The Best Eyeshadow Primer With Great Reviews 2024

best eyeshadow primer

Every beauty enthusiast loves her eyeshadow especially the eyeshadow primer as it not only beautifies your makeup but prevents the concealer from creasing, makes sure the eyeshadow lasts and does not break, also protects the skin underneath the eye from looking puffy after applying your makeup.

The eyeshadow primer also makes the skin smooth and fills out any pores or imperfections the skin may have.

For heavy and light makeup, you should try using an eyeshadow primer, you can also save a lot of time with an eyeshadow primer, it easily makes the eyeshadow glitter. It stays without you spending half the day setting it straight.

Eye shadow primer is really effective in attaining flawless makeup but getting quality eyeshadow primer can be tough as some are produced to just blend your eyeshadow but not smoothen your skin.

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What does eyeshadow primer do?

Eye shadow primer serves two purposes which are it can help prevent your concealer from creasing and make it last longer, apart from using an eyeshadow primer for your eyes it can serve other purposes like under the eyes, on your brows, over pimples, on your lips and even on the fine lines around your mouth.

Eyeshadow primer might seem like going overboard especially if you are not sure that it’s necessary.

Eye shadow primer is actually a multipurpose product that deserves a place in your makeup routine and all you need is the right eyeshadow primer to give you a smooth vibrant look.

Do you let eyeshadow primer dry?

eyeshadow application

Eyeshadow primer might be one of the easiest makeup tools to use but the question that often comes to mind is if you should let eyeshadow primer dry or not.

Too much eye shadow primer won’t dry off easily so it’s advised to not use in excess and let it dry but not too dry, let it dry but not to the point where it’s too dry before applying the brow product of your choice.

It should take 20 seconds for the primer to absorb and dry then you can apply the makeup of your choice.

What are the best Eyeshadow Primer to buy?

Eyeshadow primer also ensures your eyeshadow sticks for the whole day but you might need any of the best eyeshadow listed below to get that to happen. The best eyeshadow does not have to be pricey too, we compiled a list of eyeshadow primers that fashionistas and models considered the best, all from Amazon.

1. Eye Primer Makeup Eyeshadow Base

Eye Primer Makeup Eyeshadow Base

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Eye primer makeup eyeshadow has water resistance and prevents the oily lid and creasing of your eyeshadow base and a very solid foundation for your eyeshadow enhances your eyeshadow too and give you a more distinguished look. Paraben-free and formulated especially for oily skin, and considered pure bliss to eyelids as it helps maintains a smooth and well-defined eyelid.

2. Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

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Milani eyeshadow primer is perfect for all skin tones and it blends into the skin tone perfectly, it goes on nicely on nude and gives a kind of bold look that is authentic. Milani is also one of the best-recommended eyeshadow primers if you are under a tight budget plan or need the perfect primer base for your eyeshadow to make it last the whole day.



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NYX is perfect for professionals and it dries without you taking notes, is very light, and has a smooth effect on the skin as well. NYX Professional also acts as an adhesive to keep glitters together, has a creamy look, and effectively keeps your eyeshadow together for a very long time as well. You can even mix with a multitasker mixing medium to create a different more sparkling look.

4. Wet & Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

Wet & Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

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Brightens eyeshadow and lock it down for a long period of time, you can also use it to highlight your makeup and give it a more smooth and soft look, cruelty-free and for all beauty lovers, you can create any look with it and even go natural and simple with it also.

5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer

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Too Faced eyeshadow primer serves a lot of purpose to your makeups, contains anti-aging and antioxidant moisturizing properties, insurance to protect your skin from aging prematurely, blends the eyeshadow perfectly with no crease and the perfect eyeshadow primer for all skin types and all age category as well.

6. Travel Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube

Travel Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube

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Travel Size Primer comes in a tube and very easy to move around without it spilling, perfect if you do not carry your makeup bag around. Travel size primer ensures a vibrant crease-free eyeshadow, feels good on the skin and lasts a very long time while also keeping your eyeshadow together.

7. Jolie Botanical Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Jolie Botanical Eye Shadow Primer

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Some primers help reduce aging and make the skin appear wrinkles free and also make scars appear less and one of that primer is Jolie botanical Eyeshadow Primer, and with time also greatly reduce wrinkles on the skin. The correct application makes the skin more radiant and brighter, tested free of harmful ingredients.

8. Makeup Glitter Primer Eyeshadow

Makeup Glitter Primer Eyeshadow

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Makeup Glitter primer gives your eyeshadow a different style of class and glitter, really sophisticated, lasts even through sweating and humidity, it is lightweight and very easy to apply. You should apply an eyeshadow base first before applying as that will make the eyeshadow color more pronounced and give it a more beautiful glitter. Free from skin-irritating ingredients.

9. Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer

Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer by Luscious Cosmetics

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Angel Eyes eyeshadow primer will be well suited for you if you are a beginner in the use of primers, it corrects eyeshadow mistakes and acts like a magnet to extend the time frame of your eyeshadow, in other words, it makes your eyeshadow last longer. Angel Eyeshadow is for all skin types, good for oily eyelids as well, and will help you get a distinctly professional look.

These are some of the best eyeshadow primers formulated by credible and talented cosmetologists who know what each and every beauty icon, and model needs to get a completely smooth makeup.

When getting your eyeshadow primer, you need to carefully select one that works well for your skin and also gives you the look you want. Always stick to eyeshadow primer that is paraben-free and sticks even during humidity or sweat.

The best eyeshadow primer also needs the best eyeshadow that is not so expensive and also works with your budget.

best eyeshadow primer to buy

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