Crunches: Do This Exercise Everyday If You Want A Flat Belly

crunches for flat belly

Are you still struggling to get a flat tummy? Doing a lot of sit-ups and yet to no avail? Crunches (similar exercise will help).

A lot of women are predetermined to get a well defined flat tummy but it is just not simple. Getting a flat belly can be a really intimidating task but what is more intimidating is having to deal with a large belly, it can be frustrating especially when you have to go out in tuck-in clothes.

In addition to this, excess abdominal fat can be harmful to health and also making you feel frustrated and bloated.

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Getting a flat belly though is not an easy task but you can try this one particular exercise called crunches and you might be having a flat tummy with patience and a lot of dedication attached to it.

Here is a step by step analysis of how to perform crunches to get your desirable flat belly.


The crunch is one of the popular exercises to help strengthen abdominal muscles, crunches are an easy effective way to get a flat belly and the interesting part is that you do not need to register at a gym center to do this crunches. Crunches are an exercise you need to do to attain that flat belly.

Pay attention to your form and try to maintain the right position as you follow these steps below.

Step One

Warm Up Crunches

This is the first step to getting a flat tummy. this process helps to relax and strengthen the muscles around the tummy.

  • Lie on the floor
  • Bring your knees up while keeping your feet flat on the floor
  • Keep your hands by your side or cross them over your chest but make sure you are not moving those hands
  • Breathe slowly, and lift your shoulders up and forward. You don’t need to pull yourself all the way up.
  • Aim to bring yourself up to a sitting position.
  • Do this 3 times, the basic purpose is to warm you up.

Step Two

Relax Stomach Muscles

This main process of crunching helps burn the unwanted fats around the tummy,  it targets the muscles around your belly.

  • Perform this crunches (step one) with your legs raised up
  • Cross your feet and make sure your legs are straight
  • If this is too difficult, bend your legs slightly and remember to breath
  • Do this repeatedly 10 times or more if you can.

Step Three

Internal and external muscles

This particular crunch will help you reduce the size of your waist and torso

  • Lie on the floor in the same position as the first steps.
  • Raise your knee up
  • Put your hands behind your head
  • Bring your elbow to touch your knee
  • This could be done one at a time if your two elbows can’t touch your knee at the same time, can go right or left first.
  • Do this 10 times or as much as you want.

Crunches, might not be all you need to attain that flat belly. To achieve a more effective result, make sure to do some of these pointers listed below.

  • Cut back your calory but not too much and avoid too many fatty foods.
  • Stop eating late into the night. It is really tempting to grab a snack late night but it is advisable not as it is one major factor for developing stomach fat.
  • Walk at least 30 minutes a day, could be at any time of the day to help relax those tightened up muscles around your tummy.
  • Eat more protein, your body burns fats when it consumes protein.
  • Avoid stress, a lot of people tend to eat more when stressed
  • Drink a lot of water. Water increases your metabolic rate and makes you full which will help reduce your food intake.

These are some strategies to be added to your everyday crunches in order to achieve your goal of a flat tummy soon.

crunches for flat belly


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