130 Latest Ankara Style Designs For 2022 (Updated)

latest ankara styles for 2020 thrivenaija

111. Ankara Pattern With One Hand

Image:@fabrics-in-pattern // Instagram

Hot, Simple and Sexy. this is a simple but unique style, can’t help but look chic while rocking this.

112. Sexy Tub Ankara With Puff Hands

Image:@ankaracollection // Instagram

Don’t you just love how classy this gown looks? Surely designed for those who love sexy and hot.

113. Off Shoulder Ankara Jumpsuit

Image:@assybells // Instagram

This is a jumpsuit with our lovely Ankara to give it a fabulous unique appeal.

Table of Contents
  1. Latest Ankara Style Designs For 2020
    1. 1. Agbada Two Piece Ankara
    2. 2. Classy Emerald Ankara Design
    3. 3. Ankara Design Gown And A Line Skirt
    4. 4. Ankara Harem Pant Trouser
    5. 5. Tub Flare Ankara Dress
    6. 6. One Off Shoulder Ankara Smoked Dress
    7. 7. High Waist Straight Ankara Skirt
    8. 8. V-Neck Ankara Style With Bell Sleeves
    9. 9. Cute Ankara Design
    10. 10. Latest Aso Ebi Ankara Style
    11. 11. Ankara Skirt With Splits And Crop Top
    12. 12. Simple Strap Top With Sleeve
    13. 13. Reserved Quater length Gown
    14. 14. Tub Ankara Gown With Cape
    15. 15. Tub Gown With Frock Ruffle
    16. 16. Cute Ankara Style With Belt
    17. 17. Strapless Gown
    18. 18. Bell Sleeve On Short Gown
    19. 19. Cap Sleeve With Straps On Sleek Gown
    20. 20. Formal Ankara Style
    21. 21. Conservative Style
    22. 22. Layered Blouse With Skirt
    23. 23. Double Sleeve On Long Gown
    24. 24. Shirt Gown With Mask
    25. 25. Jumpsuit With Front Layers
    26. 26. One Off Shoulder Straight Gown
    27. 27. Butterfly Ankara Style
    28. 28. Net Blouse Ankara Style
    29. 29. V-neck Ankara With Flare
    30. 30. Long Cap Sleeve Ankara Style
    31. 31. Strapless Short Gown
    32. 32. Long Laced Up Ribbon Sleeve Ankara Gown
    33. 33. One-Handed Plitted Flare Gown
    34. 34. Shoulder cut Bell Sleeve Penciled Gown
    35. 35. Classic Long Ankara Kimono Jacket
    36. 36. Simple Netsleeve Penciled Gown
    37. 37. Short-Sleeve Statement Ankara Gown
    38. 38. Offshoulder Ankara Ball Gown
    39. 39. Offshoulder Puffsleeve Mini Penciled Gown
    40. 40. Spaghetti Strap Plitted Edges Ankara Gown
    41. 41. Plain Long Ankara Skirt
    42. 42. Tiny Strap Ruffled Up Ankara Gown
    43. 43. Offshoulder A shape Flare Gown
    44. 44. Flare Sleeve Top With Six Pieces Skirt
    45. 45. Bishopneck Mini Bell sleeve Gown
    46. 46. Long Slitted Skirt with Long Sleeve Crop Top
    47. 47. Bogus Sleeve slit Penciled Gown
    48. 48. Ruffled Sleeve Vneck Short Gown
    49. 49. Short-Sleeve Flare Gown
    50. 50. Mini Plitted Edges Flare Sleeve Gown
    51. 51. Button Down Long Sleeve Gown With Belt
    52. 52. Tiny Strapped Plitted Edges Top With Long Slitted Skirt
    53. 53. Bow Tied Strapless Long Flare Gown
    54. 54. Strapless Mini Hip Cape Gown
    55. 55. Shoulder cape Penciled Gown
    56. 56. Bow Tie Long Puffsleeve Plitted Edges Gown
    57. 57. Crossed Strap Mini Two Layers Gown
    58. 58. Three Layers Long Sleeve Short Gown
    59. 59. One-Sided Shoulder Cut Flare Gown With Belt
    60. 60. One-Handed Laced Up Long Gown
    61. 61. Long Sleeve Short Gown With Net Frock
    62. 62. Off Shoulder Free Gown
    63. 63. Raglan Blouse With Skirt
    64. 64. Mini Akara Gown With Puff Layer Sleeve
    65. 65. Fulani Jumpsuit
    66. 66. Asymmetric Gown
    67. 67. Micro A-line Gown
    68. 68. Old School Trouser With Office Shirt
    69. 69. Material Infused Gown
    70. 70. Shorts And Long Sleeve Shirt And Jacket
    71. 71. Deep Neckline With Fringe Frock
    72. 72. Stylish Sleeve Raglan Gown
    73. 73. Crop Top With Boot Cut Trouser
    74. 74. Pocket Jumpsuit With Flare Sleeve
    75. 75. Cross V-neckline With Deep Split
    76. 76. Half Body Blazer On Jumpsuit
    77. 77. Spandex Crop Top With Layered Skirt
    78. 78. Stylish Ankara Gown
    79. 79. Short Flare Gown With Raglan Sleeves
    80. 80. Ankara Kimono Jacket With Bell Hand
    81. 81. One Hand Jumpsuit
    82. 82. Collar Neckline With Short Jacket Gown
    83. 83. Short Bell Sleeve With Wrap Split
    84. 84. Quater Gown With Front Collar
    85. 85. Ankara Shirt And Micro Skirt
    86. 86. Off Shoulder Feather Style
    87. 87. Simple Knee Quater Gown With Puffy Sleeves
    88. 88. Tiny Neck Strap Blouse With Buttercup And Skirt
    89. 89. Ankara Shirt And High Waist Trouser
    90. 90. Ankara Blazer With Shorts
    91. 91. Ankara Style With Bra Pad And Puffy Sleeves
    92. 92. Simple Ankara Style  With Office Collar
    93. 93. Maxi Ankara Gown
    94. 94. Ankara Flare Dress With Blouse Material
    95. 95. Low Off Shoulder Gown
    96. 96. Short Tube Gown With Gown Cape
    97. 97. Straight Ankara Style With Dramatic Sleeve
    98. 98. Stylish Ankara Top On Boot Cut
    99. 99. The Queen’s Ankara Style
    100. 100. Ankara Dress With Cape
    101. 101. Modern Style Ankara
    102. 102. Stylish Strap With Short Sleeves
    103. 103. Crop Top And Emi Skirt
    104. 104. Layered Blouse With Straight Skirt
    105. 105. Funky Sleeves With Fringe Wraps
    106. 106. Long Tub Dress With Layers
    107. 107. Straight Gown With Long Sleeves
    108. 108. African Dansiki
    109. 109. Skirt And Blouse With Edges
    110. 110. Short Gown With Flappy Hands
    111. 111. Ankara Pattern With One Hand
    112. 112. Sexy Tub Ankara With Puff Hands
    113. 113. Off Shoulder Ankara Jumpsuit
    114. 114. Flappy Hands In Simple Gown
    115. 115. Tiny Straps With Flays
    116. 116. Ankara Short Skirt And Blouse
    117. 117. Ankara Pattern Hand With Layers
    118. 118. Double Hand Gown With Straight Split
    119. 119. Ankara Short With Bubbles
    120. 120. Ankara Jumpsuit Combination
    121. 121. Average Sleeves Blouse With Boot Cut
    122. 122. Flamingo Dress
    123. 123. Simple Elegant Gown
    124. 124. Kimono And Trouser
    125. 125. Asymmetric Cut Design
    126. 126. Ankara Caftan Dress
    127. 127. Long Sleeves With V-neck
    128. 128. Corporate Ankara Style
    129. 129. Boogie Ankara Style
    130. 130. Chic Ankara Gown With Flay Designs

114. Flappy Hands In Simple Gown

Image:@fabricsphere// Instagram

This is simple yet fashionistas, with or without the belt it will still give a desirable and trendy reaction.

115. Tiny Straps With Flays

Image:@fabricstudioby // Instagram

This is a short, simple yet elegant flay gown. It is comfortable and any figure can rock it.

Continue reading for the latest Ankara styles we’ve curated for you ?

116. Ankara Short Skirt And Blouse

short skirt blouse
Image:@asoebiinspiration // Instagram

Did we hear you say fantastic? It is designed to surely impress lovers of creativity so if you love them short and comfy then go for it.

117. Ankara Pattern Hand With Layers

Image:@ankaracollections// Instagram

I think this gown is a sure winner for that cocktail party you are attending soon and with a beautiful smile while rocking it am sure nothing can go wrong.

118. Double Hand Gown With Straight Split

Image:@adorable_asoebi// Instagram

This is worth adding to anyone’s Ankara dresses collections. It goes a long way to really show class and surely adorable as well.

119. Ankara Short With Bubbles

Image:@adorable_asoebi// Instagram

This captivating Ankara with bubbles surely gives a chic look and can we say absolutely party bubbly.

120. Ankara Jumpsuit Combination

Image:@chicamastyles// Instagram

This is an impressive and wow combination. Different shades of Ankara combined to make a jumpsuit and with that puffy hands definitely interesting and can rock any occasion.

121. Average Sleeves Blouse With Boot Cut

Image:@inspiration// Instagram

The interesting combination of this attire is quite impressive. practically, everyone loves bootcut and now it is made with our lovely Ankara which makes it all the more attractive.

122. Flamingo Dress

fashion hand
Image:@ankarafashion// Instagram

The designs made with the hand of this gown has a nice approach to it and can be worn no matter the occasion.

123. Simple Elegant Gown

Image:@ajoaakwaboah// Instagram

This gown just represents simplicity.

124. Kimono And Trouser

Image:@nefpatra// Instagram

Fashion keeps getting better and better most especially Ankara and nothing intrigues more than having a chance to input your casual wears into your Ankara.

125. Asymmetric Cut Design

Image:@emylee_9// Instagram

This beautiful clad design has a sense of appeal that gives one wearing it some vibes and sparks.

126. Ankara Caftan Dress

Image:@elvisdedro// Instagram

Did I hear Unique?  it really is unique, carries a sense of authority and an appeal that can not be overlooked.

127. Long Sleeves With V-neck

latest ankara styles 2019
Image:@asoebistyle// Instagram

This Ankara style flatters the shape surely. It has a subtle way of intrigue, smart and appealing too.

128. Corporate Ankara Style

latest ankara 2019
Image:@afisemihoney// Instagram

This is looking all simple and stylish. It can be rocked to the office on a Friday or even church.

129. Boogie Ankara Style

Latest Ankara Style
Image: @ankarazone // Instagram

This is another lovely style you can’t help but like, this is the perfect chic style you need for all kinds of classic weddings or parties.

130. Chic Ankara Gown With Flay Designs

latest ankara styles 2019
Image:@ankaracollections// Instagram

This is a gown that has been designed to look like a skirt and a blouse. The front has a flay design that gives it a simple but yet classy appearance.

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