8 Healthy Holiday Weight Loss Tips For The New Year

holiday weight loss tips

The holiday period tends to raise some concern for adults in terms of weight gain, it’s that period you have to worry about what you eat and frankly that can be a hindrance to having fun.

Is it possible to celebrate the season without packing pounds? Yes this is quite possible and research has shown that excitement during the holiday leads to overeating but they are some interesting ways you can control this and stay healthy.

No matter the of the year for the holidays, whether small or big, it’s a factor that fuels more calory consumption and the quicker we eat the faster the body stores up calories which leads to excess weight gain.

The pounds add up every day and take note that it is vital to know that staying healthy is needed during the holidays hence we have compiled eight healthy weight loss tips to make losing weight effortlessly easier.

Surefire Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Staying healthy will not only prevent excess weight gain but also for keeping a healthy heart, we have conjured some pretty interesting tips that are most effective.

1. Be Active

During the holidays, most of the easy to do activities involves sitting on the couch and watching tv which is a very big factor for weight gain however you can prevent this by being active with friends and family by playing more of the outdoor game (1).

The study did show that inactivity coupled with overeating can easily cause you to add weight and the most effective way to avoid this is to stay active by engaging in regular, sustained aerobic activity, you can stay fit with just 30 minutes exercise every day, morning or evening work with a friend (2).

2. Use A Smaller Plate

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Parties are quite common during the holidays but this does not have to wreck your diet, large plate size will make you consume in large portion so you should try using a smaller plate so your food size can be monitored and limited, you should also ensure to stack your plate with more of proteinous foods top stay healthier (3).

3. Snack Wisely

The holiday is that period you get more unhealthy snacks like cookies and other goodies which tends to be available for you to take as you please, and when snacks are easy to access it’s possible to consume in excess which can be unhealthy but this can be easily rectified at home by keeping treats out of sight or opt for healthy foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds which are filling snacks that prevents you from overeating (4).

If you need to snack late at night, these are your best options.

4. Get Plenty Of Sleep

healthy sleep hacks

People tend to think to sleepless might cause you to lose weight but the reverse is the case, sleep keeps you active during the day, sleep deprivation is quite common during the holidays and may easily cause weight gain but you can stay healthy by making sure you are well-rested during the nights.

Also, inadequate sleep tends to lower metabolism which may be caused by alterations in your circadian rhythm a biological clock that regulates many of your bodily functions (5).

5. Control Your Stress Level

Just as regular sleep is needed is also is the idea of staying healthy with less stress, a stressful lifestyle can cause you to overeat and it’s easy to get stressed during the holidays as a result of trying to keep up with the demands of the holiday.

It is very important to keep the stress level under control during the holiday as you would be surrounded by unhealthy foods which you can easily pick on when stressed (6).

6. Avoid Processed Foods

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To avoid weight gain and stay healthy during this holiday, you need to avoid processed foods as much s you can and instead go for whole foods like vegetables and fiber, that way you can monitor your diet and keep track of your calory intake per day (7).

Processed foods are more available than ever during the holidays especially at dinner parties, you can limit this by planning ahead and knowing what kinds of food are going to be served, you should also try not to go hungry to a party so as not to overeat.

7. Keep Meals Balanced With Protein

Keeping up with the planning and demands of the holiday can be quite stressful and this is where what you consume will play a lot of roles in keeping you active and healthy, it is important to include some protein with every meal during this period as it promotes fullness and may be useful for weight maintenance (8).

8. Limit Liquid Calories

holiday weight loss tips

Drinks filled with sugar and fat offer less satiety than solid foods but would rather cause you to eat more while storing up fat, liquid calories are in fact an influence to obesity, you should endeavor to go for more water instead as that contains more calories and instead keeps you well hydrated and nourished (9).

It’s a great idea to decide on staying healthy every holiday season but following through is the most vital part and above is eight easy to follow tips to help you stay healthy.

The truth is it’s fairly normal for some overlap in your diet routine during the holidays but careful planning can get you back on the healthy train track, counting your daily calory intake should also be part of the plan.

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