How to Use A Makeup Sponge (Beauty Blender)

how to use a Makeup Sponge
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A makeup sponge has recently been introduced to the makeup world, it is loved by the world’s makeup artists.

Beauty blender has been invented by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva to ensure a natural even coverage and it is a versatile makeup sponge that can be used for practically anything in your makeup bag from blending in foundation to applying concealer, bb cream, blush, highlighter, setting powder or any other makeup to give you a seamless effect. One of the easiest ways to achieve soft-focus skin without piling your skin with concealer or foundation is to learn how to use your beauty blender.

The beauty blender is a modern-day phenomenon make up artists use to get a professional effect when applying to make up. This beauty blender sponge also comes in handy when you need to apply sunscreen, moisturizer, or self-tanner, it is one application tool that should be in every woman’s makeup box.

The right technique is however needed to use a beauty blender for a more effective result, it is important that you know if you are using a beauty blender correctly to get the effect you are aiming for.

How To Use A Makeup Sponge

How do I use makeup sponge effectively? A beauty blender can be used for practically anything in your make up bag and how you use a beauty blender will determine the results you get. A beauty blender comes in an egg-shaped and expandable size and an aqua activated technology that helps prevent product absorption and this is one of the reasons people choose a beauty blender over an airbrush when applying foundation.

It is important that you know how to use a beauty blender to get its full ability, it is a versatile sponge that can be used for practically anything, and here is how to use it to step up your foundation game.

  • Take care of your skin: To get the most out of a beauty blender and keep your skin flawless, prepping your skin should come first before using a beauty blender. Flawless skin starts with the right care and preparation hence before using your sponge, take care of your skin.
  • Wash Your Sponge: A beauty blender is meant to be used when wet, it is important to wash it before using and also after every use. The beauty blender has to be used damp though, this way you can get a fuller coverage from your foundation.
  • Pop your makeup onto your hands first: This is a makeup hack you should definitely give a try when using a beauty blender, mix the makeup on your hands first rather than straight onto the sponge itself. Some beauty blender comes with a small concave section to pump the foundation into so you don’t have to dirty the back of your hand.
  • Bounce: This is the fun part of using a beauty blender, to get flawless skin it is advised to bounce the beauty blander across your face when applying powder, liquid foundation, bb cream or concealed, this is more recommended than dragging it across your skin.
  • Dry It: Don’t forget to make sure your beauty blender dies off after use and this should be done in a ventilated place.

Do you wet beauty blender with warm or cold water?

how to use a Makeup Sponge

Choosing the right water temperature is just as important as wetting your beauty blender, cold water will be a great idea in the summer months, it makes your beauty blender feel refreshing while warm water will help the foundation to meal and become more malleable hence it’s best to use warm water during winter and cold water during summer.

Are beauty blenders worth it?

Many makeup artists have relied on beauty blender over the years for its special texture and one of the reasons why this beauty sponge is worth its price is the fact that it is completely unique and the texture makes it so that it’s simultaneously blending and you can this super seamless look that you can’t get with any other makeup application tool.


The beauty blender is a versatile makeup sponge and one of the reasons why it is used is to prevent product absorption, you need to wet your beauty blender so as to let the beauty blender swell and this will ensure your makeup won’t be absorbed. Your sponge can come in handy in the application of moisturizers and sunscreen too, all you need is the right way to prepare your beauty blender and the techniques that help you get the effects you are aiming for.

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