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120 Latest Ankara Style Designs For 2020 (Updated)

latest ankara styles for 2020 thrivenaija

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41. Button Down Long Sleeve Gown With Belt

latest ankara styles
Image: @ankara_depot// Instagram

This is a beauty at its peak, this style is very simple yet a bit difficult because of the bogus sleeve but when matched with beautiful accessories then it will bring out the essence of the whole style.

42. Tiny Strapped Plitted Edges Top With Long Slitted Skirt

latest ankara styles
Image: @asobellae_// Instagram

For those who say skirt and blouse is going out of fashion well, this has to prove that saying wrong because this is yet another classy very detailed blouse and a simple split skirt and you can’t go wrong by attending a wedding in this beautiful shade of awesomeness.

43. Bow Tied Strapless Long Flare Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @baltimoreskimora_// Instagram

Make a statement by stepping into a wedding reception in this lovely outfit it can be styled with a gele on it to make it look even more fabulous.

44. Strapless Mini Hip Cape Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @uptown_photography// Instagram

Another go-to wedding dress, step out and lighten up the whole place with this beautiful fabulous cape down Ankara dress.

45. Shoulder cape Penciled Gown

latest ankra fashion styles
Image: @ankarastylesblog// Instagram

It is true what they say that fashion is what you buy and style is what exactly you do with.

46. Bow Tie Long Puffsleeve Plitted Edges Gown

latest ankara fashion style
Image: @ankarafashiongallery_// Instagram

Looking for a classy way to show up for a wedding event then this another go-to gown,  simply unique.

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47. Crossed Strap Mini Two Layers Gown

latest ankara styles
Image: @iwearankara_// Instagram

This is yet another simple but classy Ankara outfit for my owambe party rockers for those who are not the gele type this is for you but for those who like the gele trust me it won’t change a thing about the style but instead add a lot of sauce to it.

48. Three Layers Long Sleeve Short Gown

latest ankara styles
African fashion and lifestyles

This Ankara style is filled with class also very easy for a designer to get a hang of it.

49. One-Sided Shoulder Cut Flare Gown With Belt

latest ankara styles

Best Outfit suitable for all kinds of events and occasions, beautiful, elegant and classy.


50. One-Handed Laced Up Long Gown

source: Yen.com.gh

Ankara styles like ths one deserves more attention more than it gets, it has always been in trend and considered a very comfortable style especially if you like it conservative but classy, it is practical and suitable for all kinds of occasion, you can easily add your own form of design to it.

51. Long Sleeve Short Gown With Net Frock

latest ankara styles
Source: The Hakika Post

Simple and elegant is the new word for ankara styles and you can get just that from this style.

52. Off Shoulder Free Gown

latest ankara styles
Source: Ankara styles

Off-shoulder Ankara style has always found ways to win every Ankara lover’s heart and here’s is another style to add to that click.

53. Raglan Blouse With Skirt

Source: Celebrity Gist & Nigeria Latest News

Just as there is a raglan sleeve so also is a raglan blouse, designed for those who find conservative styles more comfortable.

54. Mini Akara Gown With Puff Layer Sleeve

Latest Ankara Style
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

One of the most trending forms of Ankara is a bold sleek style just like the one above, we love how classic and simple the style is.

55. Fulani Jumpsuit

latest ankara design
Image: @ankaradigest // Instagram\

Chicama has always been known to step out in class and style and this also extends to her Ankara design, the jumpsuit is a rare style combination you can’t help but love.

55. Asymmetric Gown

latest ankara design
Image: @ankaradigests // Instagram

We are completely in love with a style like this, it’s hot and in trend just like an Ankara style should be, the frock added more sauce to the look.

57. Micro A-line Gown

latest ankara design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

With a style like this, you need not worry about how to match it, it goes well with practically any footwear, effortless and beautiful.

58. Old School Trouser With Office Shirt

Latest ankara design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

With a style like the one above, you can change the whole fashion game at your work place on a friday, classic and perfect for a chic.

59. Material Infused Gown

latest ankara design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

An exotic style with all the glamour and class an Ankara style needs to have.

60. Shorts And Long Sleeve Shirt And Jacket

latest ankara style
Image: @ankara_and_asoebi_styles // Instagram

Nothing stops you from stepping out in class and one of the best ways you can do this is with your Ankara styles, simple and elegant.

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