping the Nigerian list of fashion enthusiasts, her makeup artist and fashion designer deserve some accolades and she knows how to rock any style.

3. Bonang Matheba

celebrities that rock
Image: @bonang_m_ // Instagram

When it comes to bonang matheba, there is not a thing called boring, her styles are worth rocking if you do not mind boring and bold, she has trendsetting gaming that is on point and worth coping from. her are easy enough as well.

4. Joselyn Dumas

celebrities that rock
Image: @joselyn_dumas // Instagram

If you are looking for the perfect celebrity with styles that shows off curves and beautiful shapes, do not hesitate to check Joselyn dumas, she has the shape and the beautiful face to make her styles look more noteworthy, they are as unique as it can get.

5. Lillian Esoroo

Celebrities that rock
Image: @lillianesoro // Instagram

Lillian Esoroo look is usually termed casual and stunning, she is one beautiful actress that has her styles game on point both on and off the screen, her styles are conservative and definitely stylish enough for anyone.

6. Natasha Thahane

Image: @nathasathahane // Instagram

South African’s are rumoured to have impeccable fashion sense and this beautiful actress proved that to be true, she does look and dress stylish, practical but yet stunning.

7. Omoni Oboli

Stylish celebrities
Image: @omonioboli // Instagram

For the perfect owambe outfit, omoni Oboli is not a bad choice to consider, her styles are not overly dramatic and are just made to suit every ladies taste in styles.

8. Boitumelo Thulo

Stylish celebrities that rock
Image: @boity // Instagram

Booty style have always been regarded as classy and we do attest to how really stylish her styles are, from casual styles to elaborate styles, we can say she does know how to rock it.

9. Zynell Zuh

Stylish celebrities that rock
Image: @zynellzuh // Instagram

Zynell Zuh does know how to dress up for an event and nail it completely, her styles are worth taking a peg or two from. Her styles have been picked countless times as having the most impeccable designs.

10. Cynthia Nwadiora Cee C

Stylish celebrities that rock
Image: @ceec // Instagram

The popular former big brother star did win hearts from day one, she has amazing styles you can’t ignore either, she is the best for casual and professional outfits.

11. Sandra Ankwobia

Stylish celebrities that rock
Image: @sandra // Instagram

Simple, practical and elegant are the right words used in describing Sandra Ankwobia styles, she likes it conservative and we have no qualms liking them either.

12. Chika Ike

Stylish celebrities styles that rock
Image: @chikaike // Instagram

Another Nigerian Actress with simple elegant styles us Chika Ike, her styles are definitely stylish and really classy, lots of her fans find her game styles top notch and if you like decent and less revealing then she is the perfect choice.

13. Sharon Ooja

Celebrities that rock
Image: @sharonoja // Instagram

Sharon Ooja is that beautiful actress that has styles that we love, we can’t help but have her join this list and get fans thinks her styles are beyond stylish.

14. Nana Mensah

Stylish celebrities that rock
Image: @iammamamcbrown // Instagram

Nana Mensah is one Ghanaian actress with a style that can’t be ignored, her followers loved her for her simple and dramatic designs, either casual or elaborate, you can’t help but love her.

15. Yvonne Okoro

latest aso ebi styles
Image: @yvonneokoro // Instagram

Apart from dazzling us with her beautiful caramel skin, she also wow us with her stylish party styles, they are simple, stunning and elegant which makes it even more perfect for events.

We can bet more interesting styles would be worn this week and we would definitely keep you updated on that, ensure to follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija to get more info on celebrity styles.

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