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When it comes to showing off in styles and having exotic fashion taste, African celebrities and top influencers are definitely keeping the fashion trend alive and we can’t help but have something fascinating to inspire your outfit idea every week.

African celebrities, influencers are all about making fashion statements as they step out in personal enviable style this week. Airbrush Instagram models are no exception when it comes to showcasing awesome styles and without a doubt, this is trendy styles that can be included in everyday dressing.

This week on CelebThatRock, we have curated enviable styles that show an incredible step up from casual styles, you did have to admit even their glamorous makeup is quite enviable.

16 Celebrities With Enviable Personal Style

Personal style is something you can recon with celebrities who have impeccable taste in styles and this can be found in a lot of African celebrities and fashion icons and below are fabulous styles to show how casual and enviable an outfit can be.

1. Angel Obasi Keeping It On A Low With An Elegant Micro Fringe Gown

CelebThatRock Enviable Look
image: @styleconnaisseurn // Instagram

Angel Obasi is a fashion icon and nothing less can be expected when it comes to her designs and we must say she has never disappointed, her micro fringe gown is impeccable and those cross sandals might look casual but obviously beautiful and trend, this combination is worth getting a thing or two to inspire your next fashion style.

2. Selorm Galley In A Trendy Jumpsuit And An Over Coat To Wrap It Up

CelebThatRock Enviable Styles
image: @sellygalley// Instagram

Selorm galley sure looks fascinating in red and elegant with the whole combination, a one-piece jumpsuit is not going out of trend anytime soon and Selorm Galley has proven there are more ways you can look it effortlessly and maintain your personal style while setting quite an awesome trend.

3. Blue Mbombo Looking Dashing In A Bow Tie Shirt And Three Quarter Trouser

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @blue_mbombo // Instagram

You can maintain a casual look while turning heads and this can be seen with this elegant combination of shirt and trouser but in a more enviable and fascinating way. Blue Mbombo is a style icon you can be sure always delivers the best in fashion.

4. Chika Ike’s Radiant Look Leaves No Stone Untouched

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @chikaike // Instagram

Chika Ike needs no introduction, the beautiful Nigeria actress is not just beautiful but her fashion game is quite an interesting one, she keeps it elegant and casual.

5. Eniola Ajao Glamorous Design Is Worth A Second Look

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @eniola_ajao // Instagram

Eniola Ajao is one of Nigerian’s actress who needs no introduction, she is pretty talented and loved, her impeccable taste in fashion can be said the same about, she keeps it simple but worthy of a second look.

6. Julitha Kabete Keeping The Drama Out With A Simple Gown

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @julitha.kabete // Instagram

Julitha Kabete is another lady with an interesting taste in fashion and she needs no introduction, if you are familiar with her styles then you do know this obviously casual enough.

7. Ayanda Thabethe Looking Calm In A Simple Shirt Dress

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @ayandathabetheo // Instagram

Ayanda Thabethe seems to be giving a new meaning to a comfortable style, it doesn’t have to dramatic or elaborate to look great, a styling shirt dress is something every lady should have in their wardrobe for a casual day style.

8. Benedicta Gafar High Split Gown Is Just Perfect For A Simple Hot Look

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @empress_dictabee // Instagram

Benedicta Gafah is beautiful and her taste in fashion is quite enviable, her combination is lovely and if you are in search of the perfect celebrity to inspire you in bold and daring outfits, she would be the best bet.

9. Mimi Onalaja Outspoken Sleeve Style Is Worth Setting A New Trend

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @mimionalaja // Instagram

Mimi Onalaja designs and the combination is one in trend, we find in fascinating and this is just the kind of casual style you do want to be in to set a cool and calm mood.

10. Mercy Eke Keeps It Simple And Stylish In A White Strap Dress

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @mercyeke // Instagram

Mercy Eke is keeping her followers glued with her impeccable styles, there is always something to glean from her designs even when she keeps it simple, we can’t help but love it.

11. Bonang Matheba Looking JKust Like The Fashion Diva She Is In A Casual A-Line Gown

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @bonang_m // Instagram

This list won’t be complete without showcasing this fabulous A-line gown from Bonang Matheba, not too dramatic, not too casual but this is one enviable style that can be easily recreated.

12. Cynthia Nwadiora Classic Look Is Setting A Trend

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @cee_official// Instagram

Cynthia Nadioram, who is well known as CeeCee needs no introduction and these days we find her to be leading the page of fashion moguls and this enviable casual style above proves that to be true.

13. Toke Makinwa

CelebThatRock Enviable look
Image: @Tokemakinwa // Instagram

Toke Makinwa keeps bringing it hot every week, she always has something amazing to garner attention, from her make up to her outfit, she can’t be found wanting, she wears her outfit with superb confidence and we must admit, she is one fashion diva we can’t get enough of.

14. Idia Aisien Gives A New Definition To Stylish And Elegant

CelebThatRockenviable look
Image: @idia_aisien // Instagram

Idia Aisien is definitely one African celebrity who keeps lighting the African styles with amazing design, her combination is mostly simple, effortless but serves the purpose.

15. Sharon Ooja Makes A Fashion Statement With A Playsuit

CelebThatRock Enviable Style
Image: @sharonooja // Instagram

Sharon Ooja is giving a new definition to playsuit, this might look casual enough but a fashion enthusiast will admit it is worth a second look, you can slay while wearing a playsuit.

16. Thuli Phongolo Looks Stunning In A Conservative Outfit

CelebThatRock Enviable casual look
Image: @thuliphongolo // Instagram

Thuli Phongolo is looking all dashing and exotic in a glamorous combination of a shirt and a trouser and this is surely going to be making an unforgettable fashion statement, this is quite elegant and can be paired differently, depending on how it can be made to be more comfortable and suit your personal taste.


Fashion in Africa is developing at such a fast pace, from distinctive casual styles to traditional wears and we could say celebrities and fashion icons have done a lot to showcase this, they keep fashion interesting and we couldn’t help but bring this to your notice every week. All these styles above are believed to easily pass as casual however we did like to know which of the look is enviable? Leave us your reply in the comment box below.

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