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120 Latest Ankara Style Designs For 2020 (Updated)

latest ankara styles for 2020 thrivenaija

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81. Ankara Style With Bra Pad And Puffy Sleeves

Ankara styles
Image: @tolubally // Instagram

Tolu Bally is a fashionista that definitely knows how to stun us with an incredible design.  The style won’t even take your tailor lots of time to work on, an effortless style with class.

82. Simple Ankara Style  With Office Collar

Latest Ankara styles
Image: @psrtadakanrashop // Instagram

Simple can be fascinating too, perfect work outfit attire.

83. Maxi Ankara Gown

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @lillyafe // Instagram

Maxi styles are becoming more trendy especially with Ankara, a nice outfit for church, not too dramatic or demanding, just the right outfit you need for a formal occasion.

84. Ankara Flare Dress With Blouse Material

Latest Ankara Styles
Image: @lufi_d // Instagram

Everyone likes a style that is convenient and beautiful at the same time, this style is just what is needed for a comfortable hangout with friends.

85. Low Off Shoulder With Flay

latest ankara styles
Image: @ jessicawilliamsgh // Instagram

Perfect outfit if you are the type who loves a bold style, but simple at the same time. Something different can be done with the low neckline if you do not like it too revealing.

86. Short Tube Gown With Gown Cape

latest ankara styles
Image: @ lattestankarastyles // Instagram

This style definitely offers a complete fashion package, can be described as the right trend and very classy enough to wear to important occasions.

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87. Straight Ankara Style With Dramatic Sleeve

latest ankara styles
Image: @ ankaracollections // Instagram

The sleeves of your Ankara does not have to be straight and boring, you need something different and unique to enable you to stand out, this style is practical for all occasions.

88. Stylish Ankara Top On Boot Cut

latest ankara styles
Image: @ ankaracollections // Instagram

If you love your boot cuts, now it is time to have them sewn with Ankara, it is even more smart and colorful with Ankara.

89. The Queen’s Ankara Style

latest ankara styles
Image: @ ankaracollections // Instagram

You probably want to storm a party with a dress that is simple, decent but dramatic enough to gather attention, the queen’s style is the perfect fit.

90. Ankara Dress With Cape

latest ankara styles
Image: @bellanailaweddings // Instagram

The beautiful thing about Ankara styles is how you can twist it a little and add your own design to it and it will still be splendid. With or without the cape the style is still amazing and with the off-shoulder, it’s even more beautiful.

91. Modern Style Ankara

latest ankara style
Image: @ankarafashiongallery// Instagram

Ankara styles are now being recreated to make it even more fascinating and beautiful, the style just has a skirt wrap at the back and with the tiny hand, strap to make it simple and trendy.

92. Stylish Strap With Short Sleeves

latest ankara styles
Image: @ankarafashiongallery// Instagram

Gorgeous is the word that comes to mind about this style, it is beautiful,  the combined pattern of Ankara is now been used a lot, it makes styles look even more classy.

93. Crop Top And Emi Skirt

Image: @chicamastyle// Instagram

The perfect style to sew if you are into crop tops and the top is not too revealing either with the EMI design of the skirt makes it very comfy. This Ankara style is suited for all occasions, a very fast style to sew too if you are in a rush.

94. Layered Blouse With Straight Skirt

latest ankara styles 2019
@tontolet // Instagram

Anyone shape can actually pull off this style, very trendy and with the edges of the blouse, it makes it looks great for cocktail parties. This is one of the latest Ankara styles 2020 from King Tonto Dike herself.

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95. Funky Sleeves With Fringe Wraps

Image: @lankarafashiongall// Instagram

Funky sleeves are always beautiful and if you have a flair for fringes we say have your designer working on this style as soon as possible.

96. Long Tub Dress With Layers

Image: @ankarafashiongallery // Instagram

This is absolutely gorgeous and worth gracing a wedding with and we think it won’t be such a bad style to wear to a cocktail party either.

97. Straight Gown With Long Sleeves

Image: @ankara_and_asoebi_styles// Instagram 

You might want a little change from something dramatic, you just want simplicity and comfortable, here is a style that offers both and will still serve as attention-worthy at any occasion.

98. African Dansiki

Image: @ankaraasoebislayer // Instagram

Exceptional style to sew with Ankara, the style is a true African style, looks like it represents African in culture and taste in design.

99. Skirt And Blouse With Edges

Image:@chic_byveekeejames// Instagram

This is mouth-watering, right? apart from the cutting edges designed at the hand of the blouse, even the split and the off-shoulder is rocking it.

100. Short Gown With Flappy Hands

Image:@asoebibella// Instagram

Elegant and glamorous and definitely party rocking dress.

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