Can Eating Healthy Foods Make You Sick?

can eating only healthy foods make you sick
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Can eating healthy make you sick? Research has continued to link unhealthy eating to serious disease and there are other vital reasons why eating healthy has been strictly advised. Eating healthy foods means eating a variety of foods that provides you with the nutrient you need to maintain a healthy diet, feel good, have energy and not gain unhealthy fat, these nutrients to be found in healthy foods include, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fat, water and mineral, this nutrition is important for a healthy diet.

There are lot’s of healthy food in the market but just because a food is deemed healthy doesn’t make it necessarily healthy for you and if you are feeling unwell in your quest to eat better then there is a reason behind this and it might not be because your body is ridding itself of impurities as many think it does.

Reducing your intake of salt and sugar and taking the path of strictly healthy food is a great decision and is beneficial to your body but this requires lots of patience. Eating healthy can be a bit uncomfortable at first and your body needs time to adjust to the change but it is fundamental to good health and well being.

What is a healthy diet?

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A healthy diet is one that improves your overall health, this does not have to be complicated and it is not about strict restriction of some foods rather it’s about feeling great, staying healthy, having more energy, and improving your mood. Healthy eating protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Choosing healthy foods to eat does not have to be confusing although some experts will tell you a certain food is good for you while you will find another saying the exact opposite however the truth is that while some specific foods contain nutrients that are shown to have a beneficial effect on your mood which means it’s your overall dietary pattern that is most important.

Why should you eat healthily?

Nutrition is important for everyone, a healthy lifestyle means a healthier and a happier you. Eating healthy is a great decision as you are at lower risk of cardiovascular disease, it is fundamental to a healthy well being, it helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of diseases like type two diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the risk of developing some cancer

What happens to your body when you eat healthily?

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Eating healthy food combined with being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight is an excellent way to keep your body and mind active and strong. The right nutritious food has a positive effect on the body. Eating healthy affects all the processes in the body and this includes cell regeneration, inflammation, sleep, and digestion.

Reducing your intake of salt fat, caffeine, and refined sugar is extremely good for you but this can be uncomfortable but will pay off in the end as your body becomes regular with time, this also means a lower amount of bloating and discomfort along with looking slimmer as well.

Can eating healthy food make you sick?

Eating well means giving your body the nutrient it needs to function properly but a drastic change in diet can lead to an uncomfortable feeling for a while but won’t make you sick. When you commit to a healthy lifestyle and exercise several times a week and you just replaced the junk foods for healthier foods, swapped cupcakes for carrots cake then how come your stomach is still off and you feel uncomfortable?

It is normal to experience feelings like discomfort, feeling more tired than usual because you are not getting that immediate boost of energy, headaches as your body will slowly give off more sustained energy over time but it’s best to resist those junks as your body just needs time to adjust to eating more fiber.

can eating only healthy foods make you sick

How long does it take for your body to adjust to eating healthy?

Your gut needs time to adjust to these healthy foods and too much at once can be overwhelming for your body, the best idea is to stealthily increase your fiber intake and take lot’s of water, research shows that it takes human 21 days or longer to adjust to this healthy foods. The best advice is to take small realistic changes one at a time and in the long run, your health should outweigh this diet changes.


Eating healthy is an important part to consider if you want to maintain a healthy body and a nutritious diet can help boost your immune system and you do not have to restrict yourself from the food you love rather you can find a healthy way to go about it while feeling great about your body, improving your health and boosting your mood. Adopt a healthy lifestyle gradually and eating healthy foods does not have to be complicated, you can make small unrealistic changes one at a time and build on it.

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